The Most Exciting Hyatt Improvement This Year

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I’m almost always in a hurry.  Part of that is probably a tragic character flaw, and part of it is because somehow (like most parents) I manage to stay insanely busy more days than not.  This holds true when I am making hotel reservations.  Just yesterday I found out I need to be in DC in the very near future, and I was in a rush to lock in some reservations before heading out to pick up my kiddo.  Since I loved the Park Hyatt in Chicago, I decided I wanted to check out the Park Hyatt in DC for my one night stay.

I was rushing through making the reservation when I saw what is thus far what I find to be the most exciting Hyatt development for 2012………

Long gone are the days that I had my credit card number(s) memorized, so I was super excited that Hyatt now remembers my credit card number without me having to go and dig out my wallet every time I reserve a room (like many other hotels and airlines have already done for years).  If you don’t book with Hyatt frequently then I’m sure you will absolutely not be anywhere near as excited as I was about this.

I later went back and confirmed that the website indeed remembered my card number.  Woohoo!  Thank you, Hyatt for following through with this.  😉

Apologies for this post to those who don’t ever book with Hyatt, and/or don’t mind having to dig out your credit card every time you book.  For everyone else, please make me feel less crazy by saying you are at least half as excited as I am about this improvement.  Oh, and Happy Friday!

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  1. After having a few accounts hacked and my stored credit card info used to purchase a bunch of gift cards, I really hate this feature on any website. Luckily most sites, give you the option of saving, which I decline. There are a couple I’ve seen which automatically add your credit card no matter what.

    Just be careful where you save your credit card info.

  2. MommyPoints,

    Check out an app for your computer and iPhone called OnePassword. If you’re excited about the Hyatt credit card save, you’ll be ecstatic with OnePassword. You can save all your logins for websites and all your credit cards in one secure app.

    When I shop online, I launch the app, select the credit card I want to use, and it autofills everything (including the security code).


  3. Oneeyejack is spot on, I would not trust a third party website to securely store my credit card details. There are too many examples of their databases being hacked, heck Sony wasn’t even bothering to encyrpt their PSN credit card info when they got caught with their pants down. I don’t care how convenient it is, the Internet is not all rainbows and unicorns!

  4. I’m pretty sure that Marriott does the same. I don’t remember entering my card details when booking through their site with my ID.

  5. This is definitely one of those features I’ve been waiting for Hyatt to get going on. I might not be as exuberant as you. 😛

    Having a Hyatt Private Line Concierge, I’m spoiled enough to not have to enter a CC anymore. As Gary said, I’d like them to add AAA number retention as well.

  6. MP,

    In the old days at the United Ticket Office in White Plains NY, my favorite angel always laughed when I told her my UA # without checking. She said “All you guys know it”. This was prior to online booking.

  7. @MP — I’m not a “the sky is falling” type of guy, but be careful. Every week — quite literally — there is a case of a vendor (usually large multinationals just like Hyatt) whose systems are hacked and they “lose” all of their customers’ credit card numbers. Seriously, for the convenience of not having to pull out your credit card the risk is very high.

  8. I’m jealous – love the Park Hyatt DC. It’s a little worn (scheduled for renovation) but their customer service is crazy good. Beware if there’s still street construction going on. You may want
    to request a room away from that side of the building.

  9. Seriously? If you’re doing any sort of credit card churning at all, you really should be using something like LastPass. It encrypts all your information locally on your computer, and requires a password to decrypt. It will automatically fill in your info into any form that needs it–Fill Forms > UA VISA or Fill Forms > Chase Sapphire or whatever. And of course its cloud enabled so you can use it anywhere on any computer. I don’t know how y’all are doing without it.

    • @Vince, I don’t have that card yet. I used my Ink Bold. 😉 I will get the Hyatt Visa, but timing it right for when I want to maximize the two free suite nights!

  10. Geez. Anyone heard of Roboform?? Can load it on your phone, your tablet, your laptop and your desktop – and they sync. Every card, every sign in, every password is at your fingertips. HUGE time saver.

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