Details on the Improved Chase Ink Card Bonuses

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As I posted a few days ago, the sign-up bonuses on the various Chase Ink card have now improved (for the most part).  Most notably, the spending requirements for both the Ink Bold and Ink Plus have dropped.  The applications were not working very well at the very beginning, but they should now be ready to rock.  As you may or may not know, there are four different Chase Ink products that are available.  All four are business cards, but remember to think broadly about the things you do to earn money, and you may realize you in fact do have a small business (child care, etsy, eBay, blogging, etc…).

All four cards also earn Chase Ultimate Reward points, but only the Ink Plus and Ink Bold earn Ultimate Reward points that can directly transfer to hotel and airline partners like United, Hyatt, Marriott, British Airways, Priority Club, and more.  All four cards either have no annual fee, or have the annual fee waived the first year, and all four have some pretty good category bonuses that can lead to racking up Ultimate Reward points in a hurry.

For those who aren’t already familiar, there are four different Ink products.

Ink Bold® Business Card

Ink Plus® Business Card

Ink Classic® Business Card

Ink Cash® Business Card

For most people I recommend starting with getting the Ink Bold Business Charge Card or the Ink Plus Business Card as the sign-up bonus is larger, the earning potential is larger, the points transfer 1:1 to hotels and airlines in the Ultimate Rewards program without having to go through a secondary card, they have no foreign transaction fees, and the annual fee is waived the first year.  The only real difference between those two cards is the Bold is a charge card and the Plus is a credit card.  The Ink Cash and Ink Classic cards, in my opinion, are good to get after you have already exhausted some options with the sign-up bonuses from the other two cards.

The 5x bonus categories for these cards are amazing.  I can’t emphasize enough how easy it is to rack up tons of Ultimate Reward points when you are earning 5x at office supply stores, cell phone bills, landline, internet, and cable.  Of course 2x at gas stations and hotels is helpful as well.  If I could only have one credit card, it would absolutely be one of the Ink cards.


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  1. Amazing how Chase improved dem application forms as soon as you got your affiliate links! Three days ago I couldn’t figure out where to my name and SS number and look at ’em now. Are you related to TPG by any chance?

    • Y’all are correct – that was a typo. (brain fart with the CSP I guess)! Apologies for any confusion, it is 2x at hotels. Restaurants would be great though…maybe one day. 😉

  2. What a “surprise” – full on “review” of information easily available on Chase’s website – but now that the affiliates links are working, suddenly the “bugs” are gone.

    Should rename your site to Pimping Points…

  3. I just applied for the Ink Plus (using your link, of course!) and got the response “Thank you for applying. Your application requires further review before making a decision.” Should I call Chase, or just wait for a few days? This is my first business card application, and I’m just not sure if this is a “call the reconsideration line” situation or not.

  4. @Gardy, that is totally normal. Almost everyone has to call for their first biz card (and often others as well). I would call them now. There is a link in the first paragraph to a post that will outline some questions you will likely be asked. They just want to get an idea of what your business is, but typically aren’t too stringent. Good luck and thanks so much for your support. Keep me posted!

  5. Is there any difference regarding credit score if you apply for Ink Plus vs Ink Bold? Since the Bold is a cash card and you have to pay in full every month would that be more positive on your credit score since you are not getting a new credit line? How about in terms of approval from Chase? Would a cash card be easier to be approved than a credit card?

    • Doubt they are really different in terms of approval. Both accts shouldn’t display on your personal credit (other than inquiry) as they are biz cards.

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