Mini-Points about Ink and Possible Membership Rewards Transfer Bonus

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Happy Friday!  We have a packed day in my neck of the woods due to starting to get ready to have me gone for Star Mega Do 4 (more on that soon), but here are two quick updates I wanted to share before the day got too hectic.

  • Looks like the Chase Ink cards including the Ink Bold Charge card and Ink Plus Business card may be heading toward a lower spending requirement from $10,000 to $5,000 within three months in order to get the full 50,000 point sign-up bonus.  Million Mile Secrets points out that the improved offers are now displaying on Chase’s site directly.  However, in the comments section of his post it seems like people are still getting error messages when they try to apply using those links.  My own affiliate links are still at a $10,000 spending requirement, though they do offer 25,000 points after the first use unlike the $5,000 offer (I bet they change soon to match the Chase site).  If you are looking to apply for this card now, then be aware the better offer for most people is now displaying on the Chase site.  Hopefully this means the offer is actually here, as opposed to a few weeks ago when the offer displayed for a few hours due to an error and then went away.  I will keep you posted on when they seem to be actually be up and running.  If you recently applied under the $10,000 spending requirement, you can always ask Chase to match this current offer either over the phone or via secure message.  I would do that sooner rather than later just in case they get a bunch of requests.  No guarantees they will switch you to the lower spending limit, but it is worth asking if $10,000 is tough for you to hit.  I’ll post more details about the four Ink cards and their new offers soon, but wanted to make sure to share this info now in case you were about to apply!  Thanks to Million Mile Secrets for pointing this out!
  • The Flight Deal points out that there may be a 30% Membership Rewards transfer bonus to British Airways brewing for December.  This is far from guaranteed, but they noticed some kind of mumbled wording while making a transfer that seems to indicate there may be a 30% transfer bonus for transfers between December 3rd to January 14th, 2013.  Head to their linked post above to see what they saw.  If you were looking to move some points to British Airways, it may be worth holding off to see if it is true, unless of course you need to make a reservation now


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  1. Anyone has success with Chase matching the new spending requirement? I just called and the agent told me that she could not make the adjustment now. It needs to be forwarded to her supervisor for review and they will get back with me in 7 to 10 biz days in writing. I am not sure what everyone else was told.

    • Neil, I have heard some successes in the past, but they don’t always match spending requirement changes. They are much more consistent with sign-up bonus matches.

  2. I just got approved last week for the Ink bold through your link, and today sent a SM to chase regarding the 5k spending requirement and got the following response: “Unfortunately, we are unable to honor your request for
    50,000 points on $5,000.00 spend, as the offer was for a
    limited duration and is no longer solicited.” I even sent them a screen shot. They’re usually pretty good about matching offers. Any suggestions? Should I wait for your affiliate links to change and then send another SM or ask by phone?

  3. Neil, my husband was approved for Ink Bold in Oct for the $10K spend. He called Chase today and they gave him the current promotion of 50K points with only a $5K spend.

  4. I just received my Ink Plus this week under the 10k spend offer. Called the number on the back of the card and explained the situation to the rep. I then asked if I could be moved to the new offer. She said she would send a message to their marketing department and told me to call back in a week or so to make sure that I received the new offer.

  5. I sent a message and was denied for the new offer (after applying last week). Called and spoke to a rep and they agreed to swtch me to the lower spend.

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