Some United Dreamliner Availability Now Live

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As soon as I saw the tweet by Frequently Flying about the United Dreamliner availability now being available for booking on the United website, I quickly jumped online to see what I could find myself.  So far what I see is certainly some of the flights are loaded, but either their plans changed some from what was announced, or isn’t yet all loaded.  For example, I see days later this year on the IAH-EWR route where there is no Dreamliner, when it was announced to be daily service.  I’m sure that will all be worked out in the coming hours/days, but the main point is that some availability is now live for flights beginning November 4th.

I really want to be on one of the first flights as I think it is a big step forward for a US-based airline, but so far the fares I have seen for the routes that begin on November 4th have been a bit absurd (not just for Dreamliner flights, but for any of those flights that day), so I’m sitting on the sideline for a while.  I may pay a premium if I knew I could get on the actual first UA commercial 787 flight, but I’m not quite ready yet to pull the trigger on an expensive November 4th flight that won’t likely be the actual first flight.  That doesn’t mean I don’t want to, just can’t quite justify it yet.  If you find an economical way to do it for a same day trip, feel free to share.  😉

If you really want to get on a November 4th 787 flight using miles instead of dollars, then check out this post over at Milevalue.  He has some tips to really maximize your miles for these flights if you want to enjoy the airplane for as long as possible! If you want to learn more about what routes should be available, then check out this post.

Oh and Mom and Dad, if you are reading, your flight to Newark later this year is on the Dreamliner!

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  1. Yes, those fares for 11/4 are indeed absurd. I ended up burning miles for part of my Dreamliner-fest. Totally worth it for me as an obsessed #avgeek.

    So cool your Mom & Dad are on one!

  2. Thanks to your post on Thursday I remembered at 12:30am that United was supposed to post the flights. (Yes, I was still out with friends, and booked a flight on my Blackberry.)
    I will be flying on the 787 on Nov. 17th IAD to IAH! Then connecting to Omaha because it was $500 LESS to continue on than to just stay in Houston. I’ll only be on the plane one-way, and for one segment but I’m still really excited!

  3. I was able to make a crazy one way from LAX-SFO-IAH-EWR-TPA
    SFO-IAH-EWR is on the 787 and the whole trip is in first!

    Total: 25,000!

    details on my website!

  4. Off-subject but it’s 9/1 and no mention anywhere -bloggers or USAirways- about Grand Slam. Oh well, maybe Ultimate Reward accumulation is this years Grand Slam.

  5. I’m seeing a bunch of award availability in economy or first for the 787 on 11/4 for anyone who wants in. I’m hesitating as I really don’t want to burn miles and the fares are CRAZY. I may cave….we’ll see. Glad some are getting in on it though. Very exciting!

    Acker, I plan to talk about it next week, but so far it isn’t good news. There hasn’t been much to say since there hasn’t been any real hint that there will even be one this year.

  6. I am already traveling 29 days of the first 38 the Dreamliner is scheduled to fly right now. So I can only live vicariously through the united award search engine. I hope someone books the flights I’m finding!

  7. Have on hold DCA-IAH-SFO-IAH-ORD-DCA RT 50K miles for First IAH-SFO-IAH-ORD all on 787 on Thanksgiving/Blk Friday just going for the plane ride. Hope I can get Blk Friday off from work 🙂

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