More Small Business Saturday Details – $25 Statement Credits!

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I posted about a week ago about the return of Small Business Saturday on 11/24 (the Saturday after Thanksgiving).  This is very exciting news since last year Amex cardholders were able to get a $25 statement credit for any purchase of $25 or more at a small businesses on that day.  This was true on cards issued by Amex, as well as Amex branded cards issued by other banks (like Citibank).  It was a limit of one $25 statement credit per account, but authorized users who have unique card numbers on Amex issued cards were also able to get the $25 credit.

That meant that those of us with many Amex cards (and/or many authorized users) were able to do very well with purchases on this day.  I purchased multiple $25 gift cards from a local restaurant that also is a part of the United MileagePlus Dining Rewards Network.  Not only did I get multiple free $25 gift cards to use throughout the year, but I also earned a nice chunk of United Miles through the dining program at the same time.

When I posted about the return of Small Business Saturday last week, I still had not been able to find any details confirming what the day would look like this year.  I had my fingers crossed that it would be similar to the last couple of years, and the $25 statement credits would again be available, but that information had not been confirmed.  That changed today when according to Dan’s Deals, Amex will again be issuing $25 statement credits on Small Business Saturday.  He has a screen shot (copied below) that informs small business owners that customers will again be getting the $25 statement credits.

I’ve got a nice stack of Amex cards at home that will be ready to rock and roll as soon as registration for Small Business Saturday opens.  I  recommend taking mental notes on where your Amex cards and authorized user cards are located so you can quickly get them all registered as soon as registration opens.  I wouldn’t open or keep any Amex cards open just for this promo, but if it won’t hurt you one way or the other to time some applications or closures around this promo, then I would encourage you to do that.  No sense in missing out on some free money by just a couple of days.  You can register your email address with to be kept in the loop on official Small Business Saturday updates from Amex.

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  1. One $25 credit per credit line or one per account? That is impressive if it’s one per credit line, I’ll definitely hit that up!

  2. do you know if Amex prepaid cards (that are able to reloaded, and have a zip code assigned, can have money withdrawn at an atm, etc) are eligible?

  3. @Nicole – unfortunately they haven’t been working for any of the other Amex promos, so my assumption is no. Although I’d love to be wrong!

  4. Last year that day we were in St.John, US Virgin Islands that day and went to a local restaurant for dinner. We split the bill between two different AMEX cards but never got a credit. It was quite an ordeal trying to claw it out of AMEX customer service. The main problem as I see it is that there is no way of knowing if a particular small business qualifies. The AMEX-sanctioned list of small businesses was extremely incomplete.

  5. @ford, it has historically been per credit line…plus each authorized user that has their own unique card number.
    @Nicole, like Deals says, the prepaids haven’t been working for promos, so my guess is no.
    @deals, wouldn’t that be cool if they worked?! 😉
    @Yana, it is absolutely a non-complete list. Where we shopped was not on the list. Sorry you all had an ordeal last year!

  6. Prior to small business saturday there was a page on facebook where you could submit a small business for approval. I went ahead and submitted my planned resturants and they were approved and added to the list prior to small business saturday and I got an email immediately when I made my purchases on my Amex issued cards.

  7. Citi did not honor the $25 credit – said that their bank does NOT participate and would not budge. Another one of my AmEx issuers said the same thing but gave me a credit to be nice (wish I could remember which one).

  8. Thanks MP
    Last year there was a page on Facebook where you could type in a zip code and it gave you a list of merchants. It wasn’t totally accurate but it sure helped. If you come across a link/page where we could search for AMEX small businesses, please let us know. Thanks again for all you do.

  9. MP, There should be plenty of time to add authorized users to maximize this benefit. Do you know if adding an authorized user will result in a credit pull?

    • @Paul, it won’t trigger a hard pull, but adding a bunch of AU can be a factor in financial reviews, so just don’t go crazy with it. 😉
      @Tracy, very smart!
      @Nancy, which Citi card? I know most people (myself included) had no problem with getting the credit from Citi Amex cards.
      @Chad, glad you are ready!

  10. I can’t wait! My fiancée owns a small business and told me about this promo last year, but I waited too long to register and there was no more availability. This year I am ready!

  11. If my husband and I both have an amex surpass card (seperate sign ups/accounts)….then can I add him as a authorized user on my account and he add me as a user on his?

  12. I have an Amex sky miles card and took advantage of this promo last year. My question is my wife is an authorized user on the same account. We will be able to get two credits or is it one per account?

    • @Matt, last year it worked where as long as the authorized user had their own unique account number on the card it worked. For cards where the AU has the same account number (like the Citi Amex), it didn’t work.

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