Review: Park Hyatt Zurich and a Few Hours in Switzerland

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On the Star MegaDo 4 we had the opportunity to stay for one night at the Park Hyatt Zurich. It was the only one of the hotels on the Do that was “optional” due to the pretty hefty price tag that came with the reservation. However, at the launch party I immediately pulled out my laptop and reserved a room on points within seconds of the date/location being announced. And then I passed my computer around to others who did the same…

The Park Hyatt Zurich is a top-tier Category 6 Hyatt which means that it cost 22,000 points for one night. That is a bunch of points, but in my mind this hotel deserves to be a top tier Hyatt. Even with dozens of Hyatt Diamonds taking over the hotel on the SMD4 they managed to take care of us very well. If I had booked with dollars the room would have been over $500USD last time I checked, so 22,000 points was a good value that returned well over 2 cents per point.



The hotel knew that a bus load of us were set to arrive, but they had a small Swiss army out there to meet us. It was the most efficient process I have seen on a group trip as they had an envelope with information and our keys ready to hand out. Not only that, but they had people lined up to direct us to the elevators, escort us to our rooms, and help ensure we knew how to operate the lights (yes, the lights). I actually turned down an escort to my room as I figured I could figure it out….ha ha. I did figure out how to work the lights, but it took a few minutes fumbling in the dark to get it right!

The lobby is very open and large, but I found the chairs and tables near the fireplace to be very cozy and welcoming…especially given the outside temperature in Switzerland!




The Room:

The room reminded me a lot of my room at the Park Hyatt Chicago, with a similar bathroom/bathtub layout. The siting area next to the bed that allows you to look out of the large windows and onto the street was my favorite spot in the room. Well, truthfully as tired as I was on this trip I think my favorite place was the bed. I fell asleep instantly when I laid on the bed, and didn’t move or hear a thing until my alarm went off at 4AM so that I could catch an early morning flight.




I liked that the room had a power adapter so that I could charge my devices without any issue. I think I had one packed somewhere in my bag, but I saw theirs before I was able to uncover my own.

The bathtub had bath salts and upgraded soaps available, and I very much took advantage of just sitting in the tub for a few minutes. I honestly have no complaints about the room. It was great.




The Service:

The service at this hotel was truly top-notch. Sure, they knew we were a group of frequent travelers, but often when I travel with a group, service takes a slight dip due to trying to meet all of our concerns. At this hotel I felt like I was the only one there. I called down late at night to ask how hard it would be to get a taxi at 5AM, and they said it would be no issue as they would ensure one was there. It was. and I was even called five minutes before the requested time to be informed it was there and ready for me. I ordered room service to be delivered at 4:30AM, and the knock on the door was exactly at 4:30AM. The meal was taken off of my bill without my prompting due to my Diamond benefits. I honestly thought I would be charged for it since Diamond benefits don’t always apply in the same way on MegaDos, but the only charge was the tip that I added.

The reception they put on for us was truly over the top: amazing meats, cheeses, and drinks. I know this isn’t something that is normally available at the hotel on an average trip, but it is a good example of just how insane the food, service, and atmosphere is at this hotel.




While at the Park Hyatt Zurich I really felt like I stepped out of my own life, and walked and into some sort of Bond movie (minus all the guns and explosions). It just felt so luxurious and exciting. Okay, now I sound like a nerd from East Texas again.

Out and about in Zurich:

We had a very small window of time from when we arrived at the hotel in Zurich and when the evening hosted reception was scheduled to begin, but that didn’t stop me from wanting to at least see a little bit of Zurich. So, I went with about a dozen other people on the trip for a stroll through the town to get some raclette (basically a special cheese you melt on things) at Swiss Cuchi.

We learned that most places that serve raclette are not open in the middle of the afternoon, but since that was our only chance we went for one of the few restaurants that was available. I was not in charge of making the reservations, but my understanding is that the concierge at the Park Hyatt was helpful in this endeavor.

The walk to the restaurant was awesome as we passed many beautiful (and very expensive) shops and got to cross over the Limmat River to get to Old Town. The twin towers of Grossmunster that date back to the 12th or 13th century were quite impressive. This part of town just felt magical.






The raclette experience was really fun. Our group enjoyed some wine, and we seem to get a kick out of cooking our various meats and veggies and then covering them in cheese. I barely put a dent in the literal sack of potatoes that I was given. I think my portion of the meal came to about $60USD, so it wasn’t cheap, but since we were there for a couple hours I felt like I got my money’s worth.





I absolutely intend on returning to Zurich as my visit was only about 16 hours long (including sleep), and that was entirely too short.  Have you been to the Park Hyatt Zurich or even just the city of Zurich?  What were your favorite parts?  What tips do you have for those who may want to visit Zurich in the future?

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  1. My wife and I spent a day in Zurich before driving to stay with some friend in Munich for Oktoberfest a couple years back. We really loved our time there. We did find the city to be a little pricey but we enjoyed it.

  2. Cool – all those pixs make me want to fly to Zurich!

    Wait-a-sec I am flying there with 8 scouts in February and it turns out we are all using a cache of miles (30k for each of us) from the last Grand Slam. Could be an annual event as we still have another half million Dividend Miles in inventory.

  3. I would love to hear tales of Switzerland since we will be going there next year and as I understand- Zurich is just the tip of the iceberg. We will be doing point stays at: Zurich, Lucerne, Davos, and Lugano. Any suggestions for a hotel in the Interlaken area would be appreciated.

  4. Dear Mommypoints
    I’m glad you liked the city. Since I live nearby I get the opportunity to spend a few days in Zurich every year. My favourite spot for a drink is Café Schober ( The best deal in the city is the “9 o’clock pass” with which you can use all public transportation in the canton of Zurich after 9 am or all day on the weekends. Right now it’s about $25 per day. It includes all the boats on the river and the lake as well as the train that takes you up to “Uetliberg”(about 20 minute train ride from Zurich main station) for a gorgeous view of the alps and the city. Of course all other public transportation is included tooMy other favourite spot in the city is “Lindenhof” from where you a great view over the river and the old town. Getting there is half the fun since you walk through a really nice and quiet part of the old town.

  5. when in the Interlaken area I would suggest not to stay in the city itsef unless for travel convenience. I would suggest to stay in Beatenberg (about 20 minutes from Interlaken by bus). I stayed at the Alphotel Eiger this year and it was amazing (great rooms, very nice view of Eiger/Moench/Jungfrau, lovely owners). Here you will get the true Swiss experience if you ask me (though no points can be used). Let me know if there is anything else you would like to know.

  6. I was just in CH for 3 weeks for work, based out of Solothurn (a small town about 1.5hr train ride West of Zurich), but I spent quite a bit of time in Zurich. Take a bus/train/excursion to Jungfraujoch if you like mountains – there are several that leave from Zurich and Lucerne. Also, there are tours that will take you to Rapperswil (or you can take a train/ferry) which is an older Swiss town with the small charm – but it is a bit touristy.

    If you plan on taking trains, get the SBB mobile app for iPhone (at least), and buy/show your train tickets on your mobile phone. If you plan on spending more than ~$300 CHF on train tickets (which is very easy), get the half-fare card from SBB (or a railpass in the states).

  7. Stayed there last month (free award with Hyatt credit card) and found the service excellent but otherwise the guest room and hotel itself was nice but nothing special. My Platinum status didn’t even garner a bowl of fruit in the room (the bowl and knife/fork were there but bowl empty). Best rate for the night I was there was 850 swiss francs so someone must like the hotel but I didn’t find it worth anything near that amount. Good location and great for a free redemption though.

  8. Love Zurich and the PH there, one of my favorite (albeit expensive) cities! Strolling around the old town and sitting at an outdoor cafe are my favorite ways to pass the time there.

    Next time, take the funicular (costs only a few CHF, automated machine doesn’t take regular credit cards) up to the university area. There is a good lookout of the old town and nice plaza areas to relax under trees (in the summertime, at least!).

    Another fun way to pass time is to walk over to the lake area next to the ferris wheel, buy some food from the sausage vendors, and sit on the steps next to the lake and enjoy the scenery.

    Now I’m itching to go back!

  9. For the short trip that Zurich was, you certainly were able to squeeze a lot in that time to be able to give a sense of place, well done. However, chocolates were not even mentioned, it must have been the jet lag! Nice report, thanks.

  10. Looks wonderful. I haven’t been back to Zurich in probably 15 years but it’s a great town; though hella expensive

  11. For those that feel Zurich is “a little pricey”/”hella expensive”, stay away from Geneva, it’s even worse! That being said, it’s still a beautiful city —-

  12. Thanks for the review. I’ll be staying there for four nights at the end of the year, courtesy of my Hyatt CC and some UR points.

  13. I want to go to Zurich, too! I am trying to plan a less than 24 hour lay over with award miles on United. I don’t know if I can pull it off because I’m so inexperienced…but I’m gonna try! Looks absolutely marvelous!

  14. Thanks for those with Switzerland recs! I hope to return for several days, but Zurich is a good city for a less than 24 hour stopover as well (for those who want a “free” stop). It was a great city and a solid use of Hyatt, UR, or Hyatt cc free nights!

  15. My mind may be in the gutter, but please fix the name of the cheese place in your write-up from your Zurich tour. You’re a family blog right?? 🙂

    All kidding aside. Sounds like an amazing, albeit quick trip. Very jealous.

  16. I don’t understand your logic when you say: “If I had booked with dollars the room would have been over $500USD last time I checked, so 22,000 points was a good value that returned well over 2 cents per point.”

    But on their website, Hyatt is currently selling 22,000 points for USD 528 which is 2.4 cents/point – pretty much the same as your return.

    If Hyatt values the points the same as you do, how is it a good deal?

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