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Since posting recently about how I plan to get to 40,000 FlexPerks points (including the nice start from the Olympics sign-up bonus that expired in August), I have had several people remind me of some other easy ways to get additional FlexPerks points, so I thought I would put those ideas together in one place.  As you likely already know, if you got in on the U.S. Bank FlexPerks Olympic promo like I did, then you want to get to 40,000 points instead of being stuck in Neverland with 30K+ points.  40,000 points will get you up to $800 in airfare that can be used for two $400 tickets as opposed to just one $600 ticket if you don’t get to 40K.  You can take advantage of the 2x and 3x bonus categories to go to the 40K level quicker, but here are a few tips to add some points without spending a dime:

  • If you have been building up your e-Rewards balance in hopes of transferring some to US Airways for a Grand Slam hit, you may now have some extra e-Rewards that you aren’t sure what to do with.  One option is to transfer some credit to FlexPerks in order to get to the 40,000 point mark easier.  Points transfer from e-Rewards at a rate of 500 FlexPerks for $25 credit from e-Rewards.  Thanks to this Flyertalk thread for that reminder!
  • Possible 500 points on your first visit to the FlexPerks Promo Center.  I read about this at about a month ago, but when I tried it for myself a few days ago it didn’t seem to work.  Perhaps I did something wrong, perhaps that promo is over, or perhaps it was targeted.  Image from since it would not display for me.  Hopefully some of you might have better luck with this one than I did!

  • Submit a photo of you traveling for 500 FlexPerks points for entering plus a chance to win up to 20,000 points.  There are six winners each month who will win 20,000, 10,000, or 5,000 points for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place based on popular vote.  The judges also award the same number of points to their own 1st – 3rd place monthly winners.  The trick with this one is that you must have first redeemed points for an airline ticket before you are eligible, so it probably won’t help many of us who are still trying to build our FlexPerks balances.

  • Other ways to get FlexPerks points also exist.  You can also purchase points for $75 per 2,500 points; get 5,000 points per approved referral when friends/family apply for and use a FlexPerks card; or get points by turning unused gift cards to points at Plastic Jungle.  I don’t think any of these are particularly good deals in most situations, but I wanted to briefly mention them in case they are helpful to get to a specific threshold level.

If you know of some others ways to quickly accumulate FlexPerks points I’d love to hear about it!  I know I am looking forward to earning two $400 mileage earning tickets!

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  1. IF it’s limited to $800, then foreign travel ticket is not reachable? Maybe we need to try to get to 50K points or 60K points if we want to go to Paris or Rome?

  2. As I recall from my last go round with FlexPerks you cannot mix dollars with FlexPerks. That is why using them is sometimes difficult as you always have to get a ticket under the threshold.

    • That is my understanding as well. The trick it to purchase a ticket as close to $400 as possible to maximize the value. If you are looking for primarily international travel, this probably isn’t the best card to focus on. You would likely be better served by a card that earns airline miles that can be redeemed for expensive tickets rather than this card where points basically have a fixed value.

  3. This turns out to be a good card (provided you can manage flights that cost just below the upper limits for redemption) for a non-obvious reason. If (like me) you already bank with USBank and have a platinum package, you get a 50% bonus on your Flexperks points. And when you shop at a grocery store you get double points.

    So, $1000 in visa (or other) gift cards ends up being 2500 flexperks.

    And, unlike the office-supply stores that seem to max out at $200 gift cards, Safeway has $500 Visa, Lowes, Home Depot, etc.. cards, so you’re not stuck with activation fees on a handful of $200 and $100 cards. Bulk buying, as it were.

    If you consider that redeeming flexperks for flights values the flexperks at $0.02/point (40000 points gets you $800 of airfare)then buying gift cards gets you 4 to 5 cents per point. Not a bad deal at all…

      • Well, I hope it’s going to work out. I’m in the spend cycle to get those Olympic point, and I have a business flexperks with 15000 points after $500 spend on its way.

        When the dust settles it’ll be about 56000 flexperks and then me monitoring travelocity for places I’ll let them send me… 😉

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