US Airways Dividend Miles Daily Deal is Pretty Much Done

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For the last few months, an easy way to get a few US Airways miles was to make a purchase via their Dividend Miles Daily Deals site since your first purchase earned you a 500 mile bonus.  You could then refer your friends and family members, and get 500 miles for each person you referred who made a purchase.  There were sometimes magazine subscriptions that could be purchased for $4 – $5, so it was basically a very cheap way to generate some miles. You also earned 5 miles per dollar for the purchase, but the real value for most people was in the referral bonuses.

This morning I saw a deal for a $5 subscription to Inc magazine, so I was going to share the news since that is a very cheap way to get 500 miles for your first purchase.  However, I didn’t post it when I saw that the site is in the process of changing from a Dividend Miles site to a “Zupendous” site.  Most importantly, it looks like now instead of earning miles for referrals and purchases, you will be earning Zupendous “Deal Dollars” that have nothing to do with miles.  Boo!

The real reason I am sharing this info now is that I got an email today stating that someone I had referred (probably months ago) made their first purchase today, and I would be earning 500 miles for that referral.  Assuming that email is true, maybe it is not too late to earn miles if you already registered when the site was strictly a Dividend Miles site, but you never made your first purchase.  I cannot promise you at all that it will work (so I probably wouldn’t try it unless you want Inc magazine), but wanted to share the news in case in is helpful for someone out there.  At the very least, you can start ignoring the emails you get from that daily deals site (or better yet, just use the link at the bottom of each email to unsubscribe), if your primary purpose in watching the deals to earn miles.


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  1. Unfortunately my miles from the first deal I bought didn’t post. Maybe because I didn’t redeem the subscription. Well lost $10 but that’s just one of the costs of playing the game

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