Updates on $328 RT First Class to Hawaii Tickets

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It’s Friday and many are buzzing about potential $328 roundtrip first class tickets to Hawaii…nothing could be better, right?!  Well, in theory that is 100% correct.  There are now some updates on the cheapo Hawaii tickets that I want to make sure you are aware of.  I mentioned this deal in a post last night after reading about it on Online Travel Review (which is a site I recommend adding to your list, if you haven’t already).  I pointed out that I was going to be waiting and watching closely to see what develops before doing anything.  The deal sounded legit and fantastic, but I am a bit conservative, and like to see some reports of actual success before opening up my wallet.

It sounds like the deal still works in theory, and in fact OTR has posted about a way to bring the price even lower, however it doesn’t sound quite as straight-forward as it appear upon first glance last night.  Head to OTR for all the details, but the highlight is that Icelandair Saga Club posted a comment on his very popular post from last night that says:

Thank you for your interest in our Program but due to heavy load on our Call Center we just wanted to clear a few things:

1) Availability on Alaska Airlines is limited and seats for Hawaii for the coming monts are not available in our systems (agent checked just over a minute ago).

2) Availability is controlled only by Alaska Airlines and not by Icelandair.

3) Registration in the Saga Club is under Construction and can therefore take a longer time again also due to heavy load on our Call Center.

5) Miles expire in the end of the fourth year from they were earned.

We hope that answers some of your questions,

With best regards,

The Icelandair Saga Club

Major props to them for going to the source of all their new calls for tickets to Hawaii and sharing some information!  However, point #1 is the concerning one.  There is availability at the low level on Alaska Airlines website, but apparently that doesn’t mean that availability is bookable with Icelandair miles.  Typically (but not always), if there is low-level award availability on one site, then you can book that via a partner airline with miles.  The good news is that it seems that everything else that Online Travel Review shared is correct, so in theory this still works.  However, the trick will be getting some mythical availability.

Yesterday OTR was able to confirm some availability from the West Coast to Hawaii, so I’m not sure what has changed since then.  However, unless there is a further update in terms of availability being more transparent or available, I will be passing on this deal.  At least you have four years to use your miles if you jumped in right away!  Hopefully something would become available during that time.  😉  Keep your eyes peeled at Online Travel Review if you want more updates on this possibly-potentially-maybe-almost-could be-great deal!

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  1. I tried to open a Saga account last night. They said they were having technical issues and I would get my Saga number emailed to me within 2 hours, which now 10 hours into it, no Saga number.

  2. Good morning….

    I best point #4 was a really good one too…bummer 🙂

    One point of clarification: They were a little unclear in Point 1. They’ve since given me a bit more detail: If Alaska Airlines has W fares available in coach or A fares available in First, then Icelandair can book it. For MP readers who have no idea what that means (and, honestly, if you don’t know you should be proud of yourself for having a life) there isn’t just one “coach” fare — there are different “buckets” of coach fares. Alaska has to show the W or A buckets as being available. I think they were being a bit flip about there being NO availability. There is availability – you just have to be patient (they’ve been SO nice emailing me, but they’re getting swamped in their little call center).

    If MP doesn’t mind me posting my email address here, people with questions about this deal can email me directly at jared (at) onlinetravelreview.com (if MP does mind, you can email her and she can email me) 🙂

    • Jared, of course I don’t mind! Thanks for the updates and the great explanation. That makes sense and gives the deal some hope. 😉 Keep us all posted with any more tips on this you uncover!

  3. i called this morning and was told that i have to wait 10 days after sign-up to redeem an award. (i signed up last night; didn’t have any trouble getting a number)

  4. If I am reading this right, they are offering a 20% bonus through 9/28. To me that means that these fares will be 20% more expensive post 9/28, still a huge bargain. I hope they don’t screw with transfer ratio after this promtion ends.

  5. the purchased miles doesnt have to be used for Hawaii…you could fly First Class to SoCal from many destinations AS serves.

  6. I called five times before I can talk to an agent this morning. First agent said it’s not available, AS controlled the availabilty, not Icelandair. I called again and the second agent said it’s available and booked it for me but no email confirmation yet.

  7. @Jon, according to ORT they have waived that requirement now. It was a stickler for some folks earlier this morning.
    @nickfromct, correct the 20% bonus on purchased miles is temporary, but what is causing most of the great deal is the currency exchange rate (and the award chart). So, as long as those things remain relatively constant, the deal will still be solid.
    @Ozaer, correct.
    @Jeff, I use ExpertFlyer.com to see that info. They do have a free five day trial.

  8. @mommypoints thanks! just called back and the agent tried to help me find a trip (SFO-SEA-FAI for the northern lights) but even though it’s days are showing availability at 12.5k each way on alaskaair.com, i guess it’s not. will have to call back later in hopes that more seats will open up.

  9. I think Alaska has three award tiers. It may look like saver award space is available even though it’s actually the middle tier. When I looked for flights to Hawaii last night on Alaska’s site, I didn’t see any of the cheapest award tickets, either.

  10. another note: she managed to find availability, but somehow was unable to book because one of the segments was an AA codeshare. i’m wondering why those even show up as available on her system in the first place since they’re not bookable as an award. *shrug* anyways, will call in a couple weeks and hope they didn’t change the promo.

    (also, i see my incorrect “it’s” in my previous comment — should have proofread!)

  11. Don’t see much availability from the East Coast to Seattle in Super Saver First.. Bummer.. I read that it’s unlikely to have a mixed cabin itinerary as well.

    • This is just my bet, but so far it seems like it would be simplest for those on the East Coast to position themselves to the West Coast and then fly from there. That does make it less valuable, but still a great deal in many cases, especially if you could get a good mileage earning fare to the West Coast.

  12. Thanks, MP for answering so many of these questions 🙂

    One additional thing: several people have emailed me to say they have had success asking the agents specifically to check W fares for coach and A fares for first.

    Booking these flights is new for the agents there, so they’re learning too. If you see A/W available in Expertflyer (or KVS or wherever) and you’re being told it’s not available by Icelandair, you may have luck if you gently suggest they check that specific fare class. That seems to work.

    Also, people have emailed me with success booking flights to Mexico, which is great.

    And as MP said above, there is pretty good availability on the West Coast, but the East Coast to Seattle flights are spotty at best.

  13. @Jared

    “…the East Coast to Seattle flights are spotty at best.”

    You can say that again! I’ve been looking for a few hours now using KVS and find nothing at all, months into the future. Disappointed.

  14. You know, if I were a Mileage Plan member, I think I’d be pretty annoyed by this–seeing lots of availability get sucked up in a few days. I wonder if AS will do something about this…

  15. Note the child discount:

    “Discount for children: Children aged 0-2 years need 10% of the full adult points requirement and children aged 2-15 years 50% of the full adult points requirement (child must be under 16 yers of age on the date of travel).”

    It doesn’t seem to specify if that is only on Icelandair redemptions or includes partners.

    • @PanAm, great find. They didn’t give a 50% discount for my then 3 year old and they did ask her age. Would be great if others did get that discount though! I’m betting it is only for Icelandair metal though.

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