Win a Seat With Randy Peterson on the Star MegaDo 4!!

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I am a huge MegaDo junkie.  Seriously.  I tried it once, and thought that would be my only taste of a MegaDo ever.  You know, a once in a lifetime experimental type of thing.  And I really liked it.  So, I went again a few months later and I really, really liked it.  Now I need more, so I am going on not only the domestic, but the international portion of Star MegaDo 4.  That means flying from Houston, to LA, to Zurich, to San Francisco, to Houston, to Chicago, and back to Houston (all in coach) in less than a week.  You can say I am a MegaDo addict.  MegaDo is just a strange word for big organized trip for frequent flyer junkies. 

Now I get the awesome opportunity to peddle this addiction on to the next lucky person.  While the Star MegaDo is sold out (other than some possible last minute cancellations), you can win a seat next to the great Randy Peterson on the Star MegaDo for free.  Not only is your seat on the domestic portion of the MegaDo provided free of charge, but you will also be provided with hotel accommodations in the domestic MegaDo cities, and $250 spending cash to use as you please.  BoardingArea bloggers are not eligible to win, but you can bet I would be entering if we could as that is a great prize!  😉

To make this even more fun, you can enter once on each participating BoardingArea blog.  That gives you a total of 30 possible entries!  It also gives you a great excuse to try out some of the different blogs on BoardingArea.  One winner will be selected from each of the 30 blogs, and then of those 30, two grand prize winners will be randomly selected to go on the MegaDo with Randy Peterson!  I don’t want the randomly selected winner from this site to go away empty handed in the event they aren’t selected as the grand prize winner, so I’ll happily provide that person with a $25 Starbucks e-gift card whether you win the grand prize or not.  If a winner from this site does happen to win the grand prize seat, then I also get an iPad.  Well, actually my daughter gets better iPad entertainment on future flights – I’ll probably just get to share.  All future fellow passengers thank you.  😉

I love MegaDos not only because you get to do really exciting, behind-the-scenes things you wouldn’t normally get to do, but the people that you meet are also pretty awesome!  Plus, when else can you be on a chartered wide-body aircraft with an open bar?

The Star MegaDo 4 schedule (subject to change) is:

Tuesday November 13th

6:30 PM Welcome reception at a Hyatt Regency SFO sponsored and hosted by Hyatt

Program by Star Alliance partners after reception

Wednesday November 14th

7AM-8AM Breakfast is served

Morning program at SFO

1PM The FIRST Mega DO flight ever on a widebody goes SFO-IAH. The plane will be a 767-400 in the new config
Layout and facts here:

6PM Arrival in Houston. Barbecue party upon arrival Sponsored by United and Milepoint

Thursday November 15th

530AM-615AM Breakfast at the Hyatt in Houston
730AM Departure from Houston to Chicago
10AM Arriving in Chicago

United hosts us in Chicago.  Think the previous Continental DO’s in Houston on steroids.

7PM United hosts reception at a Hyatt Schaumburg in Chicago

Friday November 16th

7AM Breakfast at a Hyatt Schaumburg in Chicago

United Program continues and MegaDo officially ends that afternoon

Optional “Giddy Up” party Friday night for $99 (proceeds go to charity)

I really hope that you take the time to enter here and on the other sites.  Just leave a comment on this post by Friday October 7th at 11:59:59 pm MT stating why you should be the recipient of the “Win a Seat With Randy Peterson” contest.  You can check out the official contest rules here.  A winner will be randomly selected.

It should be an amazing trip, and I would love for a Mommy Points’ reader to be a part of it!  To get a better idea of why you should go on a MegaDo, read my post written just after my first MegaDo experience entitled, “Ten Reasons Why You Should Go on a MegaDo”.  After you enter here, head to the blogs listed below and get your entries in their contest posts once they are available.  Good luck!



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  1. Because I am not particularly familiar with a lot of the aspects of the frequent flyer community, and it would be a good chance to get caught up.

  2. I love to travel and I love this particular kind of “schwag”.
    I am just starting to get hooked on the whole points/miles/rewards concept, so far it’s a lot of fun.

  3. 1. My daughter lives in San Francisco so n opportunity to see her.
    2. Read about Megados and always wanted to participate.
    3. Chance to meet United executives
    4. Opportunity to meet many of the bloggers whose blogs I read.
    5. The United miles on this trip will get me to the next status level.
    6. Hyatt status for a few mo ths provide incentive to take some fun trips in the next few months”
    7. Certain there will lots of interesting new people to meet.
    8. Opportunity to purchase a new piece of luggage from my favorite luggage company.
    9. Opportunity to participate in different raffles, etc.
    10. It ends in Chicago my hometown


  5. I should win the seat because I’ve never been on a Mega DO and this would be an amazing way to meet like-minded travelers and learn a lot about Star Alliance to which I’m starting to shift a lot of my travel.

  6. I’d be really curious to hear his thoughts on how the mileage earning/burning game has changed over the years and what’s to come; Delta and the new United have both shown some desire to change the way their loyalty program works, even to the point of moving to a revenue based model and I wonder if that will actually work.

  7. I should be a recipient because I am addicted to and all of its fine blogs, especially mommypoints!

  8. I would be honored to go to have the opportunity to soak up the knowledge and wisdom of all of the attendees! Not to mention the actual speakers!

  9. I would love to win for the following reasons:
    1. The trip is over my 34th Birthday!!!!
    2. I just started dipping my toes into this brilliant world of points and miles and did I mention I would get to travel on my 34th birthday!!!! 😉

  10. i’ve been jealous since the megados have started–i haven’t been able to enter the contests for the other ones b/c i’ve always been out of the country, but this is my chance!

  11. Have been focused on better maximizing points and miles this year–would be great to get to Hyatt Diamond as well.

  12. You need to be a bit clearer about what to do to enter on your site, I am hoping just a post will get me in the running

    • @Pointasaurus, it says in bold ” Just leave a comment on this post by Friday October 7th at 11:59:59 pm MT stating why you should be the recipient of the “Win a Seat With Randy Peterson” contest.” I’m sorry if that wasn’t clear – but just leave a comment on this post stating why you should be the recipient of the “Win a Seat With Randy Peterson” contest and you are entered. A winner is selected at random….it says that a little earlier in the post, but I will add it again at the end. Sorry if there was some confusion. Good luck to everyone!

  13. I would like to be able to learn from a master. I also would like to hear the real story behind some of the legendary stories.

  14. I should win because I’m a relentless networker and I would be a great person to learn things and then share to add more people to the points and miles community!

  15. I would LOVE to participate in a MegaDo – I missed the launch party because of work commitment. It is a wonderful group of people to fly with and learn a LOT about collecting miles and points.

    PS – you know you spelled Randy’s name wrong!

  16. I have a visit to my daughter in San Francisco booked, coming home on Nov. 13th so I could loose the Delta flight and come home (well Chicago is close enough to Wisconsin) via the MegaDo. It was meant to be!

  17. I should win the free seat because I was in a meeting when registration opened and so quickly closed that all spaces were sold out by the time I tried. 🙁

  18. I would like to meet other Freq Fliers, but mostly I want to win just for the awesome experience of going to MegaDo once in my life!

  19. because my chances of winning are just as good as anybody elses 🙂

    seriously .. for an amazing time and because mega do’s are fairly expensive.


  20. Because the Star MegaDO is the original, and now the most sought after event in the multi-timezone frequent flying calendar; because I’ve never yet managed to go to one; because Randy is an inspiring philanthropist as much as he is as symbol of our passion for points and miles and all the ways they shape our extraordinary lives.

  21. Wow, I’d love to go because it sounds like a blast and would allow me to rub elbows with the Uliminati of FF fanatics, and who wouldn’t love that?!?

  22. Cause he seems mega smart and mega nice! And its a great opportunity all around. Plus I’m pretty funny so he would not be bored!

  23. If I won I would actually gift the seat to my husband. He recently celebrated his 50th and he is a total aviation nutter so it would mean a lot to him.

  24. Because I really really want to hob nob with airline executives and hyatt management! It’d be great to chat with the people running these companies that we obsess over.

  25. I feel I should be the winner of a seat, as I would be the MegaDo traveller with the highest Star Alliance Status of anyone departing from Doha for the trip. 🙂

  26. I would love to go since I’m in love with MegaDOs as much as you are, and it would be really nice to see everyone again!

  27. I have very limited international travel experience and would love to get more, but as a graduate student my resources are pretty limited. (My first and only international trip was this summer – I used AS miles to fly in J on an AF A380, which I thought was a good way to get started!)

  28. Five years is a long time. But, pessimisim aside, we are all going to keep finding ways to travel the world through incredible deals. Especially by communicating great finds instantly throughout our unique, if diverse and sometimes fragmented, community. Its always going to be too hard for the average traveller to follow this fastinating pursuit.

  29. I’d love to win this contest to I can crush on Randy for a few hours, then have some time on the ground with the superstars, and because my luck never wins me anything.

  30. Well, since this is a Random drawing, I should be selected because my comment number came up in the Random number generator! And, of course, because I’d be so super appreciative and would thoroughly enjoy racking up miles this way!

  31. I don’t particularly deserve to win any more than the next person. I would just be happy with the opportunity to meet other travel hobbyists. 🙂

  32. Someone has to sit there, so why not me? Besides, I have a few tricks up my sleeve; Randy may even learn something from me.

  33. Because I want to personally ask Randy to give me the secret to his hair and I’m sure the whole process would take several hours…

  34. I’m very inquisitive fellow (IT tech) and I’d love to soak up everything Randy and the MegaDO have to offer.

    As a bonus, my friend that got me into mileage hacking would be jealous as @#$%!

  35. Well, I am absolutely addicted to the miles and points thing at this point and I would love to go on a trip like this. I know that there are so many people trying for this– but here goes! I’ll give it a shot. A girl can dream…..

  36. I have been following Randy for decades, going back to his paid newsletter. He was my original inspiration for maximizing travel benefits.

  37. I should win because I was the once-in-a-lifetime seatmate of Randy on the OWMD charter in January. I’m going for twice-in-a-lifetime! Thanks for the contest, S.

  38. I love to travel, and the chance to learn even more from Randy and all the other participants would be invaluable!

  39. Because, while I am at 3.9+ million actual united flight miles, which gives me alot of experience(s) to ahare,I feel that I could learn alot from The “GURU”.

  40. I shared tips on spending miles with a stranger last flight last week. We have become friends and found out that we have something in common in term of research/work!

  41. I would love to see MommyPoint in person and listen to her, and maybe get her autograph. Would also love to chat with Loyalty traveler about Monterey golf courses.

  42. 3 Reasons: Close to SFO, interesting to meet more FTers, and can book a O/W award back to SFO on multiple airlines… and of course, open bar (ok, 4 reasons)

  43. I would be honored to “Win a Seat With Randy Peterson”, because it would be a fantastic opportunity to share travel stories and get some insight into the point/miles hobby that is beginning to be a staple in my travel world.

  44. I would love to sit next to Randy because I’m fascinated by people who figure out a way to live life exactly on their own terms and who are able through entrepreneurial spirit to turn their avocation into a business or career (I’m looking at you, too, Mommy Points). I’d like a chance to learn from him.

  45. Because I could never afford this on my own but it sounds amazing and awesome and like a ton of fun! Also, it’s been months since I’ve been on a plane and I’m kind of going crazy. 🙂

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