Crazy 50K – 100K Amex Offers Going on Right Now (Offer Now Dead)

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Update: The offer now appears to be dead.  Congrats to those who got in.  Hopefully it is just the first of many great deals in 2013.  As is typical, you gotta act quickly.  😉


Not sure how long this will last, so I wanted to briefly share some crazy stuff that is going on with Amex offers right now.  Via Travel Summary, if you go to and put your info in to search for “offers matched for you” on the upper left of the screen then many, many folks are getting offers for 100,000 Membership Reward Points from American Express Platinum cards after spending $3,000 in the first three months (comes with $450 annual fee) and offers for 50,000 Membership Reward points from Premier Rewards Gold cards after spending $1,000 in the first three months ($175 annual fee waived the first year).

This is just crazy, and while the site states that it has offers none other has, this just smells too good to be true.  I can’t personally vouch for this (these are not my affiliate links), but others are getting approvals and I have no reason to think it isn’t good other than it just seems too good to last for long!

When you enter your info on you can leave off your SSN.  You can save that for the Amex site.  I personally was offered both of the offers listed above, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet myself.  I’m at least going to sleep on it.  However, if you want in for sure you might want to move quicker than that.

You can follow this Flyertalk thread for more details.

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  1. You can have a current Amex card – the language usually says this:
    Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have had this product within the last 12 months or any Consumer ZYNC®, Green or Gold Card account within the last 90 days.

  2. @askia: i got an amex spg card in august and got instant approval just now for platinum.

    I never had gold or platinum

  3. The way I read that 90 day language, I think it’s possible you wouldn’t get both the 50k and 100k if you applied for both on the same day. But I got approved for the 100k no problem, e-mails from Amex look just fine despite the slightly edgy design of

  4. Be aware that when you go to that AMEX offer look at the disclaimer:

    “Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have had this product within the last 12 months or any Consumer ZYNC®, Green or Gold Card account within the last 90 days.”

    Would go for it but as a current holder of a Premier Rewards Gold don’t believe I would qualify…

  5. Approved instantly! Just did a big churn in December as well! This was the SINGLE biggest regret from 2012 when my wife was sent a direct mailer and we passed thinking $450 was insane…then we learned about ways to recoup $200/yr in fees… REDEMPTION!!

  6. I just spoke with Amex customer service since I just missed the boat on this (got my plat just a few days ago). I called and politely asked if there was some kind of adjustment that could be made, told them I had the amex application for 100K MR in front of me, but they claimed it’s not a current offer, it expired back in August and all the people who have called/applied will NOT be receiving the 100K MR. They said they’ve been dealing with this all day.

    Has anyone heard this? I’m so confused. How can they NOT hold this up after people are paying $450 for the card? Or maybe they’re just telling me this instead of “sorry but we can’t give you an adjustment”?

  7. Holy cow batman. But the $450 annual fee!?!? How do you recop and justify this? Still a newbie at Chrum and starting with fee 1st or no fees. But 179 and 450? Wowser

  8. Just clicked on the “apply” button to go to AMEX site and got the ole’ “We apologize that the offer you are looking for may no longer be available.” page. Nice :-/

  9. Depending what you use it on. You can get $200 credit on airline gift cards.

    I would transfer the 100 MR to Avoid during 40% to 50% bonus. Easier than the 20k spend on the chase BA card.

    A round-trip from Boston to Dublin is 50k on Aerial Lingus plus taxes and fees.

    A round-trip from JFK to Vancouver on Cathay Pacific in business class is 50k or 75k for first class plus taxes and fees.

    To me that more than makes up the fee, not to mention the lounge access and other bonuses.

    I am not signing up though, since my income is low and I don’t want amex to fr my account.

  10. Approved instantly. The new account customer service rep was either a good actor or truly surprised at the bonus when we spoke over the phone.

  11. I’m in the same boat as Dave M — have a Rewards Gold & think I would get shut out on the bonus.

    Thinking maybe I should close out this AMEX so I am primed for the next opportunity (although I gotta be honest, MR program pretty much sucks for me — too few airline or hotel partners that interest me)

  12. Everything looked great, and saw the 100k offer for the platinum card. But when I clicked on “Apply Here,” the Amex link it took me to said “We apologize that the offer you are looking for may no longer be available. Click here to learn more and apply for the current offer.”

    Oh well. I was just looking for a good platinum deal during my most recent churn.

  13. Sorry for the third comment! I’m just too excited for this one. Approved instantly. Took screenshots of everything. Thanks for the info!!

  14. I’m skeptical Mp, perhaps I am in the minority but I have never heard of this site, havent heard of any denials all instant, and they get routed to a call center to confirm. Seems fishy.

  15. Dang, I applied, got approved, but have an Am-Ex Green Card currently open (didn’t read the disclaimer)….I guess I will just make the spend and see what happens, bummer.

  16. Got instant approval for Amex Plat! The approval page from American Express actually confirms the 100000 MR points after $3000 spending within 3 months. Print/pdf that page as confirmation. Thanks mommypoints!

  17. i am on the phone now with customer service who verified that the 100,000 offer w/ $3k min spend in 3 months is correctly attached to my new account. (oddly, i can’t check spending ability either online or on the phone, i guess because the card has not been activated yet, is what the rep is saying.)

  18. Quick and easy approval. Despite that I have a Mercedes Benz Platinum card that will be cancelled when the next fee comes due. Guess this is a different product.

    Screen shot saying “congrats you’ve been approved for 100,000 points after 3K spend”…

  19. Signed up and approved for the PRG 50k. that website creditcard . com does seem a bit sketchy but I DID NOT USE SSN. thanks for passing along.

  20. Mommy, Wifey and I approved for the Amex Gold 50,000 bonus after $1,000 in spending in 3 months. What is the best use of these points to maximize value ?

  21. Take a look at your account summary, I went for the 50k bonus, and just looked at my statement and have a 175 annual fee, wich I called AMEX for them to correct, wich they did.

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