15,000 Alaska Airlines Miles With Switch to T-Mobile

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Many wireless phone carriers offer bonus miles for those who sign-up for new service under a contract.  However, rarely are those miles more than a couple thousand.  In this case Alaska Airlines is offering 15,000 Alaska Airlines miles for signing up under a new two-year contact.  Here are the details for this promotion:

  • Available only to customers activating a new account
  • Two-year contract on a qualifying plan required
  • One offer per T-Mobile account
  • Must have an active Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan membership number
  • Account must be in good standing with T-Mobile for at least two months of service

Alaska Airlines is pretty neat since they partner with airlines from more than one alliance, so you have many choices when it comes time to redeem.  You can up your Alaska Airlines balance further by getting the Bank of America Alaska Airlines card. (not an affiliate link)

I don’t know much about T-Mobile since I am an AT&T girl, but if you were planning on switching to them anyway, it absolutely makes sense to register to get 15,000 miles in the process.  The offer is valid through March 31, 2013.

Thanks to asdf1223 on Flyertalk for sharing this info!

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  1. My Verizon 2 year contract expires in November 2012. I most likely will switch to the $59 plan for 2 years. 15k is very generous. Last time I switch, I only received 5k air miles.

  2. My company switched our contract from AT&T to T-Mobile. There is a reason they are #4 and have generous offers – because their coverage sucks so you will have a hard time using your plan. If you enjoy dropped calls and frequent EDGE data connections, then by all means go for the 15K miles. If you actually want to use your phone, use another carrier. I can sit my phone on the table and watch the signal strength oscillate from full bars to nothing all day long (and it happens with 3 different GSM phones I have so it is not the device…it’s the network).

  3. I’m a travel/points junkie but could never switch from AT&T or any other carrier to T-Mobile just for the miles. You would have to seriously hate your current provider to take them up on this ‘deal’. I had T-Mobile once and canceled in my first 10 days.. there are better ways of earning miles.

    • Oh for sure – I wouldn’t switch for miles either, but if you were planning it anyway then makes sense to scoop up the miles in the process.

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