Earn 21 United Miles Per Dollar for Shoes!

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Here’s an earth shattering fact for you…kids’ feet grow quickly.  This is especially true when they are little.  It is rare that Little C stays in a size longer than a few months.  However, when they are young it is also important to be in shoes that fit well as their feet are still developing, they are learning to run/walk, etc.  Combine those two tidbits and parents have the need to purchase shoes on a fairly regular basis.  That means that I was pretty jazzed when I found the shoes we like for C on sale at 21x United miles per dollar!

I don’t know how long it will last, but today I saw shoes.com available on the Mileage Plus Shopping Mall for 21x per dollar.  This is part of a larger “Back to School” promotion where a few retailers are available at 3x the normal rate.  Others with temporarily increased payouts included Old Navy, Walmart (which has previously been stuck at around 1x for a while), Office Depot, and more.  When I logged out the 21x bonus dropped to 12x per dollar, so logic tells me that the 21x is only available for those who have the MileagePlus Explorer card (or another similar United/Continental card) registered to their account.

Of course, you will still earn an extra point per dollar on top of that for using a rewards credit card.  Or, if you really wanted to get the most bang for your buck, you could use a Visa, MasterCard, or Amex gift card you picked up at an office supply store for 5x Ultimate Reward points using your card from the Chase Ink family.  That would bring you to a grand total of 26x per dollar.  A conservative valuation of United miles is 1.5 cents per mile.  At 26x (since UR points transfer 1:1 to United), that is a 39% miles return on your purchase.  If you usually get closer to 2 cents per mile from your United miles (like me) then you are sitting at a 52% return on your purchase in term of miles.  Crazy!  Of course, if you don’t need shoes, or can get a better deal on what you want elsewhere, then that is an irrelevant number.

I do need to get some shoes in the next size up for C, and with the current 25% off sale code on the shoes.com website, the free shipping, and no tax, the prices are very good for what we wanted.  Note in the screen shot above that coupon codes that are specifically sent to you are technically not applicable for the 21x offer.  However, the 25% off sale is publicly available on their site, so I am assuming it is good to go.  We ended up spending $72 for shoes our toddler will wear this fall, and at 21x we will receive 1,512 United miles for a purchase we would have made anyway.  This is in addition to the miles we will earn from our rewards earning credit card.  It is little things like this that if done throughout the year can make a huge difference in the number of miles and points you are able to earn for your family.

Look for a more comprehensive “Back to School Shopping” miles and points style post in the coming days, but until then see if this deal can work for your family!

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  1. I’m new to the whole miles/rewards thing, but would the shoebuy.com deal through Chase UR be better than this deal? It’s currently 15 points/$, but I think you can purchase a gift card first and then go back through UR to purchase shoes, so overall would allow you to double your 15 points = 30 points/$.

  2. Sears.com has toddler shoes on sale starting at $7.49 plus an extra 15% off until Monday. You get 10X Ultimate Rewards points from the Chase shopping mall and if you click “My Clipped Deals” you’ll earn an extra 15% in Sears “Shop Your Way” points. Free shipping with Shop Your Way Max (free trial with code MAXFREE1). I just bought 7 pairs of shoes in sizes 8-11 for $53. http://www.sears.com/shoes-kids-toddlers/s-1021657?viewItems=25&keywordSearch=false&sortOption=PRICE_LOW_TO_HIGH&filter=storeOrigin%7CSears

  3. Great deal. Nice way to boot my United miles. You are correct that it is a deal for United credit card holders.

  4. Please note these terms & conditions:

    Not eligible on gift cards, gift certificates or any other similar cash equivalents.

    • I’ve never tested the shoes.com terms in terms of a double dip. Sounds like you do need a UA/CO card to get in on this one.

  5. 12 for me
    I was sooo going to try double dipping it to 42 + APP (5) = 47 pts

    144 * 25% off (homepage deal) = 108 * 47 = 5076

  6. @Jade, the difference is whether or not you have a UA/CO card attached to your United MileagePlus Shopping account. If you don’t, it is 12x. If you do, it is 21x.
    @Mark, anyone in your family have a UA/CO card? If so, use their account.

  7. Does that SHOES10 promo code in the above picture count as something “specifically sent to me”? I’d hate to use it to save a few dollars, but then miss out on the 21x miles deal.

  8. Thanks a lot, mommypoints! One more question – I do have an UA card. How can I attach this card to the United MileagePlus Shopping account? Thanks again!

    • @Jade, I just tried my husband’s account and when I logged on there was an option that said “manage cards” on the right. You can add your card there.

  9. Was looking for shoes, this post pushed me to subscribe.

    Don’t forget the 20School code for 20% off from mileageplus shopping site.

  10. Can you double dip at shoes.com? Have you figured it out yet? Topcashback is offering 13% back, Ultimate Rewards is offering 9points/dollar back, and Amex “offers for you” is offering 20% off when accessing the site through http://www.shoes.com/amexoffer

    We can get 33% off + 9points/dollar at shoes.com IF we can double dip. Anyone know if it’s possible?

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