Giveaway: Alamo Car Rental Deal and Prize Pack with $100 Amex Gift Card

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Alamo recently reached out to me to see if I would be interested in helping them share one of their current discount offers, and give away a couple prize packs that include a $100 Amex gift card.  Of course I am happy to both share car rental discount information, and get some good prizes in the hands of Mommy Points’ readers, so here are the details.

$20 Off a Weekly Rental:

Alamo is offering $20 off a weekly car rental that is valid until 11/17/12.  The rental must be at least five days long and must include a Saturday night.  If that deal is helpful for your travel plans, then you can learn more about the discount here.  If that discount doesn’t fit with your travel plans, you can also look for discount information related to Alamo on this Flyertalk thread.  I recommend never renting a car without finding some sort of discount code or coupon, as you can almost always find some type of discount applicable to your reservation.

Additionally, they want potential renters to be aware that you can save an additional 10% off any Alamo promotion by signing up for the Alamo Insiders loyalty program.


Alamo is providing two prize packs that include the following items:

  • Alamo branded Striped Boat Tote bag
  • Alamo branded travel coffee mug
  • Alamo branded sunglasses
  • Alamo key chain
  • Travel scrabble game
  • iTrip iPhone/iPod adapter for your car
  • $100 Amex giftcard

There will not be a 1099 issued to the winners of these prize packs, so you are in the clear there.  To enter to win, just leave a comment on this post stating how you like to go about finding the best deal on car rentals.  You must be 18 or up to enter, and you are limited to one entry per person.  Void where prohibited by law.  Entries must be received by 11:59PM Central on Thursday November 8th.

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  1. I start with Hertz Gold (have 2 discount codes there from employer and Delta.. plus Medallions get MQMs)

    Then always run Priceline if I’ll be renting from airport.

    I’ll snag a Hertz as backup 9/10 times, then start bidding 50% from Priceline.

  2. United Club Card gives me top level with Avis so I just focus on that. But I do double-check on Enterprise and National since I have a corporate account with them.

  3. Usually compare online Hertz and National since those are the 2 I have status with. Too many CP codes and combinations to deal with to get the best price, but sometimes worth it.

  4. I continually recheck rates even after I have something locked in since they often go down close in. For Hawaii worked great for me which checks many sites and came up with a much better rate than I could find.

  5. I’ve had great luck finding car rental deals on Car Rental Savers. I’ve not looked specifically at Alamo before, but I’ve got a few rentals coming up in the next few months, so I’ll go check them out now.

  6. I search orbitz and travelocity for hotel/rental car combos, then I search the hotel sites and rental cars at each company’s site. Usually find the best deal with the combos.

  7. We had decided to skip a car rental on our next trip but as it got closer Hotwire sent me an email on a super discounted price so we grabbed it – the vendor ended up being Alamo! I’ll be looking to use Hotwire again.

  8. I always check for the cheapest price then search for a coupon code to apply and book directly with the car rental company itself.

  9. I go to and look at their public offers and try various combinations. Usually save me $20-$30 on the entire trip.

  10. I start with researching a list of codes, then go to the individual car rental sites and look at rates with the codes. Once I book I always check back for better rates. In April, I needed a car in Florida for a month. The rate started at about $900, but in the end, and after several rate changes, the rate had dropped to $510 all in. Definitely worth my time checking rates every few days…..

  11. I second Costco Travel. They have some incredible rates. I was able to recoup the member fee in one rental and still was ahead compared to several other avenues such as car rental websites and the individual agencies using discount codes.

  12. Not that it has anything to do with this prize but is always the first or at least one that I always compare with. Even when I got a quote from expedia, I still double checked with again.

    BTW, MP, did they reach out to you because you were in San Antonio?

  13. I had been using alot of priceline and hotwire but have seen a couple of great deals on travel blogs that I’ve used recently. (hertz $15 a day for weekend + a separate $10 off a day coupon.. for $5+ tax/fees a day). Trying to limit the use of pre-paid sites going forward as flexibility is important.

  14. Travelocity to get a good price, Frequent Flyer Bonuses to get the max miles, and the I keep the reservation on Autoslash in case the price drops.

  15. I search the car rental sites for the best price after checking I then go to and find a discount code to use for the specific car rental company. I also check to see if there are any other codes I may have missed. I then book the reservation. After booking the reservation I go to and have been very successful in getting alerts where autoslash finds last minute rate reductions even over the reduced fares that I booked originally. This technique has saved me an average $80 per rental over my last 4 rentals!

  16. I start with Hertz, Avis, Budget and Dollar using all my available discount codes, my company’s, AAA and Costco. Once I find a good rate I keep checking back for lower rates.

  17. I use Travelocity, but the key is to keep looking for lower rates. I often find the best rates available just a few days before the rental.

  18. I always book with a discount code which I find on various sites found via google search. i book, then periodically recheck. I’ll re-book and cancel the original reservation if rates drop. If I cannot find a good enough rate, I’ll try to bid on Priceline for a lower rate.

  19. I usually check the entertainment book for coupons and also ask if any professional organization that I’m a member of has a discount code.

  20. The first thing to do is to sign up for the rental car company membership program. It is vital for National to get a great car, and for Alamo, you do get additional discount plus the advantage of using corporate codes. If not, discount you still get rental credits. Then, flyertalk’s respective threads are very helpful in getting a great rate. After a while, you can usually find the lowest rate within twenty minutes.

  21. A combination of mix & match codes found on the forums or Priceline (if I’m feeling lazy). Don’t forget to look at off-airport facilities to save on those ridiculous taxes.

  22. I like to use Autoslash and a search aggregator like bing or Expedia. I’ve been notified several times of price drops with Autoslash.

  23. Kayak then compare to company site and find best rate, but if booked way ahead check about a week out to validate rate.

  24. I search the web for codes. I used to use Sam’s Club codes, but they don’t offer them anymore. We don’t have a Costco nearby, but I’ve considered joining just for the car rental discounts. 🙂

  25. I’ve been renting cars now for forty years. In that time I have tried most of the methods above. In the last several year my go to source for car rentals has stricly been COSTCO Travel. Their rates have been consistently lower and as an added bonus they INCLUDE an additional driver at no charge which we can be a very significant savings. Their new format makes it very fast and convenient to compare all of their deals on one screen. I would also suggest re-checking their rates as often as you can as they can bounce around quite a bit. They make it very simple to cancel one resv and do a new one. If you rent more than a few times a year the Costco savings on car rentals easily pays for your membership. As an indicator of prices fluctuating. I rent for a week in Florida several times a year. I have seen rates go from $350 a week all in down to $100. just in a matter of days so it does pay to recheck. One other thing is often people will delay booking if they think prices are too high. That is a mistake if you really need the car book it just in case something is going on that you are not aware of and there happens to be a shortage of vehicles when you are in need of the rental. You can always cancel it later but at least you would have something booked. Good luck

  26. Dear Mommypoints,

    I am fairly new to the points game, just over a year, and have already started reaping the rewards for our family of six. We always require a minivan or large SUV, so it has been beneficial for me to use my American Airlines points, eg.17,000 points for a weekly rental in Fort Myers. American Express Travel,, and Advantage have proven beneficial, too…and always with coupons! However, we are traveling to San Antonio and Baltimore in the winter and the rentals are over $500.I always use coupon codes and will definitely join Alamo Insiders within the next five minutes! Any suggestions on my current rentals would be extremely helpful, please. Take care, Mary

  27. I definitely need help in this area and was thinking about asking the flying bloggers to help! I do try to use coupons that arrive in my e inbox but usually stick to one brand and I am sure loose out on lots of good deals…

  28. Use discount codes from costco, bj’s, or entertainment book and then continue to check rates at the individual car rental websites up until a week before trip. Also use Priceline name your price.

  29. I check AAA and compare against Hertz, National, Avis, etc. sometimes Orbitz is helpful. I’ve used autoslash a couple of times as well.

  30. Also a fan of using Autoslash and a search aggregator like bing or Expedia. I’ve been notified several times of price drops with Autoslash.

  31. The last post from Doug is exactly how I do it. Just remember to check every so often especially when your rental is getting within a few weeks.

  32. I book a reservation as far ahead of time as I can, then keep checking prices every few days — then swap when/if it gets lower. (it usually does about 60 min prior to pickup, so don’t forget to check last minute deals.)

  33. I use a combo of Travelocity (through the UR portal) or, to either get the most UR or Rapid Reward points. I’m curious about Autoslash.

  34. I have found that the codes in the entertainment book give me a great rate (usually free day, etc).. We always use Alamo. I always check back to see f the price drops. I will check some of these suggestions listed.

  35. I generallly start out with Kayak to see which companies are available, and then I check for discount codes on the cheapest companies listed.

  36. On a recent trip to Hawaii I used Alamo for our car rental. Starting about 6 months out from the trip I booked the minivan from Alamo. The great thing is that you can reserve the car and lock in the price without even giving your credit card info. Then about once a week or so I checked the price and if the price was lower I reserved the lower price. Once I got the confirmation email with the lower price I cancelled the original reservation. I did this about 5 times and ultimately got a minivan for 15 days on Oahu for $295 total including Hawaiia’s insane taxes. The car rental ended up being about $10 per day for the minivan. The original booking price was over $1,000 with taxes.

  37. I mostly just use Kayak, although sometimes I do a little more research if I’m looking for something unique (like a car rental in Puerto Rico for a driver under 21)

  38. I like to use priceline to book my rental cars, but I use to figure out the lowest price people are getting for the type of rental I want. I then use that information to make a good bid on priceline.

  39. I use to compare rates, and then also search for online coupons and discounts. Most rental car companies also give a AAA discount, so I make sure to get that too.

  40. I am ashamed to admit I just look at the air and hotel sites, to see who is offering the most points for a rental that suits the length of the time I need to rent the car.

  41. I often use Entertainment rates and coupons. I also go to Alamo’s AARP rates page. In addition to good negotiated rates for AARP members (must be 50 or older), the AARP rate always includes one additional driver free (which is a great savings) and unlimited mileage.

  42. Check Kayak and Travelocity first to determine the going rates (in case there is a holiday or convention fluctuation in play), then undercut those prices starting at 50% via Priceline bids. If not accepted, continue to move my acceptable price levels higher from there. Requires patience, multiple accounts, and some time, but the savings are well worth it.

  43. I keep an eye on the travel sites, but always check for a better deal with the rental company when it get’s closer to the trip. Saved hundreds by rebooking.

  44. Truthfully the way I look into getting a rental car is not that exciting. I usually just search Kayak. Recently I did have some Citi Thank You points that were about to expire. The lowest rate I could find on Kayak was nearly $50 a day, so I checked Citi Thank You, and they were only 10K points for the entire 7 day rental. Was surprised by the savings!

  45. I check most mega travel websites, look for shared codes from my MP and FT friends, and follow up with the lowest rental car company directly.

  46. I start with Kayak and Orbitz, then go to the site of the car rental company and enter coupon codes and my membership numbers.

    Costco and AAA and on occasion, I’ve found BJ’s wholesale’s coupon codes can be competitive. . Combine this with Hertz #1 Gold or National Emerald Club and the experience is quite easy.

  47. If I can find a deal on Priceline, I do that first. Otherwise, I like to link through Ebates or use an Entertainment Book coupon.

  48. I check Carrentalsavers for a starting rate and see what type of discounts and coupons are available. Then I check Flyertalk for codes. I have found the best coupons in the Entertainment book.

  49. I find many good rental offers on Flyertalk. Sometimes it feels as if that community filters through many opportunities and reports the mostly the valuable deals.

  50. I have a hard time comparing codes for rental cars, there are so many! I usually use kayak. But after reading other suggestions, next time I will use hotwire. Thanks!

  51. I went with Autoslash recently, and they kept bringing the prices lower and lower. I had a greta rate, and since that was locked in, I tried my luck at Priceline the day before we were to go, and got an even better deal!

  52. I make a reservation at my favorite Car rental company’s web site and check multiple times for lower rates. I often get cars for $12-18 a day.

  53. I start with kayak, use that to look at zalyn for coupons, and then go through my archived emails from car rental places. Lastly I check hotwire who sometimes has special deals.

  54. I start with AAA, then widen my search. I generally stick to the rental companies’ sites. I don’t really like to do business with priceline or hotwire.

  55. Expedia/Travelocity/Hotwire/Priceline followed by general car rental Coupons/miles earning rentals/hotel points earning rentals.

  56. I usually search on Expedia and then do searches to find coupon codes for different car rental companies. I also keep my eyes open for airline deals for rental cars (extra mileage and discount codes).

  57. Try to find good coupon codes and lots of online comparing. After reading these comments, I’m beyond excited that we will FINALLY be getting a Costco at the end of this month.

  58. Start out with a general site like Orbitz then go to each site directly with discount codes like those from Costco or the Entertainment book. Also try the individual agency websites directly as Hertz has a pre-pay option that doesn’t stack with codes, and Dollar/Thrifty have a ‘hot deals’ that can save a few bucks. Usually book directly with the company unless Hotwire is substantially cheaper, have been partial to Hertz lately due to ease of earning rewards through e-rewards.

  59. I like to check priceline, then hotwire and then autoslash. Also Where ever I book, I use to track it and rebook if the price drops.

  60. I generally look for a promo code/link with a discount from whichever airline I am travelling so I can rack of airline miles in addition to the reward program of the car rental agency.

  61. While I enjoy Alamo and National,as a USAA member we get no loss of use fees, dimunation fees, admin fees, LDW w a $5k deductible and liability for Avis, Budget, Hertz, and Enterprise. This is on top of a nice discount and use of coupons (like $30 off for weekly rental over the holidays). Even if the total rate is more, the insurance coverage is great.

  62. Hubby is a Hertz gold member and we have the AAA rate, but hotwire always seems to beat any kind of discounted rate we can get from Hertz (and the last two times we ended up getting Hertz cars anyways).

  63. I usually pick the car rental company that favors me, the consumer, and the cars that can be rented in my area like Alamo (you never know when you’ll need to rent or when you car will break down). Giveaways also let me consider switching rental car loyalty.

  64. I’ve always found it in my best interst to go with USAA rates as well. Not always the lowest, but no worries when the insurance is taken into account.

  65. I typically use to search out the best rental car deals, then apply whatever discount or group codes that I have for a little more savings!

  66. I tend to only use my Triple A membership as I have status with another company, but I’m certainly willing to look at another!

  67. 1)
    2) costco
    3) hubby’s work discount
    Usually need an SUV or minivan for family. Each has it’s own benefit depending on location/type of car.

  68. I use sites like Kayak to compare rates and find the best deals.

    Thanks for the cool giveaway!

    wildorchid985 @ gmail dot com

  69. I book the best deal I can using the coupons and codes I find available at the time. Then, I register the reservation number with AutoSlash to see if they find a better deal, prior to the rental.

  70. I like using Kayak to get a sense of what my options are, then where possible I book through Autoslash to get the best deal. It’s a 1-2 punch!

  71. Since every city I travel to has differing rates, I use Chase UR first to look at which car rental company offers the best rate per car class. Then, based on that info, I then go to that car rental company website to get their rental rate which most always will be lower when using their promotion codes. Alamo is one of the two car rental companies that I like as it is paired up with National – the other car rental company I generally use.

  72. I plan many vacations around the schedule for weekend rates for car rentals. Thursday afternoon is a great arrival time with a Monday afternoon return. can optimize your rental by cost whereas has a good reference list of mileage promotions. Either way, this Alamo Insider would love the prize package.

  73. I generally start looking about a month out. I scour everywhere for coupon codes and keep booking and cancelling when I find a lower price. Alamo Insiders is good to join . Sometimes you get a $40 off coupon from them.

  74. My primary car insurance provider partners with some rental companies to give members discounts, which are usually stackable with the rental company’s promotions. It comes in handy most of the time. Also, loyalty with rental brands offer exclusive discounts that can be anywhere from an additional 5-20% off.

  75. I’ve tried many different ways but have generally found Costco to be the most effective and easiest. Last time I tried to use Autoslash, but was pretty disappointed with the service.

  76. I try AARP member discount first. Also, if you have a Discover card you can convert $ 20 worth of rewards for $40 rental credit at Alamo or Enterprise. This is valid only on the base charge and not on the taxes. This is a great way to reduce your rental charges

  77. Typically use Kayak to search multiple at once, but the Costco Travel sounds interesting. Thanks to the commenters for that suggestion.

  78. I find that Car Rental Savers has a good collection of deals, coupon codes and links to car rental deals. I always look there and check the individual rental company sites to get the best deals when renting a car.

  79. AutoSlash is awesome! So are FlyerTalk and FatWallet compiled lists of coupons and contract IDs/CDPs to use! And if not supported by AutoSlash, keep checking rates!

  80. I recently rented a car and this is how I go about renting one. I search thru car rental to see which company offers the lowest price of the car type I need. I then search for the coupon code of that company and book it direclty with the car rental.

  81. I start with Hotwire and then check the websites for the car rental companies. Would love to hear any secrets about how to get cheap one-way rentals with no per mile or drop off fees.

  82. Expedia is the best unless you’re booking day of/day before. Then I usually take advantage of my free Hertz gold account.

  83. I always START with Hotwire just to get a reasonable idea of what a good rate should be, then I go to and they usually beat it.

  84. I check out the discount threads on flyertalk and play around with the coupon code and corp code combinations to find something to my liking. Hasn’t failed me yet.

  85. I generally go to each individual website and select the type of car I want, but after looking at some of the other comments AutoSlash seems to be a good choice.

  86. I use and periodically recheck and rebook as necessary. I also like BJ’s if I want to add another driver who is not a spouse.

  87. I haven’t ever found a deal because I haven’t needed one. But I will probably be in need of a rental in the future with the way things are working out so I will check out Alamo.

  88. I submit “car rental deals” into Google search and then browse. Many are saying AutoSlash is the way to go…. I will have a peek !

  89. I prefer using Kayak as a base for searching for prices, and later purchase through a cashback portal and use a coupon. Can be pretty substantial savings! Thanks MP.

  90. I generally start with Kayak to get an idea of prices for my travel dates, but often I have found the best deal through Hotwire. I definitely want to check out Autoslash now!

    P.S. I love that Alamo allows your spouse to be added as an additional driver at no charge! They are one of the few companies that will do so.

  91. I just use Kayak as a baseline and see if I can do better by going to indiv rental co. sites. But I have picked up some great ideas here, thanks! I also try to go through topcashback if possible to get a little cha-ching back after the fact. Pick me, pick me!

  92. I like to book a cheap, compact/economy car and then at the airport many times I am offered an upgrade to a much larger vehicle, often a SUV, at little or no extra cost, since they are in greater need of the smaller, economical cars. This especially works well if my flight gets in late and they are running low on the cheaper cars.

  93. I usually check for any codes or special offers with an airline program to start with. I’ll also check each car rental’s website and hotwire. Then I’ll go with the cheapest and usually smaller car (but not always the smallest as there are 4 of us and luggage).

  94. I use kayak to start, and then play around with different codes on each individual website. If renting from an airport I use Priceline for a cheaper rate.

  95. I drive myself nuts checking each site and using different coupons, codes, etc. And then I re-check them until I leave. Way too much work, but I’m a sucker for finding the deals…even when it drops my hourly rate to $0.06!

  96. I usually use Priceline’s Name Your Own Price if it’s set dates. If not I’ll shop Kayak, then usually check Hertz and National individually with any coupons I can find.

  97. I check for eligible discount codes and book a car. After that, check back periodically to see if rates got lower since car rentals are usually have no cancel policy.

  98. I usually do a google search of the area in which I’m renting a car to see how the local companies compare to the national brands. If the local brands are significantly cheaper, I go with them. If not I compare the national brands w/ discount codes found through a google/FlyerTalk search. I also take mileage offers into account.

    • Chris, you haven’t missed it. I’m a bit delinquent on it due to being on the road all this week. Plan to have the winners announced in the next 24-48 hours.

      • Hi!
        Sorry if I came across impatient, I was sincerely just curious. I know that right now you are on the MegaDo 4 and that is so awesome! I thoroughly enjoy your blog posts and your tweets. It sounded like today was quite an experience. Enjoy the Do!

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