Crazy Spirit Airlines Deal to Vegas – $70 RT from Houston

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I was chatting with my parents just then, and they told me about a $70 roundtrip deal from Houston to Vegas available this fall.  Yes, that is $70 roundtrip!  It is available on Spirit Airlines likely to celebrate announcing the new IAH-LAS route.  So far I haven’t noticed any other airlines matching, but there are more cities available than just Houston at pretty good rates.  I saw Denver for $88, LAX for $72, and I will continue to look for others (though I don’t consider any of those as nice as deal as from IAH).  Just Another Points Traveler also points out in the comments that “there’s also NYC to FLL for $87.60 RT and NYC to Chicago for $80 RT, also on Spirit.  Nice!

Houston to Vegas RT for $70 is one heck of a deal.  I haven’t seen it that low in a very, very long time.  Hurry up if you want in!  I noticed that they just announced new service from Houston to Las Vegas yesterday, so likely this is related to that announcement.  I don’t know for sure and don’t really care.  I just know it is super cheap airfare!

Hat tip to Grandma and Grandpa points on this one!

Update: My parents booked a few nights in Vegas for October on this deal.  They said when they booked their first choice of dates was no longer available, but the second choice was.  It even came back at just $68 RT for IAH-LAS.  They are very excited!  Yes, Spirit charges fees for everything (including carry on bags), but at this low of a price you still come out ahead.  I can guarantee you that my parents will be sharing one carry-on bag to save cash.  They will even bring their own soda on-board.  They also won’t care where they sit, so aren’t going to pay for seat assignments.  Heck, for $68RT they would probably be happy flying in the lav.

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    • @Ken, best I am seeing right this second on that route is $97 with many dates available, including Sept 8 – 11. It was there an hour ago though!

  1. Spirit doesn’t make it easy to find the cheap fares, at least not for me. I did find some super cheap $19 fares but they’re only available for the $9 club which is $60 a year.

    • @Ken, lots of ways to search. One easy way is – use their “Price Graph” to see prices for a full month.

  2. Does the fare include the boarding fee, the deplaning fee, the aisle usage fee, and the not-being-beaten-about-the-head-and-shoulders fee?

    • @LarryinNYC, I think it includes those, but not sure about the “I want to breathe oxygen” fee. That one may be additional.

  3. I think it’s a good deal but equates to a $120 fare with extra fees. I would do it if I was in a city served by spirit. Besides it gets you part way to San Jose for that Alaskan Hawaii flight 🙂
    “on the way to San Jose “

  4. First experience in my family this week. For the first time ever, my 5’4″ daughter complained that there wasn’t enough leg room.

  5. Good luck. Spirit isn’t a real airline. Once you have a miserable experience with them, you will never go back. I would advise against it from personal experience.

  6. The only unavoidable extra fee I am aware of is the bag fee (unless you don’t bring a bag). If two folks share one bag then it is about an extra $15 each, so that would put it at $85 each round trip. The experience doesn’t have to be too great for that to be a good deal…that said, I didn’t book it. Way too busy for another trip to LAS right now. 😉

  7. You’d have to pay me to fly Spirit. They are responsible for the single most miserable flying experience of my life. Yeesh. Thanks for the tip on the deal, though!

  8. Thanks for all the fee warnings for our upcoming Spirit “sort-of-$70” flight to Vegas! For sure, Grandpa and I will be sharing one bag to cut down on that fee. What fun to be on guard for the fees! I will take a notepad and write them down as they occur. In the old days, we would make a game out of looking for license plates from different states as we drove on vacation. The 2012 version of the game can be count the fees!

  9. Oops! The above entry was from Grandma. I didn’t realize I was using Grandpa’s email site. Oh well, may as well get used to sharing as we may need to share a seat to cut down on fees on the Spirit flight!

  10. As long as it fits under the seat you’re good – no fee, 16 x 14 x 12. A 3-day backpack is all I need for Vegas – usually.

  11. I flew Spirit once and it was brand new plane. I have never been on a plane that new. Seats, walls and smell of it looked like it was rolled out last night.

  12. I fly Spirit a good deal, because they run out of Atlantic City, NJ – (Which if you live close, is simply the most convenient airport I have ever been to in my entire life. Affordable parking, and the longest it has ever taken me to get from the entrance to my gate was 10 minutes) and they have some amazingly cheap flights. So cheap, that it becomes affordable simply for a quick weekend trip. 60$ or less for a Round Trip from NJ to Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Tampa, or Myrtle Beach? Hard to beat.

    The fee’s are easily avoidable. Spirit charges for “Carry-On” bags, but allows a “Personal Item” which is essentially a carry-on bag. I usually just bring a big backpack, which easily has enough clothes for 3-4 days – and it gets on every time. The dimensions are on their website, and they are pretty liberal with it if you are a couple inches over. (I’ve never seen anyone given a hard time at the gate, except for one guy who had a big roll-on suitcase)

    As for the cons: Really the only one for me is that the seats ARE uncomfortable. If you are used to first or business class – You will HATE the seats. Even if you are used to coach on a regular airline, you will still HATE the seats. From what I understand some planes are better then others, but by and large – You are packed in like a sardine, they don’t recline, and they are hard. But again.. 60$ round trip…

  13. Holy cow – their A320’s have a 28 inch seat pitch. That is three inches less than most domestic US carriers, 4 to 5 inches less than Southwest and a full 6 inches less than JetBlue economy seats.

    Between that and the insulting litany of fees, this is truly a airline for midgets and masochists.

  14. Try to look for LAX.. but look like they remove that flight.

    Hope this dont turn out to be like the family that got stuck at the airport for days.. lol

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