Shots From a “Sort of” Mileage Run

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I don’t do many mileage runs – I guess technically I don’t (or at least haven’t) done any pure mileage runs as I take the destination into consideration, and would rather pay a little more to see something interesting. If I am going to be traveling, I want to at least do a little along the way. That meant that when decent fares to Maui popped up a while back I grabbed one. It was roughly the number of miles I needed to hit United Platinum status this year, and who could argue with getting to spend a night in Maui.

Here is what a day in the life of a mileage run looked for me.

Great United pilots that encouraged us to listen in on Channel 9.  Love, love, love this.


A festive crew that encouraged folks to get into the Hawaii spirit and have a mai tai!


This was actually not bad.


The movie about bike messengers on the other hand…..


Hertz apologized they had no mid-sized cars and asked if a convertible would do.  Um, I think so.


It was about 1AM my time when this photo was taken and I had been traveling all day, but if someone gives you a lei you have to put it on – right?!


It was tempting to crawl right into bed and listen to the waves.


But a midnight snack of a “Honolulu Roll” was in order.


After a few great hours of sleep I was wide awake in time to see sunrise.

And drink guava juice in the Regency Club.


Time to enjoy my few hours in paradise before hopping on a plane and flying the 9-10 hours back home.  This sort of sort-of mileage run is ridiculous, but a taste of paradise gets all that much more excited to bring my family back here for real.  Time to earn enough points for a “real vacation”!

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  1. That looks like an “Ocean Suite”. How did you manage to score that? I can’t imagine you used a Confirmed Suite Upgrade for a one-night mileage run trip.

    If you are gonna mileage run though, can’t pick a much better place to do it than to Hawaii. I can’t understand some of the people who do it and then turn around on the same plane. At least stay a night when you are at one of the most beautiful places on earth!!!!

  2. @gregory: I was one of those 2-hour turnarounds at HNL. It just had the lowest cost per mile when I needed to crank out miles for Executive Platinum in a hurry. Fun story though.

  3. Oh, my! This does sound a bit ridiculous, as you said it yourself :)Hopefully next time you’ll stay in Wailea side, and not in Kaanapali. It hardly ever rains here, so your chance to get a perfect holiday weather is much more likely.
    Enjoyed your pics,but your Mai Tai looks very watered down, lol!

  4. Greogorygrady, it is the ocean suite that I confirmed with a diamond upgrade. I had one left (my husband and I are both Diamond, so we get 8 a year). It was a better use than letting it go to waste! I couldn’t imagine turning right back around and going home with paradise oh so close.
    Bill, makes sense, but would kill me!
    Jon, I have actually heard the opposite. However, this was a regional upgrade from a friend who had it expiring.
    HK, the mai tai tasted uber strong! If it was watered down, I sure couldn’t tell. Weather was beautiful here today. Can’t complain.
    Cosgwell, all depends on the fare you get. Most folks do it for the elite qualifying miles more than the redeemable miles, but there were some $300 – $450 Hawaii flights this year (even from East Coast) that were quite the bargain.
    Brian, indeed. It is a little embarassing (didn’t even tell my parents til this week), but it is certainly magical. The world is there waiting.
    CU, 😉

  5. I second Wailea for a Maui vacation as the best weather and beaches are in South Maui. If you must pay for accommodations and are short on cash, Kihei (next to Wailea) is very affordable with a lot of very inexpensive condos, tho it definitely does NOT have the resort feel like Wailea or Ka’anapali.

  6. System glitch.

    Was saying that a Maui mileage run is way too dangerous to do. Anderson Cooper recently went blind from getting sunburn on his eyeballs from exposure to too much sun, water and sand. You would be better off outsourcing Maui mileage runs to us better prepared professionals!

  7. Just don’t get expectations too high for Plat upgrades, Uncle Jeff is looking to sell all the upgrades he can.
    But that said if you are traveling on Saturdays etc you are probably good. No MR for 1K?

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