Amex SPG Points Posting Quickly and SPG Chat Awesomeness

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Today turned out to be “SPG Day” at my house, so I wanted to share some of the things I learned/utilized today as they were quite handy for me, and hopefully will be for you.

First, I saw that the 10,000 points for using my SPG Business Amex card (obtained during the increased bonus period) were already in my account.  I started using that card about a week ago, so that was a really quick turnaround.  I had the same experience last year when I got the personal version of the card.  It will take me a bit longer to get the additional 20,000 points since spending $5K won’t happen overnight, but I love getting some (almost) instant gratification.  If you applied for the business or personal version of that card recently, be on the lookout for the first 10,000 points as they come very quickly after you start using the card.

Once I saw that the points had posted, I now had enough points to add the last night at the Westin Beaver Creek Resort and Spa for a ski trip we are taking in a few months.  However, I made the reservation under my name when I thought I might obtain SPG Platinum status this year.  Since my husband is only about a week away from obtaining it himself, I have thrown in the towel on that travel goal and will stick with my mid-tier Gold status for the foreseeable future.  I will keep Hyatt Diamond status, but just don’t travel quite enough to maintain top tier status with two hotels. I know, I know, woe is me.

Given that reality, it can pay to diversify the elite statuses that family members hold, when possible, so that is what we did.  That means that the reservation really should go in his name so we can reap the benefits of his status.  Since SPG award stays count toward achieving/maintaining status, it will also help him re-qualify next year.  Having a husband gone this much for work has to pay off for us all somehow!  😉  While I am excited that we will get Platinum benefits for this trip, I have read that the Platinum benefits at this hotel aren’t the best.  I believe that for two people, the free breakfast is limited to a $20 voucher in the market cafe.  However, that is much better than the nothing we would have received keeping the reservation under my account!

One potential kink in the plan was that the first nights that we already have reserved on points are now showing as unavailable (we locked the weekend days in first knowing the demand for those would likely be higher).  Since we couldn’t just cancel and rebook due to the lack of availability, what I wanted was to have the points reservation changed from my account to his account.  I then also needed points transferred from my account to his account (he was a bit short to add a night at 12K points), so we could book the final night on the reservation.

Blame it on my generation, but I hate using the phone unless absolutely necessary, so I attempted to see if all of this were possible via the SPG Chat option.  This can be found by clicking “Help” on the various SPG Hotel websites and then “Chat With Us” (or similar).

I have had good luck with their chat services before, so I decided to give it a shot.  It all was completed within a matter of minutes, and it was a totally simple and painless process.  I described what I wanted done, provided the account numbers, my password, and voila.  There was no problem changing the reservation to my husband’s account even though those nights were no longer available on points.  There was also no problem requesting the points transfer online from my account to his account.  We both have the same address, so we can share points between accounts.  There is a 3-5 business day delay in the points actually arriving in my husband’s account, but they simply held the award night pending the transfer so that we wouldn’t potentially lose the award availability.

I asked if I needed to follow-up once the points post to finalize the reservation, and they said that would all automatically be taken care of.  I received the confirmations for both the transferred reservation and the additional night within seconds.  Top notch customer service all the way around in my book.

I was also sure to register myself and my husband for the fall SPG “Better By the Night Promotion” since registration opened today.  This promo runs from October 1 – December 20 and provides double points for two-night stays and triple points for stays three nights and longer.  You will also receive bonus points for booking online or using an iPhone app.  Check out this post for details and info on non-participating properties.  As always, it makes sense to take a few seconds and register for the promo so you don’t risk losing out on bonus points if you have an unexpected SPG stay down the road.

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  1. You can still have the points coming out of your account and then add your husbands name and SPG number to the reservation. This will give you the Platinum benefits. Just send an email to the hotel to follow up after you discuss with SPG customer service. Worked perfectly for me earlier this year (2 different hotels in Hawaii).

  2. They actually post the extra 20k very quick too!

    I hit $5,000 this past Friday & yesterday midday it was there already.

    I then figured might aS well email customer service & ask about the referral I did for my spouse 2 weeks ago & they posted the 5,000 points!!

    • @Deals, I thought about that, but this just seemed “simpler”. I also want to make sure he gets the stay credit since he’ll have to re-qualify next year. That is a good “workaround” in some unique situations though. 😉
      @ih, gotta love points that post quickly!!

  3. @mommypoints – I hear ya. I actually got the stays/nights/points even though the points were coming from another account. Win win situation!

  4. I wonder if they changed something in their system in regards to the points posting. When I got the SPG card, I had to wait until my statement closed both for the 10K and then the 15K. For my wife, she just met the $5K last week and has three more weeks to go before statement closing and her other 15K just posted. Very nice!

  5. I seem to be having the opposite experience as others, at least for my SPG Biz card. I’ve had it (and used it) for a couple weeks now, but still haven’t received the first tranche of points yet nor the stay/night credits. When I got the Personal card a few months ago, that all happened fairly quickly.

  6. BTW, does anyone have any insight on the code connected to these awarded points (from my statement): Earn +5000 08/23/2012 SPG AX MGM – CONSUMER? I’m not sure whether it’s for a referral I gave someone who recently got approved for a personal card or a bump up to the recent 30,000 bonus offer (since I had gotten my personal card just a few weeks before that offer went live) or something else altogether. Thanks in advance for any help!

  7. I’ve referred like 6-7 people for the referral bonus. It’s been more than 2 weeks that they’ve been approved for the card but still those referral bonus points are NOT posting. I’ve called Amex, and they said it can take up to 6-8 weeks. My friend also referred bunch of people at the same time, and his points posts within 2-3 days… what gives?

  8. Wow, I had no idea… (I read your earlier post)
    Everyone talks about great customer service by Amex…
    Apparently, that’s NOT the case?
    I will have to get ready to track my referrals and fight it tooth and nail to get it posted?
    Run-around that some people are getting sounds pretty bad and obnoxious. Sounds like even your mom got the run-around and short end of the stick… Geeezeee…
    I am having second thoughts about becoming Amex customer

    • @Danny, Amex customer service is hit and miss in my opinion. I have had some bad luck over the last year, but I have had good encounters as well. Things did get rougher after the fallout from the “bump the bonus” debacle last summer. I think CSR lost the ability to fix some problems on the spot. You may get the referrals without much trouble, but you also may have my experience.

  9. Hi-

    If I buy a visa gift card at CVS or Staples which I can then use at Charge Smart with my AMEX SPG card – Doe sthat help me meet my 5,000 dollar spending on SPG to get the bonus or gift card purchases do not count?

    Additionally, if it does count, will I earn regular points on the purchase – say $500 purchase will I get 500 points?

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