1,000 Free United Miles for Shopping Assistant Download

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You can get 1,000 free United MileagePlus miles by downloading the MileagePlus Shopping Assistant. You must then perform one search or purchase using the shopping assistant to get the bonus miles.  I don’t like to have these toolbars or assistants installed on my computer for the long-term as I like to use various shopping portals, and don’t want to risk having my purchases credited to the wrong one.  However, if you (or a family member) never remember to go through a portal anyway, then having an automatic “Shopping Assistant” may actually be a really good thing.  Getting some extra miles for your online shopping is better than not getting any extra miles for shopping online!

I plan to install this on my mom’s computer and leave it as she never remembers to go through a portal for her purchases.  I wish that Ultimate Rewards had a shopping assistant, as that would be the one I would put on her computer if it was available.  Are you listening Chase?  😉

For my own computer, I will likely be installing, using the Shopping Assistant for a few searches, and then uninstalling shortly thereafter.

Here are some details about taking advantage of this 1,000 mile offer:

Eligible browsers include IE 7+, Firefox 5+, Google Chrome 11+ and Safari 5.x+ on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Mac OS X

Note: You must be logged in to MileagePlus Shopping using your MileagePlus user name and password in order to download the MileagePlus Shopping Assistant.

To qualify for the initial download 1,000 bonus miles offer, make at least one search or purchase using the Shopping Assistant. Bonus offer is only valid for the initial download and install of the Shopping Assistant. Not valid on subsequent downloads or installs. Offer ends 10/31/12.

And then here are instructions on how to uninstall the Shopping Assistant if you decide not to keep it forever:

To uninstall United MileagePlus Shopping Assistant please use the MileagePlus Shopping Assistant’s Uninstall functionality by following these steps:

  1. From the United MileagePlus Shopping Home page, select the Uninstall option of the MileagePlus Shopping drop down menu.
  2. The Shopping Assistant will ask the member if they “would like to uninstall the Assistant?” Yes or No are the options.
  3. If Yes selected, the Assistant Uninstall overlay will appear and identify the toolbar folder location in your computer. If the folder is confirmed, click the Uninstall button at the bottom of the Setup overlay box.
  4. The Assistant Uninstall will begin uninstalling from the selected folder. Notice the uninstallation bar for progressions, during which an instructive alert message will appear to prompt the member to “Restart internet browsers to uninstall,” click OK to restart your internet browser.
  5. An alert insert message will advise when the Setup has successfully uninstalled. Notice the uninstallation bar should be completed filled before clicking the Continue button to restart the internet browser and return to the United MileagePlus Shopping experience.

I will add that some people have had trouble getting credit for similar offers with other toolbars in the past, and some people don’t like their information being tracked by anyone.  So, basically just decide for yourself whether this is worth your time or not.  I will be participating in one way for myself, and another way for my parents.  I can’t turn down 1,000 free United miles!

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  1. I installed it on my office PC, since I don’t use it for shopping. It had me baffled at first and I thought the tool was not working. In Chrome, we need to login from the extension for it to work. I thought it would automatically work since I was already logged in, in a different tab.

  2. Had to modify the security settings on my Mac to get this to install. After installation, you’re not automatically logged in — you must login to the toolbar before searching in order to get the credit.

  3. .
    “I can’t turn down 1,000 free United miles!”
    Nothing from Cartera is free. It took me two missing miles requests and several emails last year to get the AA miles they promised for installing the AA toolbar and I only ever got 2 of the 3-4 months worth of searches.

  4. I got this a while back. They never gave me the sign up bonus miles, but I did get the search miles. On a different computer in a different country now, so going to try again. Not too hopeful though =/

  5. For firefox, you just click the MileagePlus Shopping button at the top left of your browser. Second option down is Uninstall

  6. To uninstall completely from a PC, go to control panel, add/remove programs and uninstall that way. I would NOT recommend just disabling for one browser as you may forget it’s enabled for other browsers, use them for another mall and lose the points. Almost all the mileage plus mall earning rates suck in comparison to the UR mall (maybe one or 2 that are better). Just NOT worth the risk to leave this installed and have it hijack online earnings at other malls. Uninstall it completely!

  7. Or you could do it the easy way and create a VM and install it on that. I create a VM for each of the airline toolbars and then use it when I shop through that portal.

  8. I signed up the offer in October but have not received the 1,000 United airlines miles file. I really would like to delete it once I get the mile.

    Have any of you received the 1,000 mile yet?

  9. I just got the handful of miles from my searches today, but they didn’t come with the 1,000 miles for the download. Is this standard, or do I need to follow up with someone?

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