20,000 Free Miles for 3,000 Houstonians!

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Okay, so they are Spirit miles and everyone seems to love to hate Spirit.  (Except Jared who seems to have survived his flight just fine).  I don’t care if they are Fisher Price Airline miles, I will line up almost anywhere within driving distance for 20,000 free miles.  To celebrate their new service in Houston, Spirit Airlines is giving away 60 million airline miles this week in Houston! 

Here are the details:

Must be 18 or older (rats!)

On a first-come, first-served basis, Spirit will give away 1,000 certificates at each of the following places and times:

  • Sept. 18 5 p.m. at Travel Leaders, 1085 Hercules St., Houston
  • Sept. 19 noon at Krisbi Travel, 7457 Harwin Drive, Houston
  • Sept. 19 5 p.m. at Fox Travel, 25701 I-45 North, The Woodlands

You betcha I will be lined up for a mileage certificate (no, I will not be lining up three times…regardless of whether or not that would work).  You can also bet that I will be dragging along others in my family with me.  Call it family bonding time if you will.  Just to give some reference, 20,000 miles + $20 is enough to book a round trip flight from Houston to Las Vegas (on the standard award level).  Interestingly enough, some days to Vegas were just 2,500 miles each way via an off-peak award if you have the Spirit Mastercard.  That is a tremendous deal for “short” off-peak awards!  Seriously, why are more people not doing this?

Spirit Airline miles do expire after three months with no account activity, so don’t expect to just let these miles sit there for a couple years and then use them down the road.  You either have to use them quickly, or have other account activity to keep them active.  They do have a few partners available that may help with keeping miles active, but they don’t have very many.  If all the additional fees and other negatives about Spirit Airlines make you not want to line up for 20,000 miles then I appreciate your courtesy in making way for the rest of us.  😉

Seriously, this is a “no frills” airlines, but I can be a “no frills” girl when we are talking about free.  I’m interested to see how the turn-out is for these free miles.  Anyone else heading out to give it a shot?

Hat Tip to FlyingDog on Milepoint!

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  1. Sweet deal. Too bad, I work in Downtown and commuting via Park and Ride. I wish they do have an offering downtown. Otherwise, I’ll be there.

  2. We loaded up on this in Vegas. They did 2 stops and everyone I know went to both for a total of 40K points. Some flew to SFO and others to Costa Rica for almost free. Horrible airline, but free is hard to beat.

  3. We got several of these when they came to Chicago on their tour bus. Trying to redeem was very difficult. There wasnt a way to find award seats without calling at the time, and I tried around 30 combinations of dates and destinations and all were not available. Finally just booked a couple of one ways and used some AA vouchers for the return. Should be interesting to fly ala carte, I havent flown spirit before (I opted to pay extra for the big front seat as they call it after reading about how small the regular econ seat is)

  4. That’s great several of you have done this in different cities! I’m glad you can now book award flights online. The old way sounded like no fun at all!

  5. Good luck! A few years back I found a loophole on their website that allowed me to book a big front seat for $0 and they left me fly it. It was fine but Y looked very cramped. I might do it again for free but I don’t think I’d pay for it, even deeply discounted.

  6. The line wasn’t bad. No where near 1000 people while we were there. We got there 10 min or so early and there were maybe 100 people in front of us, and then 50 more people behind us by the time we left at 5:30. It’s hard to estimate but this was not a huge crowd.

    The Spirit reps said you can go through the line once at each location, but supposedly you can only register one voucher with your own account, so you can give extra vouchers to someone else. Once you register the voucher the miles show up in your account within 45 days. The miles follow the normal Spirit program rules (they did announce they expire after 90 days, but I clarified later you can still extend this by earning other miles). They also said you just have to book the ticket within the 90-day window but it can be scheduled anytime in their schedule.

    There was a Channel 13 news van there so they might have a segment on it.

  7. I work 5 minutes from the Hercules location, but didn’t get there till 7:00 because of a doctors appointment. They were supposed to close up shop at 7:00, but people were still coming and they still had a ~25 tickets when I arrived so they were still accepting newcomers.

    Very friendly people. A 90 day expiration on the points sucks, since I don’t know an easy way of earning spirit miles and dont plan on ever stockpiling them.

  8. We got back from the Harwin Dr location. We got there right at 12. About 300 in line, walked out at 12:15. It seemed like Spirit Air people were getting information, but that was slowing the line down, so they just started giving vouchers away. I’d get there 15 min early or so just to be on the safe side if you are doing the woodlands.

    • @marilyn, I was there today, too! I got there about 12:20 and stood in line for 5 minutes before getting my voucher. They were actually encouraging folks to go to The Woodlands as well tonight, so they are supporting the double-dip! Sorry I missed you there today!

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