Earn up to 2,500 Bonus Miles Via United MileagePlus Shopping

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Believe it or not, Black Friday is just over one week away.  That means that the holiday season sales and shopping bonuses are also starting to appear.  So far I still haven’t seen anything good from Ultimate Rewards, which it too bad since there were amazing one day points deals last year.  However, United MileagePlus Shopping has now announced a decent online shopping promo.

Now through the end of the year, earn an extra 500 United miles for every $250 you spend in the shopping portal, up to 2,500 bonus miles.  This is in addition to the regular miles that you would earn from the shopping portal and your credit card spending.  As an example, right now North Face is offering 10x for United cardholders via the shopping portal (5x for non cardholders).  Let’s say you buy $250 worth of goods from there.  That would give you 2,500 miles for the 10x + 500 miles for this promo + 1x for using your United card for a total of 3,250 miles (or 13x) for your purchase.  Not too terrible if you were planning to make that purchase anyway!  Note that this shopping portal is often not as high a payout as Ultimate Rewards, but do some comparison shopping because it is higher in some cases, especially with this increased bonus.

Here are the details for the promo:

* Terms: Now through 12/31/12 11:59 PM EST receive 500 bonus miles with every $250 spent online through MileagePlus Shopping; up to 2,500 bonus miles. Returns, shipping and taxes are not eligible for bonus. Please allow 8-10 weeks for bonus miles to post to your account. The maximum number of bonus miles that can be awarded to each qualifying member through this promotion is 2,500 bonus miles. Increased earning opportunities are for a limited time only and at the discretion of each individual merchant. Please check site daily for updates to increased earning opportunities.

Thanks to this MilePoint thread for the scoop!

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  1. sorry to remain the skeptic on this one but the MP Shopping mall is run by Cartera. Half the people doing any of this offer will never get their miles/bonuses. Half of those will pursue it. And in a half a year half of those people may see half the miles.
    Good luck! You were warned.

  2. What MM said. You better take screen shots (or better yet, video) and expect to send a bunch of claims and emails and you still may not get your points.

  3. When I read the comments from marathon man and Ike…I went to see if my previous United portal purchases points were credited to my United account and they were NOT! Since I received an email saying the miles would be posted, I thought they would post. I made about 6 purchases, but as an example: on 8/27 I made purchases from JCPenney $54 (should have rec’d 486 miles bc 9X) and purchase Musician’s Friend $9.41 (28 miles bc 3X). I just got off the phone with a Chase CSR and he said to forward all the emails to him. He said he would give me an additional 500 miles for my trouble. But now I’m mad bc I got ripped off!

  4. Screen shots are always good. I have personally had much better luck with the United mall in the last 6-12 months and have been getting these type of bonuses posted without follow-up most of the time, but there is always that chance that they won’t.

    I have also heard better things recently about Cartera follow-up, but I have no doubt there are still horror stories out there!! If you do have problems, I would contact the mileage mall directly here: https://www.mileageplusshopping.com/contact____.htm

  5. Well its about to start cedar season over here in The Texas Hill Country, MM & MP, so I went down to the Mileage Mall to visit drugstore.com to load up on the special on Breathe Right Extra Strength strip. Afterall, this is TEXAS Mountain Cedar and even our pollen is bigger than that found in the lesser 49.

    Getting 2,500 United miles for discounted Breath Right strips with free shipping and no taxes is, well, nothing to sneeze at.

    But will Cartera play Santa Claus or The Grinch?

    Cartera listen up! Deliver the goods else MM gets a crate of mountain cedar berries and a shovel for Christmas to plant a forest of mountain cedar over your way.

  6. Um. So maybe you can delete my comment @6:20am. Because I was looking for the bonus points on my Chase-United credit card statements. But they were posted directly to my United FF account. Every point is there and accounted for. *slithers under a rock*

  7. To follow up on Romsdeals post, a lot of hotels and airlines have similar shopping portals. It may be worthwile to shop around, since each one seems to offer a different amount of points for shopping at the same store on line.

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