Insanely Awesome Gift Today from Hyatt

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Today my husband and I (along with others) received a ridiculously awesome email from Hyatt.  I’ll let their email speak for itself:

At Hyatt, we are excited to have the opportunity to show our appreciation for our most valued guests. In recognition and appreciation of your loyalty, we enthusiastically extend to you 50,000 United MileagePlus® award miles, to be deposited into your MileagePlus account within the next 2-3 weeks. We hope you enjoy this gift on behalf of Hyatt and MileagePlus. As always, we are truly grateful for your loyalty and look forward to welcoming you back very soon.

We both have Diamond status with Hyatt (and low level status with United), but both of us are probably very “low value” Diamonds – we both come it at just over 25 stays per year, and usually at inexpensive properties.  For them to do something like this is a fantastic and amazing shocker.  I value 50,000 United miles between $750 – $1,000, so Christmas came early around these parts since my family just got two of those gifts.  That we frankly probably didn’t deserve, at least by my calculations. 

If it was five months from now (April Fool’s Day) I wouldn’t even believe the email to possibly be true…and I’m still hoping it wasn’t some “IT glitch” or other cruel joke that sent this to our accounts.  However, it does have our name and Hyatt Gold Passport number on the email, so I have no reason to think it isn’t true.  It just seems too good to be true!

Update: Hyatt’s Twitter account confirmed it is real, so in this case “too good to be true” is in fact true.  Wow!

This is the best “elite status perk” I have ever received.  Have you received this email, or a similar elite status perk that came as an unexpected surprise?  I plan to post my session on elite status basics and fast-tracks from the Chicago Seminars tomorrow, and while the story of this email isn’t in the presentation, I can guarantee it would be the next time around.

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  1. Wow, super awesome. I am also a Hyatt Diamond but didn’t receive such email. By chance, did you requalify for Diamond for next year?

  2. I’m Platinum, but was Diamond for a bunch of years and have never received any email like this. No early holiday present for me 🙁

  3. Diamond here as well…No email. That would be an AMAZING benefit thought for Diamond members. I just re-qualified last week. Here’s to keeping my fingers crossed. -JP

  4. And what might be even better is if you registered for the United MileUp promotion giving bonuses from now until the end of the year with United partners, this might qualify as well. Most got the 25% promotion, but I read some got the 50%

  5. No email here. I’m sure Hyatt knows they are bloggers and this is why they got it. Why would Hyatt give United miles anyway that is pretty strange.

  6. @The Deal Mommy, 20MR is pretty great as well!
    @perry, I have had points from stays credited to UA before with Hyatt, but I also assume they could match up databases. They didn’t ask for my MP# related to this.
    @marZ, thus far it doesn’t seem it was across the board for all Diamonds, but who knows. It is insanely generous.
    @Betty, apparently!
    @Mitty, yes some others did. I linked to a thread on FT with some. There is also a thread on MilePoint.
    @Rita, I am a few stays away still for requalifying (but I can guarantee I will requalify)
    @deals, I was Diamond last year and didn’t get this then either. I will also certainly not count on it in the future, but it was great today.
    @JP, fingers crossed for you!
    @Eric, there are some terms related to that at the end of the email saying it doesn’t count. Though isn’t Mile-up targeted? I wasn’t ever able to get in on that. If you have a link that would be appreciated.
    @Kalboz, fingers still crossed for you.

  7. @Mattolo, I can’t guarantee you that didn’t come into play, but lots of folks got it who are not bloggers and are not big Hyatt spenders (but they were all Diamond that I know of).
    @FFU, congrats on being a new Diamond!

  8. I’m a new Hyatt Diamond (thanks, SMD4) and have low-level UA status. Maybe I’ll get the email! I completely, in no way deserve it, but I’ll take it.

  9. Mommypoints, The MileUp promotion is targeted. The link I got in my email is account specific. Just need to click the link and was registered, unlike the other promos where it asks you to provide your FF#.

  10. Congrats Mommy — hard NOT to be cynical when diamonds such as myself whose spend is higher than yours (as you admit) don’t receive such a gift.

    It’s one of the “perks” of being a blogger — you get the points and they know you will spread the good word.

    I almost wish they would do it privately and not expect the free pub about it so those who are left out don’t feel so…well, left out (as you know as a mom, you don’t pass out birthday invites to only half the class).

  11. Mommypoints- if you only just re-qualify for Hyatt Diamond, why have you credited stays towards airlines? I’m in the same boat (Diamond, likely to just get 25 stays), and never thought of crediting towards anything but Hyatt points. I thought that crediting to airlines doesn’t count as Hyatt stays/nights, so would make you risk missing requalification?

  12. @Michael – I completely agree. As a diamond who also didn’t receive a gift (did anyone else receive a gift?), I’m very suspicious that this is anything but a ploy for some publicity.

  13. Also a diamond and nothing.

    its really silly to think that your visibility had zero effect on this gift. yes non-bloggers got it too, but i’m guessing that the blogger community received this at a MUCH higher percentage

  14. @Sean, fingers crossed for you.
    @Eric, that’s what I thought. Can’t win them all.
    @Chris, ha ha.
    @Rayn, it is a lot of miles for sure.
    @JetAway, indeed.
    @Michael, I know and was torn about writing about it, but it is certainly not just bloggers who got it (and many bloggers didn’t), so it is hard for me to be convinced that was related when others who have similar patterns to me were also included. I’ll never know for sure, but there were enough folks included that I thought it important to write about. I do know the feeling you are referring to though.
    @Scott, the stay credit is still yours toward re-qualification, but the points went to United. Over the summer they had a promotion with United that was lucrative enough for short/inexpensive stays to credit to them (though the promo was plagued with problems and required follow-up – honestly I wondered at first if this email was related to that promotion)
    @Kevin, there are growing numbers on FT and MP that also received the email that have nothing to do with blogs (and a growing number of bloggers sad they haven’t received the email).
    @Jay, it is possible. I don’t know. I know I have many blogger friends who are Hyatt Diamond who didn’t get it. Regardless, lots of folks who have nothing to do with blogger got it. I am happy for everyone who did, and sad for everyone who didn’t.
    @PointsCashMiles, it is a bit crazy, so I totally understand.
    @Sam, thanks. Crazy day.

  15. @Michael – In the same vein, it’s a bit annoying when United sends out targeted promos with three different earning levels, and the Silvers get 1000 miles for two purchases while a 1K like myself gets 500 miles for four purchases. As much as it is annoying, I can understand (grudgingly) when a business is making business decisions about publicity.

  16. Hyatt Diamond and UA Plat… no gift.

    Congrats! I would have appreciated the gift very much as well.

    But let’s not kid ourselves here… there’s no such thing as a free lunch. I’m sure there is a combination of revenue/stays/nights/flights/credit rating/publicity that factor into this.

  17. @RLS, who knows that their calculator calculates, but I’m sure it crunched on this one. Sorry you haven’t received the email.

  18. Wow, Super nice! Enjoy! Im Diamond also (and Delta PM) and didnt get it.. Targeted I guess. Enjoy all the same and thanks for sharing.

  19. Given the selective nature of this highly lucrative bonus and its wide reporting, it may alienate as many past/current Diamonds as it impresses. Given my few Hyatt stays in the past year I am not looking for such a bonus for myself, but I’d be ticked if I had 20 stays and got nothing. Hyatt should award three times as many people on a sliding scale, instead of an all-or-nothing approach akin to winning the lottery.

    • @Ben, I didn’t. I have given it to individual hotels to credit miles for stays to United, but I think Hyatt and United worked together to do this list, so they likely had the numbers.

  20. Thanks @mommypoints. I am in contact with my Hyatt account manager to clarify whether or not this targeted offer can be extended to me, given the fact i have 20+ nights coming in 2013. i will report back if I do. that’d be sweet. 🙂

  21. Nothing for this Hyatt Diamond/United 1K. I do not see how random (and unexpected) airdrops of miles/points does anything to to encourage particular behavior (staying at Hyatt). For now, the cynic in me chalks this up to a publicity grab as we’ll think of our diamond statuses as lottery tickets in the future.

  22. Awesome. Congratulations!

    Earlier this year I got a happy birthday electronic e-card from American Airlines, so not all hope is lost! 🙂

  23. @Ben, good luck!
    @Chris, I don’t necessarily get it either, but I can’t complain.
    @Maury, wish I could say I got it through hard work, but I just got it through checking in at Hyatt Places. 😉
    @Charlie Brown, 😉
    @Michael, keep hope alive!
    @danny, you may be right, but there are certainly bloggers in the miles and points world with more traffic than me they could have gotten more publicity out of.

  24. Sweet, I got a similar email last night. I just got diamond this year through a challenge but have no elite status with united. Very strange, my email said I would be gifted 100k mp miles. I am very excited to say the least!

  25. IMHO this is very bad publicity for Hyatt. In over 50 comments on this post, not a single reader received the same gift and many are Diamond level for many years in a row. This makes me think they are trying to win your favor in future posts about them. If you want to remain an independent reviewer, you may want to decline this high dollar value offer unless your readers (or a wider population of Hyatt Platinum members) are also offered the same. Doesn’t smell right to me and based on Hyatt not offering the same to many other long time Platinums, others should give them a call to let them know we’re offended by the exclusion and our business will go elsewhere next year if this is how they play favorites. It could definitely impact your objectivity IMHO.

  26. glad you got this!! woo hoo!
    You are still a Diamond–no matter how you made it. And I value the 50k as exactly the same amount of $.

  27. Thanks guys!
    Mary Beth, I routinely turn down points/miles and other similar things from hotels and airlines, but I know many non-bloggers who were pleasantly surprised with this “gift” who have stay patterns that are very similar to mine. I wish the group of recipients was all-inclusive, or for at least all Diamonds, but just like everyone else, sometimes I am left out of targeted offers, and sometimes I get extremely lucky and am on the included list. I am a blogger, and I do keep that in mind, but I am also just a traveler who tries really hard to keep Diamond status with Hyatt because my family likes the hotels and Diamond perks. Even in the comments section of this post I point out a summer Hyatt promo that went haywire for many. I’m happy to disclose that I was on the lucky list this time, but I’m not going to turn down something that was given to a cross-section of people who have nothing to do with blogs. Apologies if that is upsetting to anyone…I do always keep an eye open for anything that seems fishy due to blogging and I wish everyone would have been included!

  28. This Diamond got the email too. 50K United points will be great. Maybe related to the last Hyatt/airline promo where you had to choose an airline for bonus miles? I did chose United.

  29. @Terry, that was my initial thought, and many did seem to credit to UA during that last promo, but it isn’t 100% as some got it who did not do that.
    @Mark, fingers crossed for you!!

  30. Mary Beth,

    I believe MP also got a complimentary stay with her family at a Hyatt Regency, which was reviewed a while back. Great odds that both spouses got the gift

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