A Few Hours Left to Raise Money for Hurricane Sandy Victims and Enter to Win $100 Amex!

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I have two contests/fundraisers that end tonight.  The first is a campaign put on by several BoardingArea bloggers to raise money for Hurricane Sandy victims, “one comment at a time.”  We have collectively pledged up to $1,800 for 1,800 total comments.  You can comment once on each of the six participating blogs, to raise a total of $6 toward the cause.  Unfortunately, we are nowhere near the $1,800 max, so get your comments in to help increase the number before the 11:59PM Eastern deadline tonight!

Here are the participating blog posts:

Also within those blog posts are ways that you can earn or use points while helping those in need due to the recent hurricane.

My giveaway in conjunction with Alamo also ends tonight at 11:59PM Central.  Leave a comment on this linked post to enter to win one of two of the Alamo prize packs that includes:

  • Alamo branded Striped Boat Tote bag
  • Alamo branded travel coffee mug
  • Alamo branded sunglasses
  • Alamo key chain
  • Travel scrabble game
  • iTrip iPhone/iPod adapter for your car
  • $100 Amex giftcard

Right now the odds of winning one of those gift packs is roughly 1 in 190, so not terrible odds!  Thanks to everyone who takes the time to comment on one or both posts!

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  1. Oh, oh oh Can’t stand the excitement of hoping to win one of the Alamo key chains. Let it be me, let it be me, let it be me.

    I hope Alamo is paying you enough for this product placement ad, posted twice, to make up for all of us who no longer view your blog as anything but a shill for corporate product placement ads.

    For a total of $200 in “prizes”, plus whatever you get under the table, your integrity is gone, gone, gone. And to think I used to check your blog three or four times a day. When I posted I wish you the best of your attempt to make this a full time job, this is NOT what I meant…..

  2. Robert, I get absolutely nothing from Alamo for hosting their contest. No compensation, no points, no prize, no under the table secret handshake, etc. Just am happy to be the conduit for the prizes to get to Mommy Points readers. I was offered one of the prizes for myself, but instead gave both away. I agree the key chain is not life altering, but the $100 gift card will hopefully help someone. Sorry you don’t find the blog useful, but I never get anything for these giveaways.

  3. It is disheartening to me that you will have over 400 readers who will post comments to win a $100 gift card or a keychain, but you only have around 100 or so readers who post a comment that will get storm victims $1. I am not sure if your readers feel that their time is worth more than a dollar to post something, but a chance to win a keychain is surely worth less than a dollar. From my reading of the comments to the posts on many boardingarea blogs, it seems that readers are very self-concerned if that is the correct word. I enjoy this hobby, but I would say that probably one-third or more of the stays and flights that I book with my points are given away to others that have a need and no way to pay. I wish that our society was more concerned about helping others than helping themselves, but it appears too often to not be the case. I just wish as a society or subset of society that we would look out for others more than we do ourselves – apply the Golden Rule everyday.

  4. ArkansasTraveler, I had hoped for a better response rate in the quest to raise money for Hurricane Sandy as well. In fairness, the giveaway running at the same time included a $100 gift card so folks weren’t just commenting to get a keychain, but I still totally understand where you are coming from. I also give away many of my points to friends and family who need them more than I do. The Hurricane post also shared numerous ways that people could help others, so my hope is that some people also took advantage of that information.

    I will say that there are some extremely generous folks in the miles and points world (in fact some of the most generous I have encountered in any area of my life), but like with anything, there is always a mix of different folks with a variety of priorities. I am very grateful for everyone who did comment on the hurricane post (over 100!), and for everyone who visits this site.

  5. Just to clarify, I do find your blog very useful. Thats why I said I check it several times a day. Some good deals come and go very fast, and I don’t want to miss them. This just wasn’t one of them.

    Your post on Small Business Saturday was much clearer than others I saw. I actually used info I found on your post about it to let another blogger know of mistakes on their blog, which they then corrected. Your posts on the Grand Slam were the only ones that made sense to me. Not your fault they didn’t run it this year. :>{

    I just don’t understand so much space devoted to a terrible Alamo deal. $25 dollars off of a week long rental is a joke. I just did a trial booking at SFO. The Alamo “deal” is 192.66 after the $20 off. The Costco Budget rate for the same size car, same location, same days and times, is 151.80

    So for $200, and a few worthless tchotchkes, Alama got in essence a large ad for their very mediocre “deal”. Which was only good for the next week at that. I would actually feel better about it if you were getting paid for it. The idea that Alamo gets that large first post, plus the followup, for a mere $200 amazes me.

    The response of just over 400 readers, among your many thousands, to the contest tells me I’m not the only one who is lukewarm to the small possibilty of winning $100.

  6. Robert, glad you find some posts useful. I agree the Alamo discount was not really impressive, however I think the comments in that post sharing what others do to save money on car rentals to actually be pretty useful. Regardless, maybe I am too cheap… I would be excited to win $100 Amex card, but clearly not everyone feels the same way. There would not have been a reminder post for that contest had their not been a need for a reminder on the hurricane post that ended at the same time. Either way, I appreciate your thoughts. Maybe I should do a poll regarding contests. Obviously some people like them, but clearly some don’t. 😉

  7. Not to beat this to death, I just want to clarify that I had no problem with you giving away $200. A few hundred people obviously wanted to try to win it. My point was that in exchange for a paltry sum, in terms of Corporate advertising budgets, Alamo got a large post about a very mediocre deal.

    • @Robert, indeed they did. I try to keep a balance that allows me to ensure qualify prizes get in the hands of Mommy Point readers, but I’m sure the balance sometimes isn’t always perfect. As long as the readers come out ahead in the end, I’m okay with it. Keep me posted on your thoughts. 😉

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