T-Day Giveaway #1: 22,000 Hyatt Points

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The first (and biggest) Thanksgiving Day Giveaway is 22,000 Hyatt Gold Passport points.  This is enough for a free night at any Hyatt Hotel around the world.  Some examples of top tier Hyatt hotels include places like Park Hyatt Sydney, Park Hyatt Tokyo, Park Hyatt Beaver Creek, Andaz Fifth Avenue, and Hyatt Regency London – Churchill.  Of course, you could also stretch out the points to get several nights in lower-tier Hyatts.  As a refresher, here is their award chart.

Category 1: 5,000 points

Category 2: 8,000 points

Category 3: 12,000 points

Category 4: 15,000 points

Category 5: 18,000 points

Category 6: 22,000 points

I would value 22,000 points between $330 – $440 dollars, although I have certainly redeemed them for even more than that.

To enter to win, just leave a comment on this post outlining how you would like to use 22,000 Hyatt points.  Limit one entry per person, must be 18+, void where prohibited, no dogs allowed, etc, etc.  Entries/comments must be left on this post by 11:59PM on Tuesday November 27th.

These points were provided to me by Hyatt since I am helping to judge their recently ended “Imagine the Possibilities” contest, so thank you to Hyatt for allowing me to give the points away!

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  1. I would use the points to stay at the Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome on my trip to Paris in January! I’m taking my mom there and it would be great to stay there as it’s my Mom’s first trip to Paris!

  2. HI, I am a 61 y/o mom who would love to use your gracias offer of hyatt points to take my baby(22) to Vancouver on the way to ski at Whistler this spring. Why this is so special is that I just beat breast cancer( by removing all of the invaders and surrounding tissues!). Due to ‘reconstucting’ problems over the past 7 months, I have had to cancel 2 trips( with points). I am now ready to live life to the fullest. There are more ‘deserving’ folks I am sure but just thought I would ask. Love your blog. Make sure all the older women in your life get their mamograms on time. Mary

  3. I would use them for one night at the soon-to-be opened Park Hyatt in New York on Central Park. The views from the hotel (and I’m sure the hotel itself) are going to be spectacular.

    Thank you!

  4. We are taking our grandchildren on a tour of the National Parks of the West this summer with stops in SF and Las Vegas. Those points would sure come in handy!

  5. I would use the points for a one night stay at the Park Hyatt Paris. I feel at the hotel you will get the best value for the points. When it is the busy season and the nights go for $1000 + there is no better feeling then walking into a hotel like the Park Hyatt Paris and know you got it for free using points.

    Happy Thanksgiving !

  6. I think the Grand Hyatt Erawan in Bangkok would be one of my top choices but I’m a bit fickle so I’d be scoping out all the great choices that are airfare compatible.

  7. I would love to use this at the Hyatt 48 Lex in NYC and top up 8000 points for a fabulous 2 night weekend stay with my husband and 4 year old daughter! Thank you! 🙂

  8. I loved my recent visit to San Francisco so much that I would use the points for another night at Park Hyatt San Francisco. The hotel is at the perfect location for lots of shopping at Union Square.

  9. My wife and I live in an old section of a major city in India where we work for a non-profit teaching English and organizing tutoring for slum children. A date night to the Hyatt in the nice part of town would be a big boost!

  10. I would use the points for my parents’ upcoming trip to New York. They would love a chance to stay at the Grand Hyatt New York!

  11. I’d go to the Palacio Duhau (Park Hyatt) in Buenos Aires. I’ve been dreaming of going to Argentina for years, and the opportunity to stay in a French style villa would be a dream come true!

  12. I would use them to take my mother who hasn’t flown anyone for a trip in over 12 years on a trip. For Christmas I am buying her a flight to a destination of her choice (w/ in the US) w miles I’ve been saving.

  13. I will (hopefully) be in London end of February. Would like to stay at the Hyatt Regency or Andaz there. Happy Thanksgiving, MP.

  14. Pick me mommy, pick me! I’ll take good care of the 22,000 points somewhere in Europe on my trip to Germany & Eastern Europe next year.

  15. Since my wife and I are still planning something for New Years, I’d use the points, if the hotel has availability; part of a few days stay in Russia or even Paris. So many options.

  16. I would use the 22,000 points for one night at the Hyatt Regency in Paris. My grandparents are going in the spring (I bought their plane tickets with miles) and I would give them one night in this hotel on their last night in Paris.

  17. I will use them to spoil my sister in Sydney, Australia who is a poor student supporting her husband through med school there. They are from Canada and we are visiting them in February.

  18. Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for u mommy points. I would stock those Hyatts points because I currently have none. Thanks to you I have banked over 400k in Hilton Honors points. Hyatt is my last untapped hotel frontier.

  19. i’m not sure where, but i’d love to use them on a category 6 hotel. i normally try to economize with points, but this would be a great excuse to splash out!

  20. I would use the points to stay at the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek. I’ve never been snow skiing before and I think a visit to Beaver Creek would be a fantastic way to start!

  21. I would use them to replenish my account after spending two award nights at the Park Hyatt Tokyo earlier this year and two more at the Park Hyatt (or is it Grand Hyatt?) Zurich still to come. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to you.

  22. I would definitely use the Hyatt points at the Park Hyatt Tokyo! I’ve never been there but all of the bloggers say its the bees knees!

  23. I would use them at the Park Hyatt Moscow. I think Russia would be a lot of fun, but right now I have a hard enough time getting Megan to go to Mexico. Park Hyatt is the only way it’s going to happen.

  24. I think I would use them to stay at the Park Hyatt in Zurich with my wife as part of our 20th anniversary trip – or maybe Paris or Milan.

  25. I’d love to use these for my upcoming honeymoon! I’m saving up Hyatt points/UR spending for use at the great Hyatt properties in Hawaii. This would be great and add another day!

  26. Hey, MP! I would certainly put these to good use. We just had a baby and haven’t slept since, so I’d use these points (in addition to the little I already have) to book a weekend getaway at the local Grand Hyatt and treat my wife to all the spa treatments she can wrap her head around (or the other way around)! 🙂

  27. I’d love to have an extra 22,000 Hyatt points. I’d combine them with my current plan to convert Chase Ultimate Rewards points to Hyatt for a stay at the Park Hyatt Paris Vendome.

  28. Park Hyatt Sydney looked awesome and would like to stay there on my next visit. But not sure when that will be so Paris might win out.

  29. Have booked our first trip to Europe next year with my wife and daughter. Would combine them with the few points I currently have and treat us to a couple nights at the Park Hyatt in Paris. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  30. I’d use the points to help cover a few nights at the Hyatt Regency Chicago to plan a long awaited reunion weekend for friends from the US, Europe, and Mexico. I celebrated my first Thanksgiving away from home with them while we lived in France and it was such a great experience to share an American tradition with them. Happy Thanskgiving to everyone here and abroad!

  31. tokyo, my friend hasn’t flown in years, i promised to save up enough miles to get us there october 2014, crazy, but she is a very special person to me. we are already planning the trip, going to hit all the pop culture sites we can. i dream about this trip. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  32. Going to meet my girlfriend in U.K after 8 months and after this meeting, we won’t see each other for a year.

    22k points would sure make for a special stay in Europe.


  33. I would like to go play with the beaver’s in the creek (aka Park Hyatt Beaver Creek)……and since its colorado, Snowboard in fresh powdery Snow!

  34. How will I use these points is an understatement! I could use them at any number of awesome Hyatts…Paris, Sydney, NYC! I want them! Happy Thanksgiving!

  35. I just got into this whole points thing and I LOVE your site! I would use the points at the Grand Hyatt Beijing. I am flying in on New Years Eve to meet up with my boyfriend who I haven’t seen in almost a year. I have been traveling around the world for 11 months as a Christian missionary, and he is in China teaching English. We have lots to celebrate (hopefully an engagement!) and we would love to be able to stay at a nice place but aren’t able to afford it. Please help! Thanks!

  36. Our one night in Milan at the beginning of our Italy trip next march. Strange that Hyatt has only one property in the whole country.

  37. There’s too many to list! Paris, Carmel, heck, I’d love to take the family back to San Antonio! Keep up the good work…thanks. 🙂

  38. I would probably use the points to help me be able to travel to various weddings I’m invited to all over the country in the next year.

  39. Senora Mommy Points,

    I would not use the points for some lame stay. I would take my wife to SFO for fleetweek in October 2013 and then have dinner at Betelnut with Mai Tais and get frisky.


  40. Thanks for the blog, Mommy Points! I also have a Little C, and I’d love to take her and her mom to Paris with a free Hyatt night!

  41. I’d like to surprise my wife with a trip to Sydney Australia and these 22k would provide the perfect stay at the Park Hyatt there.

  42. I would like to use the points to take my fiancee to Bali Hyatt where a free night runs only 5000 points. We would be able to stay for 4 nights there! She has never been to Asia so this would be a nice surprise for her. Happy thanksgiving everybody

  43. Now that I’m diamond thru a status match, I’d love those Hyatt points so I could splurge on a great Hyatt brand hotel in Paris or Tokyo with all the accompanying perks of diamond status!!! Love that hyatt breakfast benefit!!! Thanks & happy thanksgiving!!!

  44. I would use the points for a hotel in Europe when I take my new bride (who’s farthest trip from Boston before our honeymoon to SD was Knoxville, TN) over to Europe next year!

  45. In the middle of planning a trip to Japan now for in a few weeks. We wanted to stay at the Park Hyatt Tokyo so this would definitely help out!

  46. I would use the 22k points for one free night at the Park Hyatt Maldives and also get the Hyatt Visa card for 2 more free nights.

  47. The points would mean an extra night for my parents’ 40th anniversary trip to the Hyatt Grand Cypress resort in Florida.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  48. We would love to go and see our grandkids in Sacramento for Christmas. If we could stay at the Hyatt there, we would not be so crowded in their little 900 square foot bungalow. Thanks so much for offering these points.

  49. I’d love to use the points at the Park Hyatt Toronto as a getaway for my husband & I before our third child is born in June! (We don’t get to enjoy a lot of hotel nights by ourselves, obviously!)

  50. In 2014, maybe a trip to Poland. We’d stay at the Hyatt in Warsaw. Or maybe I’d have to read all the other comments and see which Hyatts are really popular.

  51. My fiancee and I are paying for our own wedding in February of 2013. We have saved every extra dollar for it. She thinks we can’t possibly afford a honeymoon because of it. I have been working extra hours to save something for a honeymoon to surprise her. I would love to use the Hyatt Points to help give us a great honeymoon! Thanks Mommy Points

  52. Grand Hyatt Kauai for me. Taking my first trip to Hawaii in two months and still have two nights of hotels left to book.

    Thank you!

  53. First, Happy Thanksgiving to all. Second, those Hyatt points would be used in Sydney as part of a trip I hope to take in 2013.

  54. I would love to have the 22000 hyatt points to book a night at the Grand Hyatt New York for my cousin as part of his honeymoon. 🙂

  55. I’d like to eventually use the points for a nice getaway, but for right now I desperately need Hyatt activity to extend the expiration clock on my current small stash. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

  56. My family is going to Russia in April. Would love to use the points to spend a night at the Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow. Hear its an outstanding hotel!

  57. Hi
    I’m a youthful retiree. Friends tell me I am a very savvy shopper. However, there is always more to learn.
    I discovered your blog a week ago. When I learned from you of the advantages of a Southwest Airline
    credit card I applied immediately….

    I’d like to give the 22,000 Hyatt Gold Passport points to daughter, Skye, and son-in-law, Chris, for a much needed first honeymoon.

    They wee married in 2001, but were forced to cancel their honeymoon due to unforseen circumstances.
    Eleven years later:. Skye has earned a bachelor’s degree while caring for their 2 kids with ADHD. There there are no jobs where they live in Long Beach, MS. so funds are limited She is a full-time mom (and sometimes dad), since Chris is an enlistee in the US Navy. He has had five deployments during their marriage. Thankfully (my words, not his) a work injury has short-stopped the Navy’s plans to send him on a third tour to Afghanistan. As a result, he is able to spend Christmas with the family.

    If you were to share these points, I would be thrilled to fly from San Diego to Long Beach to care for kids while they take a much needed get-away.

    Thanks for your considerations
    Shirley Hulett

  58. Park Hyatt Tokyo. Already have reservation for 2 free nights with Hyatt card and rather not spend another night at a cheapie hotel

  59. Although I would love to use these at Park Hyatt or Hyatt Vacation Club in Beavercreek Colorado, we need some free nights in Phoenix. We have family that just moved cross country to Phoenix in July and will not be able to travel back for a long time because the move was expensive and they have too many pets to affordably board. We are trying to visit them in the first part of 2013 as they could really use the boost. We could as well because we used to see them so often and they had to leave when our son just turned a year and he is growing up so fast.

  60. My girlfriend and I would use it to stay at the Hyatt in Amman next summer! We are working at an orphanage in Beirut for several months and I am planning on asking her to marry me in Amman!

  61. I am slowly piecing together a trip to Aruba. I am finishing up the airtran card for credits for the flight and these 22000 points would be a great start for collecting enough points for a 5 night stay at the Hyatt regency there. I am relatively new to point harvesting and would like to thank you for all your pointers.

  62. I need to get back to Aruba and take wifey to the Hyatt. She still complains that our trip 20 years ago, while staying next Door at the Holiday Inn (staring at the Hyatt) still bothers her until this day ! I need to silence this issue !

  63. This would push me to try Hyatt over Hilton. I see how you all love the Hyatt and the points that come witht he card. I just haven’t been able to leave Hlton since I have Diamond there.

  64. I would combine them with my current hyatt gp points and take my lovely bride of 5 years on the proper honeymoon that I never took her on.

  65. I’m planning a trip to the UK, France, and Japan, and can definitely use the points to help with hotel stays! Happy Turkey Day!

  66. Hi,

    I would use them to redeem at the Hyatt
    Boston Logan Airport for a room with two queen beds for my family of four to visit family next summer.


  67. I always stay at the Hilton hotels, but would like to try Hyatt. My husband and I used to live in K.S.A. a long time ago, so I would like to go to “Park Hyatt Jeddah” and see how the city has changed in 25 years!

  68. P.S. Lots of people seem to like to stay at Andaz Maui next year. Well, I live next door and it is nowhere near completion. I doubt it will be open next summer.

  69. It’s our 20th Anniversary this year and we are taking the family (6 of us! ) to Europe. Sure could use the points for our dream trip!

  70. I’m prepping for a first-ever Europe trip. I’d use it for a night at the Park Hyatt Paris for my first night in the city!

  71. 22,000 points! That is amazing! I would use the points for some much needed r and r for the hubs! Between his job in the oil fields and his national guard position, the man NEVER gets a break!

  72. I would love to use the points at the Hyatt in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan…… in Central Asia. I would love to see this city on the old Silk Road, and the Hyatt there would make this experience even better!

  73. I booked a ticket (using airline miles) to Miami for the days between Christmas and New Years–foolishly–before booking a hotel. Having sent out dozens of inquiries to lower cost hotels and apartment rentals, I’m starting to panic that I can’t afford to stay anywhere. I would use the points toward a hotel room anywhere in South Florida that is relatively close to Miami. Thanks for doing this!

  74. I wouldn’t be going too far since I have little ones, but I would definately get a babysitter for the weekend and use the points toward a night at Carmel Highlands!

  75. I’d love to use the points at the Park Hyatt Paris Vendome – I’m dying to take my wife on a honeymoon but we’re tight on cash – these points would make it much more doable for us!

  76. I’d like to take my daughter to CA and use these points to stay at the Andaz West Hollywood.
    It would be a dream come true for her as she’s convinced we’d bump into Justin Bieber!

  77. Park Hyatt Sydney. How could you not be in love with that Harbour view, the clean air and the magic that is that city during summer.

  78. I would love to use the points, but, it is the season for giving so I would give them to my Brother In Law and Wife for a weekend getaway.

  79. I’m saving my points for my 50ieth birthday in August. I’d like my friends and I to have a few posh nights at the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and Spa. We’re all coming from destinations worldwide, too.

  80. I’d either use them for a honeymoon that my new wife and I just had to cancel due to an unexpected surgery OR for use in Sochi in 2014 if they have that Hyatt open by then… now that I got my 100k bonus CC points and am done with that fiasco! Thanks

  81. MP~There is a wonderful Hyatt regency chesapeake bay in cambridge Maryland that we spent one night at last summer-would love to return! Thanks for all you do for your readers!

  82. Wow! Great contest. I would use the points for my family to stay at the Park Hyatt in Washington DC. My kids love DC! Happy Thanksgiving all!

  83. I love love to use them and stay 5 nights at the Bali Hyatt. We stayed there just over a year ago, and would love to go back!

  84. My girlfriend and Iplan on backpacking from Madrid through Basque, surf bordeaux and end in Paris this summer. How awesome would it be to be able to kick our feet up at the Hyatt Regency Paris after weeks of hiking and sleeping in hostels?

  85. I am going to a wedding in Sacramento in March~~ I need to stay 3 nights so I would do 2 nights at Hyatt Place Sacramento and 1 night at Hyatt Regency Sacramento!! Woohoo!!!

  86. I would love to add an extra day with my wife on our virtually “free” 30th aniversary trip to the Grand Hyatt Kauai (upgraded to suite of course) all points gained so far with the knowledge I gained from Mommy Points. A year ago this would have been out of reach!!!

  87. I would love to use it to treat my parents to a trip to Amsterdam. It has been a dream of theirs to go someday. A stay at the Hyatt would definitely be the icing of the cake!

  88. I would use them for multiple weekend trips! I just moved to a new state started a new job, so I don’t have much vacation time. I want to take some time to see everything this part of the country has to offer! 🙂

  89. Hi! If I were you I would give the points to Mary, who just beat cancer. As for myself, I have had such terrible last year with my ex-husband and young child that I just need a break. I can’t really afford to take one, but I just have to get away and have some time to myself. So, if you gave me the points I would drive to the nearest Hyatt, stay for 2 nights, sleep, and dream.

  90. That’s a tough one… we would want to use the points at the Park Hyatt Maldives, but after reading your review of the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines, I think we would rather take a family vacation there with our two year old, and have some great Texas BBQ as well 🙂

  91. I would love to use them at the Park Hyatt Tokyo. We already have booked the hotel but have been thinking about adding another night to that portion of the trip so this would certainly come in handy!!