Fall Starwood Preferred Guest Promotion Announced – Double/Triple Points

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The SPG “Better by the Night” fall promotion has now been announced, and while it isn’t a promotion that is life altering by any stretch of the imagination, it is one that I actually find fairly decent by recent hotel promotion standards.

Here are the details on “Better by the Night”:

  • Double SPG points on 1-2 night stays
  • Triple SPG points on stays of 3+ night stays
  • Register by November 30th
  • Stay from October 1 – December 20
  • Earn unlimited points at over 1,000 participating SPG hotels

There will also be booking bonuses available for booking hotels via SPG.com or the SPG app:

  • 250 Starpoints for eligible stays booked at spg.com
  • 500 Starpoints for eligible stays booked through the SPG app for iPhone
  • Bookings made through the SPG app for BlackBerry or the W® Hotels app for iPhone qualify for the 250 Starpoints bonus.
  • Bookings made prior to the promotion period are eligible, but only eligible stays consumed during the promotion period will receive bonuses.
  • Booking bonuses will post to the registered member’s account after the end of the promotion period.

I’m equally as excited about the booking bonuses as I am the promotion.  For example, a $150 night at an SPG hotel normally would earn 300 points for non-elite members.  With this promotion you would now earn 600 points for the night plus 500 additional points if you book via the iPhone app.  I’ll take 1,100 points over 300 points any day of the week!  The bad news is there is a hefty list of hotels and resorts that aren’t participating in the “Better by the Night” promo, so be sure to check that out when making your plans.  All hotels are participating in the booking bonus.

Registration is not yet available, but you can get more information about the promotion here. 

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  1. I think I know the answer to this but, I have 3 nights at St. Regis Princeville booked in Nov already. Are cash and points bookings eligible? I don’t think they are, but if someone knows otherwise I’d love to hear it.

  2. @mommypoints did you accidentally repost the promo from this spring? 🙂 2x/3x points is never a bad thing (especially when its unlimited) and I also like the bonus for iPhone bookings. Wonder if iPad will work as well.

    But I wish we could get some free night promos again, I like being forced to use the free nights (due to expiration) as opposed to hoarding starpoints.

  3. Pity they neglect Platinums with Android devices. You know – the platform used by more than half of smartphone users according to Nielsen and consulting firms.

  4. Is it safe to assume that the Westin St. Francis is included in this promo? My hubby has a conference to attend there in early December.

  5. @Mark, I’m actually not 100% clear on that myself. I think we will have to ask SPG for the actual answer (or just see how it works in reality).
    @Stephanie, yes, if you are non-elite and pay with a SPG Amex you also get 4x. So, on a one-night stay with the promo you would get a total of 6x.
    @Sam and Tim2, it just says iphone so I don’t know for sure. Sounds like another question for SPG.
    @ArizonaGuy, you can get some, just not as many. 😉
    @SylviaT, just check the non-participating list. If it isn’t on there you are good to go.

  6. The SPG app is an iPhone app. It is *not* currently universal, though of course it will work on the iPad, just won’t take advantage of the extra real estate. I presume you can book reservations using the app on an iPad as well, though I suppose its *possible* you won’t get the extra 250 points if you do. Doubt it though.

    BTW, there are lots of 1-star reviews of the iPhone app saying it crashes all the time. Seems to work fine for me though…

  7. iPad bookings count if you use the iPhone App on your iPad. The FAQs on the promo page say:

    Which SPG® mobile apps qualify for the 500 Starpoints® bonus? Bookings made through the SPG app for iPhone® and the Chinese SPG app for iPhone qualify for the 500 Starpoints bonus. iPad® bookings made through the SPG app for iPhone will also qualify for the 500 Starpoints bonus. However, please note: Bookings made through the SPG app for BlackBerry or the W® Hotels app for iPhone qualify for the 250 Starpoints bonus.

  8. This FAQ is of interest if you have to modify a reservation:

    Will I receive the booking bonus if I originally booked through an eligible web or mobile app channel, but then modify my reservation through a different channel? Yes, if the original booking was made through an eligible web or mobile app channel, members will receive the bonus even if the reservation is modified through a different channel.

  9. I called to close my most recent cards ( AMEX SPG BIZ & the Personal BOTH). I was contacted by AMEX regarding the charges I made with the spg card at OD, I answered the few question they asked. I had already paid that charge 3 days after I made the purchase. Amex still didn’t care. Says wants to to FR and wants my biz tax return info.
    I explained that I am an existing amex customer since 2007 and have the simply cash card, been using and always pay on time before due date, Never late and never any credit risk but they cared less. Tried again with a different rep and explained that since I have done nothing wrong, never any credit risk, never any signs of late payment or anything, I can’t show them my tax return cos it is asking too much for no obvious reasons, I even told them that they can reduce my credit limit if they think my CL is too high. They had already suspended my account. so than since I knew they were gonna close my account anyway for my refusal to release my tax info, I called up to the customer service rep and cancelled my brand new SPG BIZ & SPG PERSONAL plus my old SIMPLY CASH CARD.

  10. Is there a way to have the 2 credit inquiries removed or reversed? told amex but they said they don’t have power do do that. thanks

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