5, 4, 3, 2, 1…… Time’s Up!

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It’s the end of the month and the end of the year, so time’s up tonight for lots of different things.  Here is a quick and dirty rundown just to make sure you aren’t accidentally overlooking something that you will be kicking yourself for tomorrow.

  • Today is the deadline for elite qualifying miles/hotel nights/etc. for 2013 elite status.  Hopefully you have already planned in advance for this, but in some cases you can open your wallets to buy what you still need…..at a serious price.  For example, I could buy elite qualifying miles with United today at the rock bottom price of around 20 cents per mile!  (insert sarcasm) Good to have that option, but be prepared to pay a premium.
  • Deadline for Q4 Chase Freedom Visa purchases in the 5x bonus categories of hotels, airlines, Kohls, and Best Buy.  You must have already activated the 4th quarter 5x bonus to get credit, but don’t leave points on the table if you need anything from one of these retailers in the near future.
  • Ultimate Rewards shopping bonuses also will update on 1/1, so if one of your favorite retailers has a high payout right now, then plan accordingly if you have some purchases to make.
  • Deadline for the $200 annual Amex Platinum airline fee credit (remember the Mercedes Benz version also qualifies).  Check out this post for some ideas on how you may still be able to utilize the annual credit.
  • 50% bonus on purchased American Airlines miles ends tonight – more details on Points, Miles, and Martinis
  • BMI is officially no more as of today – View From the Wing and Ghetto IFE have more on that.
  • There were rumors that some of my favorite credit cards that rhyme with “link” were to see a spending increase come the end of the year.  I believe the rumor enough to have applied myself earlier this month.  I haven’t been able to 100% confirm when the official end date on the lower spending requirements will be, but there has had a a change in policy and affiliates are no longer able to post about an official end date for offers from certain banks, so even if I knew, I sadly couldn’t spell it out as clearly as I wish.  I’ll still continue to share as much as possible about upcoming changes in offers, but don’t expect near as many “X offer is ending on Y date – act now” type posts.

Those of you who are heading out for New Year’s Eve tonight, be safe and have a drink for me.  I’ll be snuggled up on my couch and/or bed.  Possibly sipping hot tea next to a nice fire.  My how life changes.  😉  Here’s to a great 2013 and a new year of great deals for all of us!

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  1. Matt, thanks for that reminder!
    Kathy, great reminder and happy New Years!
    Daniel, thanks!
    Simon, I could see how you would guess that, but just plain old sick…thanks toddler germs! Hence the trip to the ER today and staying home sipping tea. No celebratory champagne today….maybe I’ll take a rain check for later in the week. 😉

  2. Happy New Year! So I was lazy (I admit it,) and didn’t get around to charging anything airline related on my Amex Platinum until December. I did a test $50 to see if it was reimbursed 12/15, and it was, but then didn’t go for the rest of the $200 amount until 12/28. The fee got reimbursed, which is good, but it didn’t post on my Amex statement until 1/1 – so do you think that will count toward 2013 reimbursement? Thanks!

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