Select Holiday Inn Resorts at 50% Points Redemption – 24 Hours Only!

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I love a great points deal whether it is related to earning or redeeming, so here is a pretty awesome redemption deal that I am excited about.  For 24 hours beginning today (Wednesday 8/15) at 12PM Eastern until Thursday at 12PM Eastern several Holiday Inn Resorts will be available at half the number of Priority Club points that are usually required.  You can find out more details and view the full list here.  Reservations are available at half-off the going points rate for stays between September 4th and November 2nd of this year.  These 60 days of reduced points are to celebrate Holiday Inn’s 60th year!

There are 16 different participating resorts in locations like New York, Oregon, South Carolina, Florida, Acapulco, Aruba, and Puerto Vallarta.

At 50% off the free nights are just 12,500 points per night.  Priority Club points are fortunately pretty easy to come by.  If you are starting from scratch with Priority Club points, you can transfer them 1:1 instantly from the Chase Ultimate Rewards program if you have the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card, Ink Bold, or the brand new Ink Plus.  But also do some Googling to find some inexpensive ways to acquire Priority Club points.  I recommend searching for “Priority Club points for .6 cents a piece” to get you started (though they cost a tiny bit more than that to acquire now). 

Regardless of how you obtain your Priority Club points, this really is a tremendous deal if you have the flexibility in your schedule to take advantage of it.  About the only destination I could realistically add to my schedule in the next couple months would be Galveston since it is within driving distance, but as booked as we are even that would be a stretch.

Even though my family probably won’t get in on this deal, I very much hope that some of your families can!  Just looking at some of the pictures from the various resorts was pretty fun.  There are tons of family friendly locations available!  It isn’t all that often that you have many resorts to choose from at 50% off the going points rate.  Double-check the cancellation policies, but assuming they allow for penalty-free cancellations, then it wouldn’t hurt anything to make a speculative booking now, then try to put the rest of the pieces of the trip together over the coming days and weeks.  Remember, the deal expires at 12PM Eastern on Thursday!

Have you been to any of these resorts?  If so, feel free to share your thoughts!


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  1. I even just tried a different browser and it still worked, so I have no clue what the issue is. Sorry others are having trouble. I would say just keep trying. The site is up now (at least for me), but the sale officially starts at Noon Eastern, so I am sure any issues will be worked out before then.

  2. If you go to Lake George NY, I can say for a fact, you’ll be one of just a few guests. After Labor Day, LG shuts down. If you decide to stay there, you’ll need to drive south to Saratoga Springs NY (30 Minutes) to enjoy yourself.

    • @Dhammer53, thanks for the info!
      @Kris, no, I didn’t mention that one because you can’t get it and the points in time to use them in the next 24 hours. Only if you have one of those cards listed can you transfer the points instantly and pump up your balance in time. It is a great card for Priority Club points – just won’t help in time for this deal. Sorry if that info wasn’t helpful for you. 😉

  3. The first link is no-go, but the second works fine. An IT screw-up on the PC website?! Impossible! 🙂

    We stayed at the Galveston ‘Resort’ last year, and while we had fun and liked it, I’d hardly call it a ‘Resort’. Other than being next to the beach and having a slightly larger pool, it’s basically just a HI right next to the beach. On the up side, IIRC every room has a beach-facing balcony.

    That trip soured me on Galveston altogether. Between EVERYONE smoking ALL the time, people parking their gargantuan trucks across three spaces at the hotel, and nearly getting into a fight with a woman at check-in because I used the Priority check-in line (“The line starts HERE!”), I don’t think we’ll be back soon.

  4. @Tom, that link thing is so strange. They are both the same link as far as I can tell…oh well glad at least one of them is working! 😉 As for Galveston, it is a love/hate place. Some of my family members love Galveston and some of them really dislike it. Sorry you had a bad experience. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thank you for the heads up! I just received an email about this from PC, but I already canceled and rebooked a weekend stay in Galveston with the 50% deal about 45 minutes ago.

  6. MP & All- It’s not just the 12,500 points that is discounted, but all the other “points and cash” options are 1/2 off points also.

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