Hyatt Confirms They Have Best Elite Breakfast Benefit

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Today Hyatt confirmed for me that they indeed have the best top tier elite breakfast benefit out there.  One of the big reasons that I don’t want to lose my Hyatt Diamond status is the breakfast benefit that applies to both paid and award stays.  When traveling with my family, breakfast expenses can add up, so I love that I have no out of pocket expenses for breakfast when we travel to Hyatt Hotels.  I’ve always known that the breakfast benefit will apply to everyone registered in the room, but it is nice to see the policy spelled out in plain English.

The Hyatt rep on Flyertalk posted today the following clarification on the breakfast benefit:

We’ve heard rumblings that there’s some confusion about the breakfast benefit for Diamond members when Regency Club/Grand Club access is not available. To provide clarity, we’ve come up with a standard definition so Diamond members know exactly what to expect when staying with us.

When Regency Club/Grand Club access is unavailable or when a Hyatt does not have a Regency Club/Grand Club, members receive complimentary daily full breakfast inclusive of one entrée (or standard breakfast buffet), juice and coffee (tax, gratuity and service charges included) for each registered guest in the room, maximum four people.

This is much more generous that some other chain’s breakfast benefits for their top tier elite guests (ahem, Starwood).  Hyatt Diamond guests can order any entree they want, and aren’t limited to just two guests.  This is a very family friendly policy that really makes it easy for us to stay pretty loyal to Hyatt for many of our family vacations.  I also like that they clarified that the gratuity and service charges are included.  I have seen this handled different ways at different properties.  I will continue to add a tip to the bill, but it’s good to know that in theory that it will be covered.  Some properties allow the Diamond breakfast to be ordered via room service, and some say you need to eat in the restaurant.  This clarification does not seem to address that issue, so perhaps that is still up to each property.  Either way, this is a very valuable benefit to family travelers – especially when their travels take them to places around the world where food can be a bit pricey.  Thumbs up to Hyatt on this one.


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  1. Now if only they would allow this for their Platinum members too, then it would be TRULY one of the best. I think Hilton still has a one up on them since they give breakfast to their Gold members.

    • I agree that when talking about mid tier elite benefits Hilton is the most generous (especially since it is so easy to get Hilton Gold). 😉

  2. I def dont like how Starwood replaced their Concierge lounge with the crappy breakfast vs points..the breakfast has been terrible and would like to get the lounge access back… I guess time to make a switch.!

  3. Wish Hyatt had a mid-tier with that benefit… or up Platinum and add a lower tier.

    I’m always in the 10-15 stay range, but not enough Hyatt’s out there to usually get the full 25 stay/50nt req.

  4. I wonder now that Hilton made it so easy to get Gold, the Hhonor lounge breakfast place will be packed, and crowded? Basically they’ve diluted the Hilton Gold…

  5. All Holiday Inn Express properties offer a buffet breakfast than includes all that you mention. And the current 80,000 and 60,000 credit card offers give Platinum status for as long as you keep the card, which gets you the best available room at any Intercontinental Hotels property at the time you check in. Holiday Inns are found most everywhere in Europe and the U.S.

  6., PC Platinum doesn’t really get you anything other than bonus points at Intercontinental properties, which reserve elite benefits for Ambassador and Royal Ambassador members.

  7. Hilton requires 16 stays to get gold (though I confess they are liberally giving it away). Hyatt only requires 5 stays to get platinums. It’s not reasonable to think that a 5 stay level would offer comparable value to that of 16 stays.

    Where I think Hyatt is lagging is not giving credit toward status for award stays. Hilton has done that for many years. Starwood begin doing it last year. It was of significant value in me requalifying for plat this year. Hyatt has a smaller footprint than either Hilton or Starwood, yet continues to require 25 paid stays to requalify for top tier. I’d love them to adopt the Hilton and Starwood benefit.

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