My MyPoints/OpenSky Points Finally Posted

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In September there was a very limited time deal where you could earn 150 MyPoints per dollar spent on OpenSky purchases.  This was a too good to pass up deal that kinda seemed too good to be true.  However, it was true and I jumped in and spent the maximum $500 on overpriced fancy goods that I had been wanting, but would probably never have pulled the trigger on.  I got some nice knives, a fancy scale, and a Le Creuset pan that will get some good use for Thanksgiving this week.  The amount I spent will almost entirely be covered by redeeming the points for Hyatt gift cards that I will use to pay for hotel stays I would have to make anyway.

The points were supposed to post with 30 days, but 30 days came and went with no points.  On the MyPoints Facebook page they started saying there were problems with getting the points posted due to some tracking errors.  Then Hurricane Sandy came and further delayed the process due to OpenSky being located in that part of the country.  I contacted MyPoitns via Twitter, email, and Facebook multiple times and was repeatedly told to provide my order info and that they were “working on it”.

Yesterday I posted again on their Facebook page (hurray for social media!) and they told me to again submit my details via private message on Facebook.  I did so and within a few hours they put all 75,000 points in my account.  It took almost a month longer than it should have, but the points are all there safe and sound.  I now just need to redeem them for the gift cards of my choice and then enjoy my virtually free goodies!

This was a truly amazing promo and I am glad I took a leap of faith and participated.  These deals often move quickly and leaps of faith are sometimes required.  I should have recruited my parents, my in-laws, and everyone else I know to also participate!  It took a bit more follow-up than I prefer, but that is sometimes par for the course.

Did you get in on this promo?  Have all of your points posted?  How do you plan to use your points?  If they haven’t yet posted to your MyPoints account, I recommend contacting MyPoints via their Facebook page.

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  1. I took full advantage and rang up exactly $500. I’m looking to redeem for $600 in Sears gift cards, as I had some points already in my account. I then hope to take and upgrade the gift cards in the store. Hopefully with the busyness of this time of year, I’ll find a cashier that will let me buy different gift cards with my Sears gift cards.

    Also, my experience with getting my points credited was much shorter. I have dealt with this issue many times through so that helped to know the system. My points were credited on day 31 and available around day 35.

  2. Congrats to those who also got in!!
    DrSifu, it deem seem that way. I jumped in since I knew I could return the items/use purchase protection if it all blew up, but I’m glad it worked out!

  3. I bought 3 USB turntables and sold them on Amazon at a loss (due to inflated Opensky prices and low Amazon prices). My total loss was around $240. Total gain is either 35K United miles or $600 in gift cards. Great deal in my book!

  4. Still have not received my points either… but at least my click through shows! For a while there, my click through didn’t even show, and I was panicking. I just emailed Mypoints inquiring as to where my points are. Since this is my first email to them, I will give them a bit to respond before I blast them on Facebook.

  5. I’ve emailed them a bunch of times with the link you graciously gave us (with my order number and screenshots, etc) but have not received any points. They do not email back.

    Very frustrating.

  6. Another way to get the points posted quickly is to go to the OpenSky website, start an online chat with their customer service, and ask them to forward your order to MyPoints. I got the points about 24 hours later.

  7. were you a new member? if so, you should ask for the double points bonus. i ended up getting 150k out of this. it was painful to wait for so long, but so worth it in the end!

  8. I had great success with contacting opensky with their online chat and points posted within 24 hours. Also, as a new member my 75k points a few days later turned to 150k!

  9. WOW….I just checked my account and I see another 75K points pending due to 2x new member bonus! My $240 investment (net loss after sale of items) turned into $1,200 in gift cards or 70K United miles. Amazing deal…and it didn’t even require a hard pull on my credit 😉

  10. I strongly encourage anyone missing points at this point to be very proactive. I got the impression they are done working through the orders other than when folks bring up a concern. Chat with OpenSky or FB with MyPoints seems to work the best right now.

    I was technically not a new MyPoints member, but had never done anything with my account. So, I’m not expecting another 75K since my account had been open for quite some time. Freaking ridiculous deal for those who got 2x though!

  11. I got my 8,000 points last week and have already used most of my balance to get 5,000 United miles. Lets see how long those take to post. 5000 miles closer to tickets to Asia next year.

  12. Did all those who got 150k have to ask for it? my first 75k just posted (after chatting with an opensky rep) and im wondering whether its time to contact mypoints again

  13. Wow double points! Amazing. Some people get all the luck. I’ve contacted Opensky and they said “you will receive your points” and then nothing happens. Facebook at mypoints is of little use.

    Maybe some people luck out and others get shafted?

    • @Michael, no, just stick with it. I was stonewalled by them for a while, but have had better luck recently. Use the chat feature at Open Sky if you aren’t having any luck with MyPoints.

  14. I also contacted Open Sky and saw my points in 24 hours. Waiting for the double points that will be great. I agree there was a lot of follow up required.

  15. I put in an order for $140 as a new member. I will most likely use the points for Amazon gift cards or United Miles.

    I also took advantage of a few other offers while the double points were still good.

    When they ran the opensky promo again for 50 points I bought another item I had my eye on.

  16. Hi. I had no problems getting the open sky purchases (I spent $200) to post on my points–the issue was that you have to wait until the points are redeemable. To find out that date, I just clicked the points. I was able to redeem them on November 10 as identified; I ordered $225 dollars worth of Hyatt gift cards–sweet!

  17. Thanks MP (and readers) for the heads up on this one. I too had to be proactive chasing down the points, but one email to open sky “customer love” caused my MyPoints to post and be redeemable within 2 days; I too received the new member double points bonus – without asking – cha-ching! Those points show as pending until Dec. 18 after which I will cash them in for United miles. Happy Thanksgiving to all – I am thankful for the blog and this deal!

  18. MyPoints keeps telling me that, due to Hurricane Sandy, OpenSky is currently closed for business. That is such BS. I want to live chat with OpenSky, but I can’t find the link of where to do it. Any help?

  19. re: post above – nevermind, I found the Live Chat! She said she submitted my request to her MyPoints liaison and I should have the points by next week!

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