Amex Small Business Saturday Registration is Open!

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Just a quick note to say that Amex Small Business Saturday registration is now open and fully operational.  I was able to register all of my Amex issued cards, authorized user cards that have unique card numbers, and my Citibank issued Amex card without any issue.  I should then be able to use them at a small business on Saturday November 24th and get a $25 statement credit from Amex on each card when I charge at least $25 on each card.

When you register, it says that additional cards linked to the same account must be registered separately, so seems to me that they are overtly supporting authorized user cards being registered.  Prepaids, Bluebirds, and corporate cards are not able to be registered.  When I tried my Bluebird it said “this card is not eligible for this offer”.

To get full details about this promotion and how I plan to maximize it, head to this post.  Registration is limited, so get your Amex cards registered today!  Were you able to get your cards registered?  Where do you plan to shop?

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  1. The additional user cards only work if they have a different number (from the primary cardholder). For example the citi advantage american express has the same number for primary and addl cardholders so only one card can be registered.

  2. I was able to register and will shop in Gruene, TX!! Last year we had lunch at the Gristmill and shopped at the best toy store ever…Got Toys!!

  3. I agree with others that the map function isn’t working correctly. No matter which nearby city I input, I get results capped at 100 (of the most uninteresting options). I’m sure we’re missing a big chunk of eligible businesses.

  4. Any idea how long sign-up lasts? One of my Amex cards is at home and I wont be able to get to it until tomorrow. Any idea if the sign-up will last till then?

  5. I have 2 totally different am ex cards (SPG and AA) I am only able to register the SPG, when I try to do the AA, it tells me I have already registered, what am I doing wrong?

  6. Very strange list. Some big chains in there. I could buy gas for a bunch of folks. Lots of auto repair places. Saw what looks like a gun shop. That might be worth doing and would make for a cheap gun if can use my $300 worth at that one store. Some wine places. Odd specialty grocery stores. Looking for a big grocery store. I wonder if this list is created by a third party, and how it is created.

  7. I see Cafe Brazil that I tried last year that did not work because I think it is a small chain owned by a larger company. But I guess if it is on the list we should be able to argue for credit this year.

  8. Found a Tom Thumb grocery store listed. I think that will be my small business. It looks like it is specific store by store thing. Some individual locations of chains are listed. There are some Pizza Inn, Cici’s pizza, and a few stores here and there for chain convenience stores that sell gasoline. I hope if we take screen shots of the list showing that particular store on the list and make a purchase there that we will get the credit or be able to ask for a manual adjustment because “it is on the list.”

  9. -I would take a screen shot of the map if you have concerns that your purchase somewhere will be honored.
    -Last year AUs with unique card numbers did count for an additional $25 and I bet that is the case again this year.
    -I’m not sure why it is giving some folks registration errors. It worked on all my cards, but if you are having trouble registering I would try again later or contact Amex for help.

  10. I’ve got my cards registered. This is my first Small Business Saturday and I’ve got some questions I hope you can help me with. There are two gas stations near me that show up on the list. One is a Shell station that sells Shell gift cards. The other is an EZ Mart that sells gift cards (apparently you can use them to order other gift cards, but I’ve never heard of it before today) and prepaid visa cards. Do you think any of these options would be a problem? Would Amex know I was buying a prepaid visa card if I bought it at EZ Mart? Do you think they’d still honor the credit?

    How soon do the credits post? Do you get any kind of confirmation, like you do when you sync with twitter? Thanks for letting us know about this, Mommy Points! I’m excited about my little shopping spree tomorrow. I’ve got some toy stores and little specialty shops on my list as well. Can’t wait to see what I find!

    • Sam, as long as they ring up the transactions normally they would everything else you are golden. I think we did get conf emails last year, but I can’t swear to it. I’m heading out soon and will post my experiences today. 😉

  11. I spent over an hour on the phone yesterday with both Amex consumer help, as well as merchant services, being a small business owner who registered for the promo.

    The official scoop is: NO ONLINE STORES QUALIFY. I had registered my small business (online), but it’s not approved, despite my getting confirmation and marketing materials, ugh!

    On the consumer size:

    You can only get the statement credit by shopping at one of the stores that COME UP IN THE SEARCH at This excludes some stores where I wanted to shop, because they didn’t register. Also, franchised stores with more than 100 locations don’t qualify, even they are independently owned. That’s per Amex phone support.

    I did find a bug in the shopsmall search – a local burger joint where I wanted to buy a giftcard doesn’t show in the zipcode search, but when I searched by the business name, it did come up.

    So have fun out there, but be careful, if you want your credit 🙂

    In the future, I hope that Amex will reconsider these frustrating limitations, and include all of small business people!

    • Thank you, Mommy Points and Simona for the information. The Shell station wouldn’t take a credit card for gift cards, so that threw off my plans a little. The cashier at EZ mart wasn’t supposed to take a credit card, but she didn’t know that. I just bought one $25 Array gift card. There are hundreds of EZ Marts, so I’m not sure that one’s going to count. I did have a lot of fun shopping though, and found some great new stores I wouldn’t have shopped at otherwise.

      • I got a $25 gift card at a local burger joint, and 3 x $25 gift cards at a small greek restaurant we love. Thank you mommy for suggesting gift cards, I never thought of it until I stumbled across your blog!
        We’re $100 ahead, and on Monday I am cancelling my small business’ Amex merchant account in protest of their confusing treatment of the small guys. Next, when someone asks me: do you take Amex? I will say: no! and give them the whole story if they want it 🙂

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