Hyatt Imagine the Possibilities Contest: Win 65,000 Hyatt Points!

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A little while back I was contacted by Hyatt and asked if I would be a judge for their “Imagine the Possibilities” Facebook contest that launched today.  I would be agreeing to help select three winners who would each receive 65,000 Hyatt Gold Passport points.  Having the opportunity to help put Hyatt points in travelers’ pockets was something I could never turn down, so I happily agreed to help. Now that the contest has officially launched, I want to encourage everyone to take the time to enter.  I usually host contests that are won by luck (a.k.a., a random number generator), but I really like the idea that the winner will be selected on merit, originality, etc. instead of a random number.  Here are the relevant details for this contest:

  • Open to Hyatt Facebook fans in the US.
  • Build a dream three-day vacation between now and 11/16.  Include where you would go, who you would bring with you, what you would do on your trip, what makes the trip special, and how you would use your Hyatt Gold Passport points to make the trip a reality.
  • You can then share your entry with your Facebook friends and encourage them to vote for your submission.  I know it is a little “spammy” to try and get your friends to vote for you, but it is for 65,000 Hyatt Gold Passport points!  They’ll get over it.  😉
  • The ten entries with the most votes are then sent to the judges, Jeff Zidell (VP Hyatt Gold Passport Loyalty Program), Daraius from Million Mile Secrets, and myself.
  • Three winners will then be selected to each receive 65,000 Hyatt Gold Passport points each!

I use Hyatt points all the time to make dream trips a reality for my family, so I think this contest is perfect.  I have reservations over the next year at Hyatt hotels like the Park Hyatt Chicago, Andaz 5th Avenue in New York, Park Hyatt Zurich, Andaz Liverpool in London, Park Hyatt Tokyo, Grand Hyatt Kauai, and Hyatt Regency Maui.  Most of those trips could not have happened without points, as the daily rates were outside what we could afford to pay out of pocket.  I am excited about every one of those trips in a different way, but perhaps the one that is currently most exciting for me is the trip coming up in a couple months when we take our daughter to New York City to meet the real Santa at Macy’s on 34th Street.  We will also be ice skating in front of the Rockefeller Tree, riding a carriage in Central Park, doing some Christmas shopping, etc.  Basically it is our dream family vacation.  We will be staying at the Andaz 5th Avenue on Hyatt points during a weekend in the holiday season in New York.  It’s a dream for us that was made possible by Hyatt points.  If I could enter, that would be my entry.
Of course I can’t enter, but you can and should!  Head to Hyatt’s Facebook page to enter.  As an added bonus they are providing me 22,000 Hyatt points to either keep or giveaway to a Mommy Points reader…I’m sure you can guess which option I chose.  😉  So, expect a 22,000 Hyatt point giveaway to come very soon.
For now make sure to enter their Facebook contest and while you are at it, enter on this site to win a $100 Best Western Travel Card and a free trip on the upcoming Star MegaDo 4!

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    • Yeah, that isn’t my favorite part of FB contests either, but I’ve certainly voted for friends before to help them win things. You can always skip that part and hope to get enough votes from folks who don’t know you, but sure would help to have some friend support.

  1. Yeah, I know I can get some friendly support. But if I had enough willing friends I could get into the top 10 with a crappy entry.

  2. Oooh, a voting contest. As much as I would love those points, I will pass. It only opens up the contest to people who will use “voting groups” which will be frustrating and annoying to everyone.

    • There are voting groups! Wow, learn something every day. Well if a voting thing isn’t for you then you can still win 22K points here on this site with no votes required. Will get those details up in a week or so!

  3. Wow, never would have guessed a giveaway of 3 sets of 65K points would be received so poorly…learn two things every day. 😉 Still hope some readers decide to enter the official Hyatt FB contest, and hope all of you enter the 22K giveaway on this site!

  4. I love me a good contest. But I don’t like the voting aspect – there’s WAY too many ways that it can be gamed. Aside from that: I know that everytime I see a Facebook friend pandering for votes, I ignore it. I’m pretty sure that my friends are going to do the same for me. Perhaps next time, they might consider jurying down to the top 10 entries, giving them all a little prize for being one of the best, and then award the grand prize out of a random draw of the top ten?

  5. Unfortunately, I have to agree with everyone else. I just had the majority of my entry filled out and then read that part of the contest. I closed the page without submitting it.

  6. @mommypoints

    Unsolicited advice on your nyc trip from a proud new yorker. I have learned so much from you already, that I feel obligated to give you what little travel advice I know!

    I know that most of the things you listed are iconic, but I have a few recommendations.

    Ice skating at bryant park is cheaper, nicer, less crowded and prettier that at the rock. It also has a beautiful outdoor market filled with lots of heated boutique type stores, so you can skate AND shop. Its also very conveniently located at 42nd and 6th ave.

    I completely understand wanting to see Santa during business hours, but the best (least crowded time) to see the store windows is late after dark. You’ll get a much, much better view and be free of a lot of tourists. And NYC really is completely safe at all hours of night, so long as you don’t like lurk under a bridge!

    Central park carriage ride is one of those things that sounds better in practice than it actually is. Setting aside the fact that the horses are consistently abused, they are smelly, and that you can have sketchy drivers. You would be much better off just walking around yourself or renting bicycles. Or, taking the subway to the brooklyn botanical gardens or bronx botanical gardens, both of which are imo more intereting. Also, if you must do central park, go here: One of my favorite parts of the park!

    • @Ryne, thanks for sharing! I lived in NYC a few years, and I agree that most areas seem pretty safe at most hours of the day/night. I’ve had the fortune of being able to do many of the things you describe, and all are great suggestions! I’m pretty sure we are going to need to do some of the very “iconic” things even if they have their drawbacks, but I’ll def keep Bryant Park in mind! Thanks. 😉

      Glad to hear some of you are entering!

  7. 22,000 Hyatt Points would be an amazing way to celebrate my 20th wedding anniversary next April :)…. Yes, 20 years! Obama and Michelle have nothing on us! =^..^=

  8. Looking forward to your giveaway. While I agree that the “voting” feature of the contest isn’t my favorite, the reality is that the time required to do the research to enter the contest will probably be my downfall. Busy mom of an even busier toddler! 😉 But I’m going to do my best to enter when I find a moment.

  9. I agree with most of the above, spamming your friends for votes sucks, it’s a quick way earn a “Hide All Posts”. That’s how some people will “get over it”.

    • @Tim, ha ha. Well, I’ve never blocked an actual friend for wanting help winning something. If they did it constantly maybe, but even then probably not if it was a real friend. That’s just me though!
      Everyone feel free to post your entries here!
      Also this is not the post to win 22,000 points….that will come later. 😉

  10. Not another contest to see who can get the most friends to vote for them! This is just a commercial tactic for driving traffic to a facebook account and/or website, and has nothing to do with actual “merit.” I ignore these with a passion. You have wonderful blog content, usually. This one, not so much. If it were a real contest judged by qualified judges, that would be different.

  11. Maybe I could go along with it if it were a deserving kid trying for a scholarship or a valuable charity winning something really important for a good cause, but impose on my friends with “Vote for me so I can have some nights in a nice Hyatt”? Not a chance.

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