No Grand Slam, but Double Miles on Available US Airways Flights

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Mid-September has come and gone with no US Airways Grand Slam.  In recent weeks and months that many have suspected that was the case, but now it has actually happened.  I haven’t seen any statement by US Airways indicating that the promotion is gone forever (in fact they have been extremely silent on the issue), but it certainly isn’t around right now.  I really am sad that it isn’t going on since it was such a fun activity for the whole miles and points community (not to mention it was very lucrative for our mileage accounts).  I’ll jump for joy if the promo ever returns, but for now it is time to move on and focus on promotions that exist in the here and now.

One of those promotions available right now is double miles on US Airways flights from 9/17 through the end of 2012, if you register for the promotion and pay with a MasterCard.  If you use your US Airways MasterCard to pay then it is double elite/preferred qualifying miles for the flights!  That is huge – especially for those who are looking to qualify for elite status with US.  I will be doing a post soon on whether it makes sense to keep the US Airways MasterCard in light of the lack of a Grand Slam.  Promotions like this certainly add some reasons to the “yes” column when making that decision.

You must register and book your flights by 10/31 for travel through 12/31.  Hopefully this will help those who were planning to get some elite qualifying miles out of the Grand Slam.  I know I would be thrilled if United did something like this!

Thanks to Quasiconvexity for sharing the good news on MilePoint!

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  1. I wish there is GS this year too. I had too many hopes for the next 100K US-DM 😀
    Last year I had too much fun. MP, you missed my cookies this year. Lol

  2. Great find! If I am booking a trip on USAIR for the whole family, will everyone get double miles if I register them for this promotion? Do I need to make separate bookings for each person in order to get for them to get the double miles?

  3. My wife and I got targeted for the 15,000 miles after $750 spend per month for 3 months, and it was good timing. It’s our version of the Grand Slam this year and works well as we try to reduce inquiries heading into a Bernanke/QE3-induced refinance rate watch. As soon as we get our 3% mortgage, though, it’s back to churning!

  4. @Ram, indeed!
    @Jamison, pretty excited about the new topic. It is one that my family has been engaged in much this year….fast tracks/challenges/short cuts to elite status with hotels and airlines for beginners. It fits very well into the beginner track and some time during that session was already slotted for that topic anyway.
    @Linda T, great question. I don’t see that specifically addressed in the terms. I could make a guess, but you may do best by Tweeting US Air for clarification on that for sure.
    @Dave Ramsey is Dangerous, that is a great promo! We did a similar one earlier this year. Enjoy!
    @Damon, that stinks!

  5. @Linda T – yeah I’m wondering that too. I have US Airways MasterCard and wondering if my wife can get double qualifying miles if I book the ticket using my credit card. The terms and conditions state “use a valid US Airways MasterCard to get double Preferred-qualifying miles”. Not sure if valid means any card, but maybe someone can confirm?

    • @Maury, I can say for sure that at this time last year there was a GS (and we had already known about it for a month) and this year there is nothing but crickets. I do plan to post on what to do with some of the points we all had in reserves soon.

    • The terms are really pretty unclear on partners. My initial reaction was no, but since they don’t specify other ways….. I just tweeted that and a few others questions to them via Twitter. We’ll see what they say as it seems there are some details that aren’t spelled out very clearly.

  6. Just called to see if this promo could be applied to my reservation I made a week ago, NO go per USAirways representative 🙁

  7. So here is the dilemma, what is actually better ? Booking with a US Airways Mastercard to get double eqm (when you know there is no way you are going to reach a higher status anyway so those are basically just double US Airways miles–unless I don’t understand eqm) or booking with Chase Sapphire Preferred so you would get the 1x miles (for flying) and the 2x points (plus yearly dividend) in UR for travel. If your flight is 2200 miles round trip and costs $250 (not good mileage run, but thinking likely travel plans), you would get 4400 eqm with US Airways Mastercard. Or, you would get 2200 miles and about 500 UR points (which transfer 1:1 to United if you care). In that case, it would likely make sense to book with the US Airways Mastercard or other Mastercard (unless you hate US Airways miles or value 500 UR miles more than 2200 US Airways miles–for that matter, you could just ignore the promotion and use your United Mileage plus number for your US Airways booking and get 2200 United Miles + 500 UR, but I digress).

    However, if you are lucky enough to have a Chase Sapphilre MASTERCARD (rather than Visa like I have) and are not concerned with eqm on US Airways, you could earn double US Airways AND 2x rewards on UR. In other words, 4400 normal US Airways miles and 500 UR miles rather than 4400 US Airways eqm. Am I missing something here? I am correct that some people have a Chase Sapphire Preferred Mastercard, right?

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