Maximizing a Widely Targeted Citi AAdvantage 3x Promo

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I’ve been getting emails from readers about a targeted promotion they received for their Citi AAdvantage card where they receive 3x for certain purchases through the end of the year.  I hadn’t yet gotten a chance to write about the promo, but now that one showed up in my own mailbox I’ll share the details so that you can be on the lookout for the promotion as well.

Here are the details for the promo:

  • 3x AAdvantage miles for toy, electronics, computer, and apparel stores through 12/31/12.
  • Earn a maximum of 2,500 bonus AAdvantage miles.
  • You must be targeted and register for the bonus.

The trick for me is fitting this into my (already somewhat complex) spending plan for the rest of this year.  In the process of thinking that through, I realized that I haven’t yet taken advantage of a retention offer from my AAdvantage card that offers 3,000 bonus AAdvantage miles after spending $500 on the card within three months.  I am almost at the end of that three month window, so it is now or never.  If I spend $500 in the near future at a toy, electronics, computer, or apparel store with that card, then I will be earning 3x for those purchases with the promo I received in the mail, plus 3,000 bonus miles from my retention offer.  That comes to 9 miles per dollar for $500 in spending.

Of course it (almost) never makes sense to buy something you don’t need for points and miles, so I am thinking about what Christmas purchases I need to make, to see if I could go ahead and buy some gift cards to those retailers now (like Toys R Us or Best Buy) and then use them when the great prices come out around the holidays.  I can then potentially go through the Ultimate Rewards portal to use those gift cards and add to the 9x I am already earning via the Citi AAdvantage program.

If “apparel store” means somewhere like Sears, then I could potentially just buy a gift card to another retailer there.  The offer defines apparel store as “merchants that sell clothing, furniture, and accessories geared toward a specific audience.”  Well, if that specific audience means points and miles junkies then I am in! 

Be on the lookout for a similar offer from your Citi AAdvantage card and then do some strategizing to see how to maximize the offer.  These days it often isn’t as straight forward as maxing out one offer, it is stacking two or three on top of each other to see how many miles you can earn at once!

Have you received a similar offer from Citi?  How do you plan on taking advantage of the offer?


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  1. Haven’t seen this offer with my Citi AA cards, but I did get a similar offer for the same categories but 5x on Citi Forward. Honestly, 3x AA is probably worth more than 5x Thank You points, but I’ll probably max out $500 in apparel anyway.

  2. I received a 5X offer for my Citi Thank you Premier. My wife given the same offer as me for her Citi Thank you. (Her oldest card).

    Here are my thoughts: We need to make sure we are shopping at the correct places. I went to Kohls and Walmart today and made two small purchases. I am going to call Citi and ask them how they coded. If others could comment on stores they have been to, then we would all know which stores to shop at with these cards.

    What do you say?

    Thanks in advance!

  3. Got an offer for 3 AA points on all purchases (3x on everything except AA activity, which is 2x normal earning rate) up to 2,500 bonus points (which I understand as meaning $1,250 in non-AA spend).

  4. Great to hear about all the different variations of the offer! In terms of what stores are coded how, I agree a test purchase and calling may be the best route if you are in doubt.

  5. what I get include both 10 miles per dollar on for up to 2500 dollars spending and 3 miles on most gift purchase up to 2500 dollars spending

  6. I just accepted the targeted offer that provides 10X Advantage miles per $1 spend plus 3 X for electronics, clothes and toys. The cap for is 2,500 and the cap for the other mentioned category is 2500 miles totalling 5,000 miles if you go for both the options.

    Now, does anyone know if e-gift certificates on Amazon will qualify for 10X miles per dollar? If it does, then it’s a no brainer as I just need to spend $250 on e-cert to get 2,500 AA miles. This is tantamount to 20% off if you value AA miles at 2 cent a pop.

  7. I can’t find any evidence I got the offer. Likely wouldn’t be via snail mail since I do most stuff online now, and I don’t see it in my “special offers” or in my most recent statement. Anybody have any success asking for the offer from customer service? Are the links usable by anybody, or is there a customer specific code?

  8. Answer to my question appears to be NO:

    “Citibank periodically makes offers to randomly selected cardmembers. We regret we cannot send out the offer you requested because your account was not one of the accounts that was originally selected.”

    “Randomly selected?” Ha!

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