Earn Lots of Points for Black Friday Shopping

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Black Friday Update:

Some portals have improved points earnings rates out today, so check this post out for some more up to date points earnings deals.  For example, Best Buy is up to 3x, Sears is up to 9x, and Home Depot and Lowes are up to 6x!

For many of us it is time to whip out the credit cards and score some great shopping deals on one of my favorite days of the year…Black Friday!  We all know that many items are heavily discounted on this day (as well as on “Cyber Monday”), but there is no reason to stop at getting a good price for an item.  In my world, I not only want a great price, but a great pile of miles and points to go with it!  Sadly, there has been no hint of one-day points deals in the Ultimate Rewards mall this year, so looks like we will all have to try a little harder to boost our points balances with purchases.  Of course it is always possible they will surprise us at the last minute with some amazing points deals – and I will update accordingly in the event that happens!

Shopping Portal Bonuses:

United MileagePlus Shopping: Get 500 bonus miles for every $250 you spend through 12/31 up to 2,500 bonus miles

US Airways DividendMiles Storefront: Get 300 bonus miles for spending $150, 500 bonus miles for spending $250, and 1,000 bonus miles for spending $500 through 12/31.  Max number of bonus miles is 1,000.

American Airlines AAdvantage e-Shopping: Get 500 bonus miles for every $250 you spend from November 18, 2012 to December 17, 2012.  Max number of bonus miles is 2,000.

Delta SkyMiles Shopping: Get 250 bonus miles for every $125 spent through 11/22/12 up to a max of 2,500 bonus miles.

Example Payouts for Popular Retailers:

Best Buy:

ShopDiscover 5%

Ultimate Rewards 1x (plus an additional 5x with Freedom card Q4 bonus category)

Priority Club 2x


United 3x

American 3x

Southwest 3x

Ultimate Rewards 4x

Toys R Us:

United 2x

Ultimate Rewards 3x


Hawaiian 1.5

ShopDiscover 5%

Ultimate Rewards 1x


Ultimate Rewards 5x

American 4x


Ultimate Rewards 10x (plus 5x more via Freedom Q4 bonus)


Aeroplan 10x

United 2x

Ultimate Rewards 3x


United 4x

Ultimate Rewards 5x

Home Depot:

Ultimate Rewards 5x

ShopDiscover 10%


United 4x

Ultimate Rewards 5x


Hawaiian Airlines 1x


United 4x

American 4x


Ultimate Rewards 2x

Remember Gift Cards:

While you are doing your shopping, don’t forget about utilizing gift cards to bring your point totals even higher.  Gift cards to popular retailers such as the ones listed about are often sold in grocery stores, gas stations, drug stores, office supply stores, etc.  There are many rewards credit cards on the market that have bonus categories in those types of stores.  So, if you purchase an Amazon gift card in a grocery store with a card that gives you bonus points for grocery store purchases, then you are earning even more points!  Not all retailers will payout points when you use a gift card through a shopping portal, but many do.  Some even give you bonus points for the gift card purchase (AkA the double dip).  Head to Frequent Miler’s lab to see what retailers may function in this manner.

Don’t Forget Amex Sync and Other Offers:

Remember to look at the available Amex sync offers that you can add to your Amex cards in order to save money at some retailers.  Some current examples are $5 off $25 at The Container Store, $10 off $50 in Simon Mall gift cards, $20 off $200 at Best Buy, and $5 off $50 at Target.  These discounts are on top of all other sales and points earnings deals you can find.  Once you have added the synced offer to your card, all you need to do is make a qualifying purchase and the statement credit will post automatically.

Just Another Points Traveler points out that you can get 500 bonus Rapid Reward points by using your Chase Southwest Credit card to make a purchase via the Rapid Rewards Shopping Portal.

Frequent Miler also outlines a deal at Office Max on Black Friday where a purchase of a $100 Visa or MasterCard gift card will result in a $15 savings.  Even with the $5.95 fee you will be getting a discount on “buying money”, and if you use a credit card that award bonus points at office supply stores you will be coming out even more ahead!  I bet this is one of those deals that will be gone pretty early in the day, but it is worth a shot!

You will find me out shopping on Black Friday with the masses because I am a sick person that thinks it is fun (well, technically it is Thanksgiving night since everything opens that night), but most of my shopping will be done online to really maximize both good deals and good points hauls.  I will keep you updated on points deals as I find them, and there will also be no shortage of travel deals on Black Friday/Cyber Monday.  I hope to post about some of those as well,   but since we are hosting T-Day and Little C is off from pre-school all week, I make no promises on that front.  😉  At the very least I will Tweet anything great I come across (@Mommy_Points).

Let me know if you come across any great Black Friday miles/points or travel deals!

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  1. My go-to reward for Christmas shopping this year will be my Discover card. One of the fourth quarter bonuses is 5% cash back for all online purchases. This can be stacked on top of other points-earning shopping portals — you just have to use the Discover card as your payment.

  2. Already started the Christmas shopping. Bought $750 in gift cards from Kroger which for me = 4500 Hilton points, Gold Status next year, and $60 worth of free gas. Starting today, American Eagle Outfitters is offering 40% off and free shipping. Shoebuy offers 20% off and is 10x points on Ultimate Rewards Mall. Now is the time to buy those cute Born Boots with no shipping, no sales tax, and 20% discount.

  3. Tom, Target offer is on AMEX’s Link,Love on Facebook. Bestbuy offer on Twitter,Facebook and AMEX directly.

    Speaking of sick people for Black Friday – I’ve been yesterday in my Best Buy and saw few people camping around the door. Personnel in BB said they started to camp on Monday!

  4. If you have a Cubs grocery store, you can get $10 coupon for every $100 gift card you purchase – today only!
    List of merchants
    Kohl’s – so excited about this one!!
    Bass Pro Shops
    Chili’s, Macaroni Grill, Maggiano’s, On the Border

  5. The shopping portals are great…when the work properly. Im very diligent when I go through one but I still have trouble getting my miles from AAdvantage and Hawaiian. Im 100% on Delta and US Air in 2012 though.

  6. @ken, The Gold Status at Hilton I was referring to had little to do with Kroger but I finally hit my $20,000 spend from simply buying gas and groceries(tons of gift cards-Amazon, Target, Starbucks)at 6x points. So I have guaranteed Gold Status next year when I will be traveling to Europe where a free breakfast is always nice. Plus Hilton Amex has no annual fee and is always good on Small Business Saturday.

  7. @barb – I also have the Amex HHonors card. So you spend 20k on gas, groceries and gift cards? I think we spend $300/month on groceries and there’s no way we could cover the remaining amount with gas and gift cards.

  8. Justa a clarification, the list above about “Example Payouts for Popular Retailers,” that is through the respective portals, correct? Not in-store. Might be a dumb question, but wanted to clarify given that later in the post Mommypoints states that she will be out shopping with the masses.

  9. @G, I say I will be shopping with the masses b/c I think it is fun, but most of my shopping will be online to maximize deals and earning points. 😉 The amounts listed are just online bonuses. Happy shopping!

  10. Target has now disappeared for me as well – not sure if it was “Targeted” or just disappeared quickly, but I also am not seeing it now. Boo!

  11. Office Max is offering $100 prepaid Visa and MasterCard cards for $85 in stores for Black Friday. Theoretically it’s one per customer, but I saw a bin of the them at my local store at 11:00 a.m. and asked a clerk about them. He said the limits are coming off.

    So for each $85 plus a $5.95 activation fee, I get 454 UR points (at 5x), a prepaid card worth $100, and $90.95 in spend toward my Ink enrollment bonus.

    I’d suggest calling or stopping by your Office Max and see what the situation is where you live.

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