Win 50,000 Marriott Points and Discover Your “Traveling Type”

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If you haven’t already entered to win one of several awesome prizes from Marriott’s “What’s Your Travel Type” Facebook game, the deadline is coming up soon on August 31st.  Marriott is so excited about the game, that they are offering 50,000 Marriott points to a Mommy Points’ reader in order to help get the word out and remind everyone to play!

In case you aren’t familiar with redeeming Marriott points, Marriott hotels use Categories 1- 8 to determine how many points are required for a free night.  You can also use Marriott points to stay at Ritz-Carlton hotels, and those hotels use a rewards tier system that goes from Tiers 1-5.  Marriott categories range from 7,500 – 40,000 points per night for a standard redemption (less for saver rewards), and Ritz-Carlton hotels range from 30,000 – 70,000 points per night (again, less for saver rewards).  So, you could use 50,000 points for one free night at a Category 8 Marriott hotel with 10,000 points left over, or for multiple nights in a lower category hotel.

I played the game/entered the contest today and was informed that my “Traveling Type” was Urban Explorer.  While my trips all seem to take on a unique flavor of their own, I certainly do like to explore urban areas, so it sounds close enough to me!

Some of the prizes you can win by entering Marriott’s “Traveling Type” contest are:

Family Traveler – A family reunion, complete with ten rooms for 4-days/3-nights at a Residence Inn by Marriott® located in the U.S.; a $300 gift card to purchase food; $3,000 in spending money; 10 Snapfish® photo books and a $500 gas card.

Weekend Wanderer – Multiple weekend getaways, with five 3-day/2-night weekend stays at any Courtyard by Marriott® located in the U.S. or Canada; breakfast for two at The Bistro; $2,500 in spending money; a $500 gas card

The Luxury Lover –  The ultimate pampering escape, with a 6-day/5-night stay at any JW Marriott® worldwide for the winner and a guest, 500,000 Marriott Rewards points to convert to airline miles; $2,500 in spending money; daily spa treatments; private consultation with a nutrition and fitness expert.

The Individualist from Autograph Collection® Hotels – A one-of-a-kind experience, featuring a 6-day/5-night stay at the El Monte Sagrado, Taos, New Mexico for the winner and a guest;  500,000 Marriott Rewards points to convert to airline miles; $2,500 spending money; customized food, spa and art experience.

The Discoverer – A chance to embrace local living in one of the world’s great cities, with a combined  8-day/7-night stay at two Renaissance® Hotels in one of the following locations:  Europe (Barcelona & Paris), Caribbean (Puerto Rico & Miami) or U.S. (New Orleans & Chicago) for the winner and guest; 500,000 Marriott Rewards points to be converted to airline miles; $3,000 spending money; personalized Discovery Experience curated by local Renaissance Navigators.

The Urban Explorer from AC Hotels by Marriott – The opportunity to bounce between exciting international destinations, with a 5-day/4-night stay in Madrid for the winner and guest; 3-days/2-nights in Toledo, Spain for the winner and guest; two round-trip train passes from Madrid to Toledo; 500,000 Marriott Rewards points to convert to airline miles; two tickets to the Thyssen Museum; dinner for two at Madrid’s historic Santo Mauro Hotel; $2,500 in spending money.

To play the Traveling Type game and enter to win one of those awesome prizes, go to this page.  It only takes a few minutes, and was actually pretty fun.  I know I would be beyond thrilled to win any of those prizes.  Remember, you can enter every day until August 31st.

Mommy Points 50,000 Point Giveaway:

To enter to win 50,000 Marriott points being given away on this site, just leave a comment on this post before Thursday August 30th at 11;59PM Central that answers these two questions:

1.  What is your “Traveling Type”?  (Go play the Traveling Type game to find out which suits you best!)

2.  How would you use 50,000 Marriott points?

A randomly selected winner will be announced on Friday August 31st.  Good luck both here and with the Traveling Type game!

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  1. […] Marriott graciously is providing 50,000 Marriott points to the winner of a giveaway on this site in conjunction with their own “Traveling Type” Facebook contest that just ended (I believe they are announcing those winners soon).  We had almost 900 valid entries for the 50K point giveaway on this site, so thanks very much to all who took the time to enter.  I love being able to connect readers with free points! […]


  1. I’m an Urban Explorer same as you!. If I won the points I would probably use them for a trip to New Orleans. I believe there is a nice JW marriott there.

  2. I am a Luxury Lover!
    I would take my husband on a trip to Hawaii for his birthday. He has never been and it’s time!

  3. Weekend Wanderer; we work to live and love to see what’s around us. We’re int he Boston area and Maine this Fall would be fabulous!

  4. I am an “The Urban Explorer”. I love visiting the great cities of world and seeing what they all have to offer. I’d use the 50,000 Marriott points for a trip to South East Asia.

  5. I’m an Urban Explorer! And as for the points, I’d either use it for my next domestic US vacation and fly w/ SWA Rapid Rewards…or if the stars allow, I’d convert it to Delta for a Business Class RT to Tokyo and back.

  6. According to Marriott I am an Urban Explorer. I think I would use the 50,000 points to stay for three nights at the Residence Inn Monteal Westmount.

  7. I am a discoverer and I would love to use the points for a free night at a JW Marriott or other Marriott property in Australia!

  8. When I played the game, I was also pronounced to be an Urban Traveller. I am presently helping a cousin plan their honeymoon, so I would use the points to help them get more night(s) at the Renaissance Koh Samui.

  9. I’m totally in for luxury. I’d use the points in Lucerne, Switserland. I’d love to see that city and it’s surroundings.

  10. I am a luxury lover! (I didn’t realize this until I played the game! LOL)
    I would use the miles to discover places on my bucket list!

  11. I am an Urban Explorer. I would love to use the points to help my friends pay for their honeymoon this coming spring!

  12. family traveler – Looking into a Ski Vacation in Colorado, winning these points will HELP! Thanks for the oppertunity

  13. Urban Explorer. I would use the 50k to get me closer to the Marriott 7-night Cat7 + 120k mile flight and hotel package.

  14. I’m an urban explorer. Would use the points for family travel though. Probably as part of a visit to daughter in college.

  15. I’m definitely a luxury lover, though the weekend wanderer package is almost as exciting! (honestly, they all look fantastic!). I would use 50k points toward a couple of days at the marriott in curacao (topped off with some Ultimate rewards points).

  16. I am a Weekend Wanderer! That is exactly right! I would use the points to visit my in-laws in Indianapolis at the new JW Marriott there. That place is amazing!

  17. I’m the urban explorer, which I am 😉 I’d love to use these points at the Marriott in Rome in September where I’m taking my parents for their first Europe trip on their anniversary.

  18. I’m a discoverer and I would use the points for my wife and myself to have one last nice hotel stay before our baby comes in December!

  19. Urban Explorer – And I would use the 50,000 to get me a step closer to one of their awesome travel packages (with the possible help of UR points also).

  20. I’m a luxury lover and would probably use the points to stay at the Essex House when it’s rebranded to be a JW Marriott.

  21. I’m a Discoverer. My partner and I would love to take our little one to Puerto Rico where my partner was born and raised to show little one his ancestry and culture.

  22. Luxury lover. I would return to the wonderful JW Marriott in Phuket, Thailand where in my opinion, I found the nicest hotel staff on the planet

  23. My travel type is The Discoverer and I would use the 50,000 points to stay at the Courtyard Bali Nusa Dua in Bali, Indonesia.

  24. I’m an Urban Traveller and would do 2 pointsaver nights at the Marriott Desert Springs Villas in Palm Desert.

  25. Definitely a luxury lover! And these 50,000 points will definitely come handy for my next visit to Las Vegas this year for staying at The Cosmopolitan!

  26. Weekend wanderer- I would use the points to explore the cities(Denver, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, Minneapolis)that are a direct (nonstop) flight away from home for a weekend escape.

  27. I’m an Urban Explorer too – and that sounds good tome! I’d use those 50k points towards a few nights in Aruba during the wonderful Chicago winter…

  28. Luxury Lover, although I’ve never been to a spa. Would use the points for a return trip to Hawaii – and get a spa treatment!

  29. 1) I was designated a Family Traveler. Overall true, but I spend most of my travel time as a Mon-Thurs road warrior =].

    2) 50,000 Marriott Points would be great for a 2-2.5 nights at the FS hotels in Southern California!

  30. I’m a “discoverer”, and I would love to discover something nice in Hawaii (where I’ve been meaning to go for awhile now).

  31. Luxury Lover. I guess since I have to convert the points to airline miles with this package, I would convert to United and jet off somewhere to Europe. Would love to see Russia or Istanbul.

  32. I am an Urban Explorer, and since we have traveled to 6 countries in the last 5 years, but haven’t made it to NYC, I would use them there!

  33. It says I’m an Individualist! 🙂

    I think I’d cash out on those points for miles and squeeze as much time as I can into visiting southeast Asia!!

  34. I just played Marriott Rewards’ “What’s your Travel Type?” game and found out that I am an Urban Explorer! O wpuld use the points in HAWAII !!

  35. Loks like I am an Urban Exploere and I’d love to use the points on my upcoming trip to Hong Kong in October!

  36. It looks like I’m an urban explorer as well :). I would spend the points for nights at one of the Caribbean islands.

  37. The Individualist. I would like to use the 50K points for a weekend at the Courtyard Miami Beach Oceanfront hotel on Collins Ave.

  38. I’m a luxury lover! Therefore…I would definitely use the 50,000 marriott rewards points for a nice JW Marriott Hong Kong stay =).

  39. I am an Urban Explorer too and I would love to use the points to stay one night at the Boscolo Palace Roma, Autograph Collection (Via Vittorio Veneto), a Category 8 hotel for 40,000 points a night

  40. My Type is Urban Explorer (I’d rather win the Discoverer prize though). I would use the points to extend an upcoming anniversary getaway.

  41. Weekend Warrior – I travel multiple times on short trips every year, and I can leverage +50k points into at least another trip, maybe two!

  42. I’m a Luxury Lover. I’d use them to Stay at the JW Marriott in Rio De Janeiro in Brazil. I was born there but left when I was young so do not remember it.

  43. Since I am from the huge city of Sao Paulo, I could not be any different from an Urban Explorer =^)
    I would use my points to travel to the big cities in Asia.

  44. I’m an Urban Explorer (but I think I would rather the Luxury Lover package).

    I’d love to stay again at the Renaissance in Las Vegas. What a great hotel!

  45. Apparently I am a Discoverer and become a local wherever I travel. My ideal trip includes getting out of your hotel room and immersing yourself in the cuisine, music and art of the local culture.

  46. Urban Explorer is my match which is a perfect match – love to go to a new city an explore. So the new city will be a hunt for a award to the US West Coast – have never been to San Francisco 🙂

  47. Urban Explorer! I would use the points, 1. for hit in USAirways grandslam (fingers crossed) 2. for my family tip to Europe next summer.

  48. I just played Marriott Rewards’ “What’s your Travel Type?” game and found out that I am an luxury lover!
    singapore is on my list.

  49. I”m a Luxury Lover “You know when to take time to get away from it all and indulge. Your ideal trip is a blend of relaxation and rejuvenation—The ultimate Zen Getaway.”

    I want to go to New York!

  50. I am a Discover and would actually love to go to New Orleans and Chicago. Next choice would be to use points to visit Italy.

  51. I am an individualist. I would use the points for a 3 night stay at the Courtyard Vienna Messe. Only a Cat. 3 great value.

  52. I am a luxury lover. I think I would use the points to go to New York. Actually, I have so many trips in my mind right now, I am torn. LOL!

  53. I’m a Discoverer! And I’d save the points til I accumulated enough for a weekend stay at Ritz Carlton NYC Central Park.

  54. With two little girls, I’m a Family Traveler. My wife and I went to Hawaii on our first babymoon, so we’d use the points to take our girls there.

  55. I’m an Urban Explorer and I’d use these points to stay at the Montreal Marriott Chateau Champlain. Thanks for this contest!

  56. I’m definitely The Luxury Lover.

    I’d use 50,000 Marriott points for the Marriott Renaissance Maldives Gaakoshibee Resort & Spa hotel (when it opens)!

  57. I’m an Urban Explorer. I’d use the points to spend 3 nights at the Marriott in Toledo, Spain. Seeing the old city from my balcony – how magical!

  58. Urban Explorer which is the perfect description. Love Spain and Europe. Would use the 50k points staying at the AC Hotel Recoletos in Madrid.

  59. I was a Family Traveler, which makes sense with all our families road trips to Disneyland every year. Those Marriott points would come in handy!! Thanks!

  60. I too was an urban explorer and would use the points to start making travel plans for a spring trip, destination yet unknown but I am sure we can find someplace urban place to explore.

  61. Im a discoverer and I’d use the 50k Marriott rewards points to stay at the Buscolo autograph collection in Budapest during my upcoming Europe trip.

  62. Urban Explorer just like you! I would use the points for a weekend getaway with my family. The Ritz Carlton in Lake Tahoe, perhaps?

  63. The game said I was an Individualist Traveler, and I’d use the Marriott points on one of my upcoming roadtrips, either in Georgia or Arizona.

  64. I’m an Individualist, and I’d put the points towards our accommodation for us three on our annual cross-continent trip to visit the elderly family.

  65. I’m a Discoverer! I’d use 50,000 points for a weekend getaway with my beautiful bride, probably either Chicago or NYC!

  66. I’m a Discoverer! I would use those points for a trip to Europe with my hubby! He’s never been and i would love to surprise him with an anniversary trip in 2013!

  67. I am an Urban Explorer! I’d definitely use the points to discover the best food hotspots of a new city I’ve never been to before!

  68. I’m an Urban Explorer. I would use the points to bring my Bride-to-be to Europe since she has never even left the east coast of the USA before!

  69. I’m definitely a Luxury Lover and the package would be an awesome way for me and my love to celebrate our second wedding anniversary! 🙂

  70. I’m definitely an Urban Explorer, both based on my past travel and confirmed by the Marriott Facebook game.

    I plan on using the points for an upcoming trip to Hawaii over the holidays!

  71. I am a Discoverer and am desperate need of a discovery trip somewhere. As for the 50,000 though, I would use it to help my mother meet her long-lost siblings in Birmingham, AL – she deserves it.

  72. I’m a Discoverer, but I think I also fit the Luxury Lover category!! I’d love to use points to redeem on my trip to Thailand in November!

  73. I am “The Individualist”. I would use the points for the US Airways Grand Slam (if there is one this year) or for the Marriott Frenchman’s Reef Resort on St. Thomas, USVI.

  74. Turns out I’m an Individualist. I would use the points to take my wife on a weekend getaway to either DC or New York.

  75. Urban Explorer. And it’s true. I’ve been to all seven continents and love the exploration, although not much urban about Antarctica!

  76. Luxury Lover…

    I would use some of the points to transfer to Southwest to complete my Companion Pass, and use the rest to stay in a hotel with my companion!