Amex Starwood Business Card Application Tip

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On Friday I did my quarterly credit card churn.  It’s always both exiting and nerve racking for me when I apply for new credit cards.  It’s exciting because it hopefully means lots of free travel is heading my way, but it is nerve racking because I don’t want anything to go wrong!  For this churn I decided on three cards from three different banks.  Some folks apply for has many as six cards or so on a credit card churn, but I’m not quite that aggressive of a card churner.  Three was the right number for me this time based on the available offers, the minimum spending limits to get the bonuses, and my travel goals for the points.

I’ll share all of the details of my churn in a post tomorrow, but I wanted to first share a tip/issue that I encountered when applying for the Starwood Preferred Guest Business Amex.  I included this card in my churn since the sign-up bonus is temporarily increased to 30,000 points (from the normal 25,000).  Since I value SPG points so highly, it made sense to go for this card now since the increased bonus may not return for the rest of the year.

I completed the business application as I normally would, but when it came time to submit the application I got an error at the end that asked me to try again later since the application didn’t go through.  I tried again twice more that day from different browsers and even different computers just to rule out any issue on my end.  Then a few hours later that day I received an email from Amex that they had received my application and it was “in process”.  Uh oh.  I immediately wondered how many times they received my application!

I checked my application status using American Express online Card Application Status website (which i clearly should have done after the first application) that was linked in the email from Amex.  It showed that Amex had received two of my applications for the SPG Business Amex.

I’m not sure if the Starwood Preferred Guest personal Amex is having the same issue for some folks, or if the issue with the business card is even still occurring, but in case you get an error message after submitting your application, don’t just automatically assume that it didn’t go through.  Check your application status using the website I mentioned above before accidentally applying for the same card more times than you intended.  I’ll be calling Amex later today to get more info on my application status and to try to get an approval!


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  1. Always good advice for any credit card apps. If I get an error I will always call to see if they got it. Not worth the risk of extra inquiries by clicking submit twice.

  2. Mommy points,
    Do you have a business checking account?
    I have heard amex is pretty strict and will cancel your cards if you get a financial review. Its an FR more likely with charge cards or business amex in general?

  3. Their application website has been glitchy today too. I wasn’t able to save in progress apps or make it all the way through to submission multiple times. It finally went though this afternoon.

  4. I had the same error and resubmitted it a few times (twice from iPhone and once from pc). I checked online and saw only one app. I called in and was approved after a few security questions.

  5. Wife applied for Starwood AMEX personal using your link. Instant approval. No error message. She already has the Starwood Biz card applied for 2 yrs ago.

    My wife & I applied for 3 CC’s each.

    Myself: 1. 2 Citi AA (50K each from FT links). Both approved. 2. US Bank CC (33K from Olympic promo). Approved.

    Wife: 1. Starwood AMEX using your link. Instant approval. 2. US Bank CC (33K olympic promo). Approved. 3. Citi Hilton Reserve using your link. Nothing yet but likely denial due to max credit w/Citi. Will offer to cancel regular Citi Hilton and have them move CL to new Hilton Reserve CC. Will explain to Citi the Hilton Reserve is a much better Hilton card than what she has now in her wallet.

    Wish us luck on getting her getting approved for the Hilton Reserve CC.

  6. I received this error the first time I signed up for American Express cards (Delta and SPG back to back two years ago). If only I had known about the application status link back then. It would have saved me quite a bit of undue hassle on the phone.

    Thanks, MommyPoints!

  7. @mommypoints Did you get the business SPG card? I’m looking for a referral for the business version if you could email me one.

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