Ins and Outs of the Ultimate Rewards Shopping Portal

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Sometimes I make the mistake of assuming some things I write about on a regular basis are “common knowledge”, but just because some of us live, breathe, and eat miles and points, doesn’t mean that there aren’t also folks reading who are brand new to this world or don’t yet know all the ins and outs.  I want to keep a balance of writing to those who are new, and those who have been around a little bit longer.  So along those lines, I am going to devote a post just to the Ultimate Rewards Shopping portal.  Those who are more advanced in their miles and points journey likely know much of this, but hopefully this info can serve as a good resource for others.

Who can access the Ultimate Reward Shopping Portal?

This Ultimate Reward shopping portal is available to those who have Chase credit cards that earn Ultimate Reward points.  Some popular examples are Chase Sapphire Preferred Card, Chase Freedom, Ink Plus Business Card, and Ink Bold Business Card.  If you have a card like those that earns Ultimate Reward points, then you can go to and log-in using your online credit card log-in.

What is the Ultimate Reward Shopping Portal?

The part of the portal that I utilize the most is the feature that allows you to click through to popular merchants like Gap, Kohls, Pottery Barn, Target, Home Depot, etc. and earn up to 10 extra points per dollar (and sometimes even more than that) for a purchase I was going to make anyway.  At 10x, that turns a $100 purchase that might otherwise only earn 100 points into one that earns 1,100 points (10x plus the original 1x).  That is a huge difference for only a very small amount of extra “work”.  The portal also allows you to look and see what purchases you have earned points for in the past, so you will know what bonus points to expect on your next statement.

How does it work?

If you have more than one Chase card that earns Ultimate Reward points, then you will need to select which account you want to earn points with when you log-in.  A lot of times the payouts for each type of Ultimate Rewards account are the same regardless of which card you log-in with, but there are some times when the payouts are higher with one card or another.  You can manually check each payout by logging in with your various Ultimate Rewards earning cards, or you can use a website like to quickly compare.

Once you log-in with a card that earns Ultimate Rewards, click on the “earn faster” option at the top of the screen.

I select “Browse by Merchant” from that drop-down and then you get all of the available merchants listed in alphabetical order.

Once you find the merchant you want, click on the retailer’s name, and you will be taken to a screen that verifies how many bonus points per dollar you will earn for your purchase, as well as any restrictions or rules associated with that merchant.

Sometimes there are rules surrounding buying or using gift cards or prohibiting certain products or coupon codes.  Sometimes those rules are enforced as written, and sometimes they aren’t.  It never hurts to try going through a portal, but be aware that if you try placing an order using a coupon code/gift card, or for a product that is expressly forbidden from earning bonus points then it may very well not work.  The overwhelming majority of my online purchases are eligible, but every now and then I hit one that isn’t.

Once you click through the screen with the rules and restrictions, you are taken to the retailer’s website that will look identical to how it would have if you would have just gone there directly without going through the Ultimate Rewards portal.

When do I get my points?

Your points usually post with the next statement (unless the transaction is made close to the end of your billing month).  However, you can track the points much faster as they are often in a pending state listed on the website within a week or so.  I also get emails shortly after the points show as pending on the Ultimate Rewards portal.  You can view the points you have earned via the shopping portal by month by clicking on “Rewards Activity” and then selecting “Ultimate Rewards Mall & Travel Earnings”.

The Ultimate Rewards shopping mall gives these tips to help make sure you get all the points you deserve:

  • You must go directly from Ultimate Rewards Mall to a participating merchant’s website to be able to earn extra points.
  • Check the merchant’s terms and conditions before making a purchase to determine eligibility to earn extra points.
  • Be sure to complete your purchase before you click away from the merchant’s website.
  • Only use coupons or promotion codes from the Ultimate Rewards Mall and no other sites.
  • Make sure your browser settings are not blocking cookies for participating merchant websites.

How often do the point payouts change?

The points payouts for different retailers typically update monthly, but often only some change payouts while many stay in the same range.  The large payouts are often the ones that don’t stick around for very long, but even that can vary.  I usually post on the 1st of each month to give an update on some of the best payouts for the upcoming month.

What to do with all these Ultimate Reward points?

You can use UR points for a number of things, but what most miles and points junkies find to be the greatest value is to transfer them at a rate of 1:1 to hotel and airline partners that include Hyatt, United, British Airways, Marriott, Southwest, IHG Rewards, etc.  In particular, I transfer most of mine to United and Hyatt as I get the most value out of those redemptions.

Overall impressions:

My family earns tens of thousands of Ultimate Reward points each year by making our online purchases through shopping portals like this one.  I think overall the Ultimate Rewards Shopping Mall is the best one out there.  The payouts are often (but not always) the best, the points post pretty consistently, and the customer service is more responsive than many other shopping portals.  If you don’t yet have a card that earns Ultimate Rewards and/or you don’t yet use the online Ultimate Rewards Shopping Mall, then I suggest you rectify that situation as soon as you can.  Once you get in the habit, making your purchases through a shopping portal becomes second nature and the points start adding up in a hurry.

I’d love for other UR portal veterans to chime in with any tips or suggestions that I have left out.  Also, please feel free to ask any questions!


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  1. I think that sometimes a code from another website works and sometimes it doesn’t. E-bags is the worst – sometimes they have a good price via an email, but if you try to go through UR, the price is much more. With other merchants, it seems ok. Today I made a purchase on (fyi Narcisco Rodriguez is on sale for a fraction of the price). I added a code from Slick Deals (NEWYEAR20) to reduce the price a further ridiculous 20% – and it seemed to “take.” I guess I’ll know in a few days whether the UR points (10x in addition to the 5x for Kohl’s 4th quarter) post.

  2. (p.s. I guess the ridiculous Nacisco Rodriguez pricing might’ve been a mistake, because prices seem to have just increased 4x) – glad I bought all those shirts and sweaters for 5-8 bucks earlier today. And, since I spent $50, I should get 750 UR points….

  3. Good info, a few months ago I used chase card to get a gift card and used it at ( bought a $1k gift card) and turned it into 20K miles. And made a profit on the survival food I got from ( thanks to the end of the world frenzy)

    The extra 20k miles puts my trip to s.e. asian up to first class using my miles on United.

  4. Not a good day to mention UR Mall to me. I tried to pm Chase about three transactions that have not posted. I did everything right such as pay with SP, nothing already in the shopping cart, did not leave the window open too long etc. Chase basically blew me off. They said they would help me when I got my email confirmations. Well I am not going to get a confirmation if there was a problem. Ugh. Makes me want to stop shopping there but I need UR points for a future trip.

  5. Another good note that has affected me in the past… This won’t work with Safari. If you use a mac you must use firefox. Something about them not being able to track in Safari. They do credit the points, but it’s more work to call.

  6. Thx @solrebel. Is the option for store pickup on the checkout page? I have only purchased gift cards through the UR mall for presents, and had them shipped.

  7. One thing to mention. When things go wrong with miles portals, UR (Chase) is so much easier to work with than UA, for example. You can secure message Chase and get the points posted, versus with UA where you have to fight with Cartera.

  8. I have a shopping portal question, but us about Hawaiian’s, if you don’t mind me asking? 🙂 They are the only hotel/air/travel company that offers points with amazon. I have a few subscribe and save accounts through amazon (mainly diapers and wipes). Do you have any idea if you, for example, go to the Amazon website, via Hawaiian’s portal, and sign up for your subscribe and save there, if you will get points each month the order goes through? I doubt it does, but I just wanted to see if anyone knows for sure! Hopefully that makes sense!

  9. Thank you for the helpful presentation. I previously used AA’s shopping portal and was frustrated with the reliability, although it has improved. Hardly a problem with UR. I do like to visit first, though, as it compares the rewards on several portals to help determine which is best to use for a particular transaction.

  10. Thank you! We just got approved for a couple of UR cards, so this post was very timely. I do have a question, though. If we use the Sapphire Preferred (which gets 2x on travel) to book an airline ticket though Travelocity on the UR portal (which is also 2x), does that mean we get the 2x bonus twice then?

  11. Just to make sure I have this straight, am I correct that to get the extra points you just go through the shopping portal – nothing to register for?

    I ask because I saw this:

    which should link to an explanation of how you do need to register to get the Chase Freedom 5X for certain categories for Q1.

    BTW, does Chase Sapphire have a similar first quarter 5X which I can register for?

    Thanks from a relative newcomer! Happy New Year!

  12. Question: You say you “get emails shortly after the points show as pending on the Ultimate Rewards portal.” How do I sign up to get email notifications like that? I don’t see it anywhere on the Chase site…

  13. Just started researching this whole world of points and its fascinating! Thanks for the tips, I am devouring all your content – great stuff PLUS I live in Houston which makes some of your content even more relevant to me. Thanks!!!

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