Look-out for 70,000 Mile Delta Credit Card Offer

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There is a growing thread on Flyertalk about a 70,000 mile Gold Delta Skymiles Amex offer that comes with a total of 70,000 miles as a sign-up bonus.  This is about double the typical sign-up offer for that card.  As an added bonus, it also awards a $100 statement credit when you make a Delta purchase in the first three months, and it has no annual fee the first year.  Is this sounding too good to be true?

Well, there is a little catch.  In addition to the fairly substantial spending requirement of $5,000 in the first six months to get the full bonus, it is an offer that is targeted to those who purchase a Delta flight.  Unlike a somewhat similar very lucrative British Airways Chase offer that could be accessed before you actually purchased a British Airways flight, this one seems to require the purchase to go through before an offer may be displayed.  Even then, it certainly isn’t a guarantee that you will receive this offer.  You may receive a different offer, or potentially no offer at all.  Update:  Technically that is how it is supposed to work, however some enterprising folks may have found a workaround.  Do some digging on the FT thread to find out those details.

If you have plans to purchase a Delta flight, be on the lookout for this tremendous offer right after you make your reservation on the Delta website.  I’m not a huge fan of Delta miles, but 70,000 is a pretty impressive number regardless.  I am assuming if you made a reservation and got the offer, only to realize that your plans had changed and you needed to cancel your flight, that the card and miles would still be yours to keep.  I can’t speak from personal experience, but it seems likely.

I’d love to hear if anyone has been able to get in on this deal.  Thanks to everyone on the linked FT thread above for sharing their experience with this as well!

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  1. That’s like…uh…um…$300 worth of airfare, about the cost of typical one-way on Delta.
    Also, AMEX collects highest interchange fees yet also has the highest spend reuquirements…doesn’t make any sense.

  2. atxtravel, if you really think 70K DL is only worth $300, I’ll make you a deal – $350 for 70K. Seriously though, 70K DL is easily worth $700.

  3. I got an offer in the mail today for 40k, so I will watch out for this one instead. I do have a Delta purchase coming up. However I already churned this card in Dec. 2010 (approximately). Is there a cutoff period, such as the 18-24 months that Citi has?

  4. Literally just had a delta flight booked through work but work booked it with its Amex. Ugh. Maybe I will still get offer when using my skymikes #?

  5. I have the Delta Business Platinum and have had it for years. For all the folks that hate Delta, I happen to like Delta and have had pretty good luck using my skymiles. When I book travel, our dates are pretty flexible most of the time. I am a huge fan of Chase UR now but I keep my Delta card because I happen to like the airline. Is this offer for a personal card? If I have had the bonus for the business card can I still get the bonus for a personal card?

  6. Yeah, the flyertalk approach seems way too risky to me. I need to buy some tix to Hawaii soon and if the offer is still live, this could move me from US Airways (where I was planning to buy) to Delta for the purchase. Hopefully it will still be live then… I’d rather qualify for this by actually purchasing.

  7. -I agree that the approach has some risk in it. I do say in the post it is targeted, and while I do recommend keeping your eyes open for the offer if you purchase a Delta flight, you won’t find me doing some of the other current tricks to get the offer to work. I also won’t go into detail on them here. Nothing at all against those who do, but it just isn’t for me.
    -That said, I would be happy to have 70,000 new miles even if they are SkyPesos. 😉
    -The terms of this specific offers state that: You may be permitted to have more than one Delta SkyMiles Credit Card account; however, you are eligible to receive welcome bonus miles for only one Card account. Offer not available to existing Delta SkyMiles Credit Cardmembers upgrading to another Delta SkyMiles Credit Card.

    Note that this is different than what some of the other Delta Amex offers have said…proceed at your own risk if this isn’t your first Delta Amex product.

  8. Hello Mommy Points:
    We just returned from Ushuaia, AR – the most southern point in the world – where my kid qualified in a World Cup Ski event for Olympic participation in Sochi 2014.
    (Remember my Sochi question of September 3rd?)
    There were hardly any travel options, but we managed to get there after approx 24 hrs of flying time over 4 different longhaul flights – all on 110.000 SkyMiles p/p (in coach with tons of ski-gear).
    It went flawless and was beyond expectations. The revenue ticket alone would have been easily over $2.500 p/p in coach.
    A SUPER value for Skymiles IMHO – I find them terrific to use and treat them as a treasure!

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