Credit Card Updates: 50K Southwest Cards Return and Last Chance for Hyatt Card Without $1K Spending Requirement

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Southwest Credit Cards Bonus Increases + Companion Pass Info:

Offer expired. Please check here for current offer.

One of the topics I will be covering this weekend at the Chicago Seminars is how to easily get the Southwest Companion Pass so that a companion can fly for free with you on Southwest flights for almost two years (if timed correctly).  A way to get you most of the way there is to apply for the Southwest Personal and Business Chase cards when the sign-up bonuses are at 50,000 points.  Luckily, those large sign-up bonuses just returned…albeit with a higher spending requirement than before.

As Million Mile Secrets points out, you can now apply to receive 50,000 bonus sign-up points on the Southwest Rewards Plus Personal and Rewards Plus Business cards.  There is a $2,000 spending requirement on each card, and the $69 annual fee is not waived.  That means that you will end up with 104,000 of the 110,000 required points for the Companion Pass once you complete the spending requirements.  Credit card sign-up bonuses have counted toward the Companion Pass historically, however it is always possible that will change at any time, so there is a bit of risk with this.  However, the worst case scenario is you end up with $1,700+ of free travel on Southwest.  To get the remaining 6,000 points you can spend an additional $6,000 on the Southwest cards, make purchases via the Rapid Rewards shopping portal, fly Southwest flights, or simply transfer 13,000 Chase Ultimate Reward points to Hyatt.  Then transfer 12,500 Hyatt points to Southwest.  This will convert to 6,000 Southwest points.  You can’t go straight from UR to Southwest as the points won’t count toward the Companion Pass.

If you sign up for the credit cards now, you have three months to complete the required spending.  If you time that to finish at the very beginning of 2013, then as soon as you obtain the additional 6,000 points to get to 110,000, you will have a companion pass for the rest of 2013 and all of 2014.  That means that whenever you fly on a Southwest flight, your designated companion can do the same for free.  This is true even when you are flying on points, and that’s a good thing since you will have about $1726 worth of “Wanna Get Away” fares from the two sign-up bonuses and meeting the spending requirement.  Be aware that the points earned for the Companion Pass reset on January 1st each year, so don’t accidentally have the points post in 2012 if your intent is to earn the pass in 2013.

Last Chance for Hyatt Card Without $1,000 Minimum Spending Requirement:

It is clear that the minimum spending requirements for the Chase rewards cards are on the increase.  We have seen many of them go from awarding the bonus upon first purchase, to requiring $1,000 in spending, to some (such as the Southwest cards) requiring $2,000 in spending.  Chase Sapphire Preferred Card requires $3,000 in spending to get the bonus, so it is not unreasonable to think that others will inch toward that threshold.  So far this has mainly been a one-way street, where the spending requirements are only increasing and not really decreasing.  As of tomorrow, the Hyatt Card will join the rank of cards that have gone from awarding the points on first purchase, to requiring $1,000 in spending to get the bonus.  The offer on Chase’s website already reflects that change, but you can still get the offer without $1,000 spending requirement by using my affiliate link.

Update: $1,000 in spending is now required to get the two free nights bonus.

Application Link: Hyatt Credit Card

My link will reportedly be deactivated by 10AM Eastern on Tuesday morning, so act quickly if you want in on this offer.  If the $1,000 spending requirement doesn’t matter to you, then try making a booking on to see if you are offered a $100 statement credit for getting approved for the credit card.  The offer does say that “This bonus offer is valid only for first -time Hyatt Credit Card applicants booking a reservation on and will appear on your credit card statement within 2 weeks after your first purchase. The statement credit is not a discount off of your room rate.”  I don’t know if you actually have to book a stay to apply (I doubt you do), but just be aware of the terms and conditions.  This is an increase over the previous $75 statement credit that was available via

A $1,000 spending requirement is still quite fair in my opinion, but getting two free nights at any Hyatt by simply purchasing a soft drink with your new card is even better for some.  😉  You can read more about this offer here.


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  1. So, just to make sure I understand correctly, I get both SW cards today, then spend $2,000 in each now in 2012, which will get me 104,000 in 2012. Say I save the remaining 6,000 points to spend and post on 2013. How do the original 104,000 points still count for 2013 if you say they reset each year? A bit confused by this process. Would like to extend to 2014.

  2. HAVE to point it out, but there’s a flaw in your “companion pass for both ’13 and ’14” theory there.

    You’ll have earned 104k points in 2012 and 6k points in 2013. That means YOU WILL NOT GET COMPANION PASS STATUS. You need to earn 110k points in ONE CALENDAR YEAR to qualify. Just want to point that out before someone tries to do what you wrote about and ends up getting zilch as a result.

  3. Michael…the way to have it extend through 2014 is to hope that Chase has 50k offers going for both personal and biz cards in Jan of 2013 like they did in Jan of 2012. THEN you can apply for both. If you’re fine only having companion pass status for 13 or so months, jump on it now as there *is* a risk that there might not be a 50k offer in the future or that the bonus points will count for companion pass status.

  4. Gabriel,
    That makes a lot more sense. Mommy, can you confirm the original post was incorrect, or did we miss something?

  5. Actually, having the offer in DEC 2012 would work as well as the 50k bonus points will not post until your closing date on your credit cards. So apply in DEC, have a JAN closing date and thus all the bonus points are contained in the 2013 calendar year accrual period.

  6. Andy…I see what you’re getting at now. It’s weird to think that it’s OCT already…thus 90 days from today would indeed be 2013 (GASP!).

    So, in actuality, a $2k spend requirement might actually HELP those who want a companion pass for 2 years!

  7. Yes Gabriel, but let’s say I apply now and get my first $2,000 in spending in let’s say, November 12th. Does that mean that the first 50k points post sometime in December and then they’re not good for 2013 purposes anymore come January 1st, or it’s an all or nothing thing?

  8. I’m interested in hearing how the spending ought to work out too.. I had the same concerns about the spend in 2012 not counting towards 2013-14 passes.

    Also, is this a churnable card? I had it last year and just recently cancelled it (last month). Is it possible to get the sign-up bonus again if I re-apply for it? I haven’t churned any Chase cards in awhile.

  9. Michael–

    You have to get ALL the points in one calendar year, so DO NOT get the card now unless you’re
    1. thinking that the CP will go away in 2013
    2. Can meet the entire spend by mid December or so.

    Remember, it is not when you make the purchases, but rather when your statement closes.

    So if you get the 50 +50k by late November and statement closes Dec 2, then get the other 6k on Dec 15, but your statement closes Jan 2, you will NOT get the CP.

    It’s a bad idea going for the CP now since the time frame to apply and get the cards and have statements close is too tight. Wait till January 1 if you feel comfortable that SWA will keep things as they’ve been for the past 10 years.

  10. It sounds like there is some confusion….you need to earn 110,000 points all in one calendar year. So, if you get the card in the near future, but don’t pass the $2,000 spending requirement until say January 1 then you won’t get the 50,000 point sign-up bonus until 2013. You will then have to earn the additional points to get to 110,000 in 2013. Anything you earn in 2012 won’t count toward the 2013 110,000 point threshold and vice versa. We are less than 90 days until 2013, so you should be able to apply now and as long as you don’t meet the spending requirements until 2013 it will count toward next year. If you are worried about statement dates, you can have Chase adjust those as needed. I agree the timing is a bit risky for 2012 unless you move and spend very quickly, but it seems like a solid strategy to start working for 2013. Hope that helps!

  11. Yes this helps. Thank you everyone. So here’s the strategy. I get both business and personal cards let’s say today, so I have until January 8th to get $2,000 in on each. So I go and get $1,900 into each this year, and come January 1st, I spend another $100 in each before January 8th. That will get the 50k points posted in 2013, then I can go spend another $6,000 anytime after January, get the remaining points, and all will post in 2013, and get a companion pass.
    Did I get this right?
    Any idea how long this offer will be open for? The longer I wait, the more days I have in 2013 as a cushion.

    • @Michael, who knows how long it will last, but it should be around at least a few weeks. Should being the key word. It isn’t one of my offers, so I have no inside info. I would put as much of the spending as you can on a statement that will close in 2013 so that you have fewer points to earn toward the CP in 2013. However, your strategy is correct in theory.

  12. Michael,

    Yes, your analysis is correct…sort of. Let’s say you spend $1,900 between now and Nov 31. You will probably have 1.9k miles post in the 2012 calendar year that WON’T count for ’13-’14 Companion Pass status. That’s 1.9k more points that you’ll have to earn in 2013. I, personally, would hold off 7-14 days to apply (these deals seem to be around at least 2 weeks, of course chase could theoretically pull this offer tomorrow). That way you get your cushion on the min spend. The ultimate “trick” would be to spend ALL 2k for each card in the billing cycle that ENDS in Jan 2013. If you can time that just right, you’ll come out on top like a champ.

  13. That’s what I’ll do. I’ll get the cards in about a week or so and then time it so that most of the spending closes for January, once I figure out when my statements are closing. I’ll have no problem meeting most of the 2k in spending on each card in late Dec/early January via “fake” spendings like those we’re all familiar with in this miles and points world.
    Thanks again. I’ll shut up now. Happy Monday!

    • @Michael, no need to “shut up”. I think the exchange was probably helpful for many! Sounds like you have a good strategy now!

  14. Just want to confirm that the Hyatt $75 statement credit was with no minimum spend (just one purchase).

    The new requirement is $100 credit with $1000 spend.

  15. Thanks for the reminder about the Hyatt card. We signed up with your link and MMS…..gotta share the love! Thanks for all the info you provide!

  16. Application errors on the card links right now. I was able to submit a business card application but now both of the Southwest card links aren’t working.

  17. Sorry to beat a dead horse, but I got the personal card last November and have not used any miles yet. .so even if I now apply for the business card and get the spending up to reach 110k, I will not get the companion pass because the calendar year has lapsed .. is that correct?

    • @Kelly, if you got the personal card in November 2011 and the points posted in 2011 then you are out of luck in terms of them counting toward a CP this year. However, if you got the card in November, but your points didn’t post until early 2012 then you still have time.

  18. Links have been non-functional for over an hour now. Think it’s a technical issue or are the offers not valid anymore?

    • @Shannon, I don’t know for sure, but it would be weird for the offers to go down that quickly. I would try again tomorrow and see what happens.

  19. Ahhhhh. I was planning on getting the Ink Plus to compliment my Freedom, Ink Bold and Sapphire but now…..

    I guess I’ll hold off a month and get the SW biz and personals and time my spend to hit after 1/1 then hope the Plus is still around in 2013 (maybe the spend will go down on it too).

    I had the lower level SW cards last year so I’ll go for the Premiers and hope.

    It’s almost like gambling.

  20. OK, it’s working now and I was able to get both applications completed. Both said my application requires further review. I expected to see that on the business one but not the personal. Hope to get both.

  21. oops- Looks like it’s for the Plus card only. Those of us who had it already will have to keep our fingers crossed the Premier card gets a 50K offer soon.

  22. i just spoke to SW Rapid Rewards on 18004359792, and got some important information, that is different from what is posted here, misleading you to apply for credit cards, and not get benefits as mentioned here.

    1) Southwest credit card bonus points do not count towards earning companion pass. Meaning if you apply for 1 or 2 cards and get the 50k/100k points, THEY WILL NOT BE COUNTED TOWARDS THE QUALIFYING 110K POINTS required to earn CP.

    2) If you earn CP in Jan 2013, your CP will be only for 2013, and not for 2014 as wrongly mentioned here……who said and how the freak will one get cP for 2 yrs? LIARS….

    So poster, stop being an imposter and do not give wrong information and fool people here……u might earn some referral bonus, but this will not serve u good in longer run….sinner is a sinner….

    • @Daddylove, no one is posting misleading info here to get you to apply for credit cards. (In case you are curious these aren’t even affiliate links). It has been an “off label” benefit that these points have been counting toward the CP. As I pointed out in the post, that can change at any time. However it has been working for a long time now. You will not just have the CP for one year. You have it in the year you earn it and the following year. That is because most people don’t actually earn it until later in the year. Just like with any elite benefit – good the year you earn it and all of the following year.

      Again, none of this is getting anyone any referral credit, but the information you shared is not correct.

  23. @Daddylove: I’ll be the first to admit that I can’t stand bloggers, but I must say that ALL the information in your comment is completely dead wrong. Never trust a CSR’s word at face value. Go find firsthand experience (ie, on FT or MP) and you will see that the info you were given is incorrect.

  24. @Daddylove, you’ll find that many of us have earned a CP by applying for CCs (or in my case in the process of earning a CP). You don’t read FT or MP or any of the other blogs?

  25. I hope u all r right…and so to reconfirm, what the CSR said on phone was incorrect??? ( that CC promo points do not count for CP qualifying miles AND CP is only for 1 yr and not 2 yrs?

    1) Also like someone said, if i apply for both by next week, do minimum spend for remaining of 2012 and complete the 2k/card on both cards in Jan 2013, i will have total of 104k (2k/card and 50k/card on both cards = 104k….then for remaining 6k miles to get the GRANT TOTAL OF 110K for CP status, how long i have in 2013 to do that??

    2) How long does it take to get CP once 110k points are achieved on the account? Is it instant or there is a few weeks processing by SW RR?

    3) Once CP is achieved in Feb/Mar or by April 2013, for example, when would CP be received, how long will it be valid for? Remaining of 2013 and whole of 2014? or just for remaining of 2013?

    4) My apologies if i sounded rude in my original post, but was just trying to share what info i got….

  26. @Daddylove,
    1. If you don’t complete min spend until 2013 then your bonus points will post in 2013. However, the money you are spending to get to $2K will possibly post in 2012, so you won’t get those points in 2013.
    2. I don’t think it is instant – maybe a few days? Others will have to weigh in on that.
    3. Will be valid for the rest of the year it was earned and all of the next year.
    4. Well you did call me an imposter and a sinner, but I’ve been called worse I’m sure, so no big deal. Happy to help.

  27. The SS girlie girl and the Frugal travel guy has made it possible for me to fly free for the last two years on points…Keep on Sinning baby girl bc well behaved women rarely make history! LOL

  28. I already have a southwest credit card. I have about 55,000 points from frequent flying. Can I apply for another card to get 50,000 more points to get companion pass status?

    • @Tamir, if you have a business card then get a personal card and vice versa. You just need to hit 110,000 in a calendar year, so make sure that the 55K points you have are companion pass qualifying for 2012 and then move very quickly.

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