Barclays NFL Card: $400 Credit After Spending $1,000

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This card isn’t specifically travel related, but it is worthy of a mention since you could certainly use the credit toward travel.  It could also be a good addition for anyone planning a credit card churn!  The Barclays NFL Extra Points Credit Card is currently offering a sign-up bonus of 40,000 points after spending $1,000 on the card in the first 90 days.


You can use those points for things like NFL game tickets, press conference access, stadium tours, etc.  You can also use them at a value of 1 cent per point for statement credits on any purchase.  That means that 40,000 points will get you $400 free dollars toward whatever you wish.

Barclays is a TransUnion credit pull for many of us, so this could be an easy $400 to use however you wish.  There is no annual fee with this card.  It also offers 0% interest financing for NFL ticket purchases of $500 or more.  If my husband got his hands on the KC Chiefs version of this card I could see it hard to make him use any other card as he would love to flash his Chiefs pride with every purchase (he’s funny like that).

Thanks to Slybone on Flyertalk for sharing the news!

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  1. Be careful. Barclays has 2 versions of this card, as with all cards. Some people only get approved for the lower version, which does not yield those 40.000 points.

  2. I didn’t see anywhere in the terms & conditions that you wouldn’t get the 40,000 points if you are approved for the Platinum card instead of the Signature card. It says that the two cards have different benefits, which is true, but it doesn’t say that the points offer would be different.

  3. Somebody check me on this:

    “Cardmembers will receive a one time bonus award of forty thousand (40,000) points after at least $1000 in Net Purchases (that are not later returned or rescinded) and/or balance transfers has been charged to the new account in the first ninety (90) days after account opening.”

    So I think what this is telling me is that I can just do a $1000 balance transfer (a flip) and earn the 40,000 points?

  4. @Kim, I’m sure much of it is credit worthiness.
    @dhammer, churn time is always fun! Hope this helps. 😉
    @Arnold, yeah, I just see the benefit clause as well. I really haven’t heard near as many complaints about Barclays and sign-up bonuses in recent months so it is quite possible they have gotten better about that.
    @Chief, that’s what it says. 😉 Would pay the balance transfer fee, but sounds pretty straight forward!
    @Lenka, glad it helps!
    @Daninstl, you’re not kidding!
    @Dr. Bob, congrats!

  5. Great find! Thanks a bunch – I applied but did not get instant approval. Not sure if they have the same reconsideration process as Chase but will wait and see. Used the link you provided so hopefully I get approved and you get a referal bonus. Thanks again mommypoints!

  6. @PointsCashMiles, sounds like a good churn addition!
    @Vivek, you are most welcome!
    @gottoloveInk, first I love your screen name. Second, what a nice thought to use my link. This is actually not a referral link, just a great deal I wanted to share, but thanks for the thought. 😉 Good luck with getting approved!

  7. @how much: I think that’s a rude question. She already stated that it’s not an affiliate link. Even if it was, that’s none of your business IMHO!

  8. Thanks MP, just got my instant approval. I do have a question though…. The 40,000 points after $1,000 purchase, relates to the option of a $400. Statement Credit for point exchange ?

    • @Dan, congrats on the approval, but I’m afraid I don’t totally understand the question. You can just the 40,000 points for $400 worth of statement credits.

  9. MP, I just wanted to be clear that I will be able to xfer the 40,000 points (once I spend $1,000 and get the points) for a $400 statement credit.

    Thanks for the info !

  10. MP — thank you very much for posting this!
    I’m sorry some folks are bitter about referrals, but regardless this seems good for me! it might result in $400, or (at worst a TU pull which is worth nothing!)

    Thank you so much and please keep on keepin’ on!

  11. Barclays is a strange bank. Usually they dont let you keep more than one personal card. I dont know about personal and business though. Cutomer service varies from fair to poor but I have done ok on their Travelocity card. At least they have a few cards and bonuses worth getting other than the top few companies.

  12. “We recently got the US Airways cards from Barclays — does anyone know their unofficial policy on how many cards per how many days?” —I’d like to know this as well. Thanks!

  13. Mark the Shark-I 2nd that! @ how much-do u ask your employer this? Whenever u shop else where do u question the big dept stores or better yet: the credit card companies! Grow up!

    Mommy Points:I love how ur husband feels b/c I will be doing the same-Cowboy style(LOL). Let him know that Barclay’s is having many bonuses right now such as a 5X the pts w/ dining & dept stores. I linked my card w/ UA dining.

  14. MP,
    Looks like the $400 offer is now gone. Now it’s only $100. 🙁
    Fortunately for me, I applied last week as soon as I read your post on this card, and after several days in pending status I called the reconsideration line and they approved my card over the phone. I also sent a link to your blog to about 20 of my friends and coworkers and encouraged them all to apply for it too – I think it’s a terrific offer! I hope at least some of them jumped on it.

    I just checked the thread on FlyerTalk, and it doesn’t seem like anyone has figured out a workaround to get back to the $400 offer.

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