Interesting Interpretation and Speculation….or not

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This may mean absolutely nothing, but since so many of us are holding our collective breath waiting for any hint on whether or not there will be a 2012 US Airways Grand Slam, I thought this was interesting reading material on a Friday night.

Tonight I saw a tweet from Points to Point B to US Airways inquiring about a possible Grand Slam this year.  Many of us have been expressing our desire for this promotion to US Airways via Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.  So far none of the responses I have seen have been a “no”, but most are pretty vague, and just encourage us to keep checking back for any possible promotions.

However, this one could be interpreted a bit differently.  Or not.  You decide.

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  1. Joe, you are totally right. GS has been over since November and I haven’t had a thing to talk about since then. 😉 Honestly, it will stink if there is no GS 2012, but there are plenty of other things in the miles and points world to keep me busy. That said, I hope for all of us that it does return!

    • @Stacey, you are probably right, though seeing at least a semi-official statement from US Airways (as much as social media is official…) that had the phrase” The Grand Slam 2012 Promotion” in it was enough to bring some hope. 😉

  2. Also, the work “still” gets my hopes up. Because it could possibly imply that they still don’t have info about THE Grand Slam, but they will?

  3. Putting a lot of weight into subtle grammatical choices by Social Media accounts is, well, one way to pass the time on a Friday. I’ll drink instead. 😉

    • @Val, I agree. Much better to have high hopes….well, most of the time.
      @Seth, who said they were mutually exclusive? Though my drug of choice for the evening is brownie. Mmmmmmm. 😉

  4. It is not just the miles… it is so much fun. I thought I was going to be prescribed an anti-psychotic med for a all the crazy stuff I did.

  5. I’m sorry but how does “we don’t have any information at this time” translate to “there is no promotion?”

    Did you check FT/MP to see the earliest thread create dates from 2011?

    Or just base today’s blog on someone else’s tweet and the most sensational interpretation of that?

  6. @Jorge, it really is fun. Couldn’t agree more…though I do want the miles, too. 😉
    @Gary, precisely!
    @Ram, you, me, and all of our friends are wanting that same thing.
    @mrpickles, mmmmmm
    @AK, ha ha!
    @Deirde, you should have and hopefully you will get your chance!
    @Turtles, huh? I don’t think their tweet translates to there is no promotion. In fact, I think it leans slightly the other way. Not sure this is at all sensational. In fact I purposefully left GS out of the post title to avoid building any hype one way or the other. Here is a more detailed post on when the GS started last year on thoughts on if it is returning.

  7. MP: I am sitting on 130000 US Airways mile and I haven’t booked anything waiting for the GS. Should I keep waiting or book the flights?

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