Unique Opportunity to Choose Between Ink Sign-up Bonuses

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Update: The credit card links are now changed to all reflect the 50K offers.

I posted a couple days ago that new sign-up offers are now available directly from Chase for the various credit and charge cards in the Chase Ink family.  For the most part, this is really good news because the minimum spending requirement to get the full 50,000 Ultimate Rewards points on the Ink Plus Business Card and Ink Bold Charge Card has reduced from $10,000 within three months, to $5,000 within three months.  This brings it into a more attainable range for many people.

However, the new sign-up offers aren’t 100% good news for everyone, especially given some of the developments in the miles and points world over the weekend that may make hitting spending requirements slightly more difficult than it was even a few days ago.  While it is now theoretically 50% easier to get the full 50,000 point bonus, you will get no bonus points with the new offer if you can’t meet the spending requirement.  The old offer awarded 25,000 Ultimate Rewards points on the first use of the card, and the second 25,000 points after hitting the $10,000 spending requirement.  If you are not able to hit a $5,000 spending requirement on the new offer then you don’t get any sign-up bonus points.  Because of that, the old offer may suit some people’s spending habits better.

Additionally, the Ink Cash Business Card and Ink Classic Business offers are also becoming more attainable with the spending requirement dropping from $5,000 to $3,000 in the first three months, but the total bonus itself is also decreasing from 25,000 points to 20,000 points.  The old offer awarded 10,000 points on first purchase and 15,000 additional after spending $5,000 in the first three months.  The new offer awards 20,000 points after spending $3,000.  So, the old offer on those cards may be better for some people as well.

My own affiliate links are scheduled to still display the old offers until some time on Tuesday, so if you think that one of the old offers will better suit your needs, you still have a little bit of time to apply.  After that time I must delete links to the old offers, and will then have the new offers with the reduced spending requirement.  If you want to get in on the “new” reduced spending requirement offers right now, then head to the Chase website to apply.

Whether obtained under the old or the new offer, the Chase Ink Bold and Chase Ink Plus remain my absolute favorite rewards cards on the market.  Being able to earn 5x Ultimate Reward points for cell phone, cable, landline phone, internet, and at office supply stores continues to be a very easy way to earn lots of Ultimate Rewards points each month without even having to try very hard.  You currently have a unique opportunity to have access to both the old and new offers at the same time, so decide which one (if either) makes the most sense for your family.


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    • Greg, it does not matter to me which link people use as long as it is the best deal for them (which is why all options are provided). It’s neat that all are currently available so people can choose what meets their needs best. 😉

  1. Another great post mommypoints! I can make the $5k spend, but I’m certain (statistically) there are some who can not and would rather grab the 25,000 points after first spend – good to point out.

  2. Achieving 10k in manufactured spend is quite easy since it is a Chase card. Chase cards tend to work for bank account opening deposits. No need to even trade your cow for magic beans.

  3. Agree with Greg. Funny how you spin this as an “opportunity.” You and other bloggers have been blogging about BB and Vanilla and now all of a sudden you start thinking about people who couldn’t meet the spending so you are nice enough to remind them that your awesome affiliate link is here in case they can’t complete the larger spending…

  4. Great example of how affiliate links lead to horrible advice. Who in their right mind would give up 50K UR? If anyone is stupid enough to buy the bridge MP is trying to sell you I’ll make you a better deal. Sign up for the $5K spend offer. Buy $5K of Visa GCs at OD. Note this will get you 75K UR (50K from the sign up bonus + 25K UR from the 5K spend at OD). I’ll buy the $5K of GCs from you for what you paid if you send me 45K of those UR. You end up with 30K UR which is 5K more UR than MP is offering! What? Not a good deal? Then why the hell would you want the 25K UR that MP is selling you?

  5. @Greg, @Chris, @HikerT

    Not everyone is comfortable dropping $5k in some special way. MP points out advantages and disadvantages. People are free to make their own choices. There are *much* worse things to sign up for than the MP link eg $100 off an airline ticket at AA anyone?

  6. Clearly if you can hit the spending requirement then you are all set…not everyone manufactures spending, and some have trouble hitting $5k. All the options are laid out so everyone can pick what is best for them. Not sure what part of that is bad advice, but maybe I missed something.

  7. I must agree with the validity of MP’s post. I applied for the Ink just a couple of weeks ago under the old offer terms, assuming I’d be buying beans to make all that spending worthwhile along the way to hit the $10k figure. The Ink was approved late last week, and I assume I”ll be getting it in the mail any day. Now I’m thinking I’m better off just taking the 25k points for Ink and calling it good, apart from spend I would do anyway in the areas of its category bonuses, but using most of the $10k in spend I might have put on Ink to do more applications for other cards and split it several ways for more bonuses. Three bonuses elsewhere should total out at much more than an extra 35k UR points (25 for bonus, 10 with the actual spend), now that the Ink spending can’t easily be reached at 5x.

  8. I like the way the pros and cons are laid out here, I hadn’t noticed the difference between points after the first transaction and points only after minimum spending limit is reached.

    Anyway, I’d be interested to hear a bit more about the Ink Cash Business Card and Ink Classic Business cards as compared to the Ink Bold or Ink Plus, since they seem to have similar office supply store rewards but I’d only really read about the Bold and Plus up until now.

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