Change of Terms in the United Spend $1K Get 5K Miles Offer

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Thanks to reader Josinel for pointing out that the terms on the (seemingly) awesome offer for the United MileagePlus card that was discovered last week have changed…and they haven’t changed for the better for most of us.  The offer was for 5,000 bonus miles after spending $1,000 on your United credit card.

Here is a screen shot I took on Friday of last week of the offer.

Here is a screen shot from a few minutes ago.

Notice that the following language has been added “Eligible credit cards for this promotion are only BAM – Guatemala, Bancolombia – Colombia, Banco General- Panama, Banco Popular – Dominican Republic, HSBC – Panama, HSBC – Costa Rica, ITAU – Uruguay, PacifiCard – Ecuador, Santander- Puerto Rico, Standard Bank – Argentina. Other credit cards are not eligible for this offer.”

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I would not go out of my way to put any additional spending on a United card in order to get the bonus points unless you were actually targeted for this and/or you received an email confirmation after registering for the offer.  I never got an email confirming my registration even though it let me register.  Additionally, when I try to register now instead of saying “you are already registered”, it says “This offer cannot be registered as it is not valid offer for selected country”.

I pointed out in the initial post that there was some risk with this as I have registered for United promos before that I wasn’t actually targeted for, and while it let me register, it never paid out the bonus.

Interestingly enough, a similar offer for 5,000 United miles after spending $3,000 on the card during the same time frame is not currently displaying the same new terms about cards issued in certain countries.  It let me register for that promotion just now without an issue.  However, I don’t have a ton of confidence that one will work in the end either unless you were actually targeted…but you never know.

I’d love to hear what others’ experiences have been with this promo – especially if it gave you a confirmation email after registering.

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  1. That is completely nauseating. I applied before the terms changed and it took my registration, so I will attempt to get the miles and tell UAL that I will file a complaint with the FTC. They need to get better at figuring out just who they want to apply before publishing these things.

  2. The 5,000 United miles after spending $3,000 on the card, gave me a confirmation email. The $1k for 5,000 United miles did not.

    • G, if you got email confirmation you have some ground to stand on. May come down to whether you want a potential fight or not.

  3. I registered and received a confirmation. Further it noted my enroll date as 7-1-2012
    Is this something they’ll try and claw back like last “world” promo?!?

  4. People are so entitled. If you weren’t invited, and received no confirmation email, what are you complaining about? If you did get a confirmation, that is a different story.

  5. seriously?! I literally just spent $1000 on my united mileage plus card today (read this afterwards), and $1000 ion my dad’s unite mileage plus card…

    I didn’t get any confirmation but I did take a screen shot and print out the “you are enrolled on Oct XX” though. Wont they honor that?

  6. @dhammer53, at least it was only $200! I hear ya though.
    @theSHARK, in your case you might as well fight for it and see what happens. They might honor it…they might now. Worth a shot though!

  7. @MP, I signed up for the promo from your link a few days ago, and saved the page as a pdf print out (aka print screen) and have met the $1000 requirement. How would you go about getting the 5000 united miles? Secure message chase?

  8. If it was targeted and you registered using a code that wasn’t for you, I think you’re out of luck without an email confirmation. I got the Jan. 1, 0001, date for my registration too, so I decided to forget about it. It never made any sense to me that United would abruptly and without fanfare offer 5x on all spend that adds up to $1,000 on any existing card around the world. Who makes offers like that? It will be interesting to see what happens.

  9. Just paid off my insurance with a United Card so I didn’t go out of my way to meet required spending. Still, I should have kept the registration confirmation page. Lesson learned, again. Always save the registration confirmation page!

  10. Applied for the 5k offer.
    Got Registration Date: Sun., Oct. 7, 2012.
    And took screenshot.

    Now I’m worried. Use the Explorer card or not. Damn. :/

  11. I emailed United to comfirm my promo and replied back saying YES.. But after reading all this I am on the fence

    Email Exe

    Hello Mr. xxxxx,
    We’re always glad to hear from Premier Silver members like you. Thanks for writing.
    We are confirming you are registered for the promotion TB4M52.
    Thanks for your loyalty.
    Tammy DeVries

    My Email to Them


    I would like to know if you can confirm my enrollment for promotion id “TB4M52”.

    Upon registration I got “Already Registered

    Your MileagePlus account JSAxxxx is already registered for this offer (TB4M52).

    Registration Date: Mon., Jan. 1, 0001”
    But as you can see, the date is off ??

    Thank you

    “Earn up to 5,000 bonus award miles when you register and spend at least $1,000 USD or equivalent in local currency on your MileagePlus® Credit Card between August 1 and October 31, 2012.”

  12. Am in a similar position as Jay, Shark, Grant. I applied last week, got an acceptance on the web page (but no email confirmation), and took a screenshot of the acceptance. In my view, I have a contract — the disclaimer about “terms can be changed without notice” is not legally binding.
    I haven’t yet spent all the $1000. Here’s my question: if I call and complain now, will that be noted and later held against me? I’m thinking instead of spending the $1K, and then campaigning for the 5K miles. After all, I have not been notified by Chase or United that they altered the deal.

  13. I registered this offer before the terms have been changed. Although I didn’t save the screenshot when I successfully registered, I received an email after registration from

    You are now registered for the following offer:
    Earn 5,000 bonus award miles when you use your MileagePlus Credit Card

    Promotion Code: TB4M52
    MileagePlus Number: ABC12345
    Registration Date:Sun., Jul. 1, 2012
    Additional Offer Information:

    I am worried whether I should try it or not since my card is just the united visa@@

    • Personally if I received a confirmation email, I would likely do the spending and then fight to get UA to honor it. There is still risk involved, but that is what I would probably do.

  14. Good thing I didn’t do any spending with that card.

    Here’s what the promotion says now : Eligible card for this promotion is only Standard Bank- Argentina.


  15. @robert
    So everything is binding, except for the part you don’t like?
    And for future reference, if you can’t navigate to a deal from the News & Offers page, it is safe to assume you weren’t targeted for it.

  16. Registered for the $1k spend, saved the confirmation webpage, spent $1k. I called today because I have a large purchase coming up. The first United CSR said I was registered and would get the points, but she could not send an e-mail confirmation. She connected me to Chase to confirm, Chase CSR knows nothing about the promotion. Connected back to United and was told flat out that both of these offers, TB4M46 and TB4M52, are for Latin America card holders only and that I would not get any bonus. I asked for an e-mail that United would not pay the bonus, and the CSR said she would send it. Of course, no e-mail. United seems to believe in promising more than it ever plans to deliver! Way to build loyalty.

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