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One of the very best deals of 2012 was the short-lived promo with OpenSky that resulted in 150 points per dollar for some high end purchases up to $500.  This resulted in being able to redeem points for gift cards totaling more than what was spent on the merchandise.  In an amazing twist, it turns out that new MyPoints members actually earned double points for a whooping 300 points per dollar.  That easily meant that a $500 purchase resulted in about $1,200 worth of gift cards, or 70,000 MileagePlus miles.

I had actually joined MyPoints a while back (though had hardly used the account), so no double bonus for me, but I still was very happy with getting $500 worth of merchandise that I liked (though normally wouldn’t purchase) and enough points for $600 in gift cards to stores where I would have spent money anyway.  So, basically I got some great cookware “for free” plus about $100 extra dollars in gift cards. I choose not to redeem for miles as I can get those other ways pretty easily these days through credit card sign-ups and spending.  In this case I preferred gift cards to Hyatt ($450) and Pottery Barn ($150).

While it is way too late to get in on this deal, the point of this post is to remind others who got in on the deal to redeem their MyPoints.  Call me paranoid, but I don’t trust their award chart or anything enough to just let the points sit there forever.  It seems that some gift card redemption options go in and out of stock, so when you see your selections in stock it makes sense to go ahead and redeem (if you haven’t already). To do so, click on the rewards option on the upper right hand side of the screen.

If you haven’t already spent some time on the website, the different gift card options have variable redemption rates, and as the gift card denomination increases the deal typically gets a bit better.  Macy’s has one of the most favorable redemptions, but I don’t have any specific needs from Macy’s right now, and am not interested in re-selling gift cards.  So, I opted to get a slightly worse rate in order to get cards for places I would have spent cash anyway.

You also have to play around on the site some to actually find everything that is available.  For example in some views it appears that there are not any $75 Hyatt gift cards available, but in another view I can see that they are and had no trouble placing the order.


It may/will take several weeks for the gift cards to get delivered, so don’t redeem points for them today expecting them to be in your hands to spend next week.  I have Hyatt stays all the time, so whenever they arrive I will be able to put them to good use.

Have you redeemed your points?  What did you get and how did the redemption process go for you?

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  1. I am happy with my 500$ returns. However, I recommended this to few of my friends and they pitched in and got 300 points per $. They are jumping with Joy. Thanks to you and FM for the constant updates on your blog that day.

  2. MileageUpdate, it is probably fine, but I just have trust issues I guess. Ha ha!
    PhatMiles, very cool when this stuff works out!
    dave, awesome!

  3. Wow – I maxed this deal for two people including myself, and one of us got lucky and now have 150k points in the account!

    Both were new accounts however. Any idea why some new accounts apparently got doubled, and others didn’t?

    • Jason, good luck/bad luck? You can try contacting them on FB to see if they will fix the other account. According to the thread on Slick Deals I don’t think others have had a ton of success fixing ones that didn’t auto-double, but certainly worth a shot.

  4. Just a heads up on the Hyatt: They’re certs, not cards, and only good in North America. No problem for me, but didn’t want anyone caught out. The Marriott was a true gift card, though.

  5. Thanks so much for the post! I was a new member and didn’t realize that I got double points — just logged in to message them about it and it turns out I have 75,000 pending points that posted late!

  6. The redemption times are long. I waited four weeks for my Hyatt Certs on one order and it’s been five weeks and counting on another order and their customer service keeps changing its reply: “4-7 days and your certificates will arrive” to “7-10 business days for your order to be processed” to “10-15 business days for your matter to be resolved.”

    This all appears to be red flag territory so beware.

  7. My redemptions for UAL miles always went smoothly. But you are correct – the prices in MyPoints can go up. The MyPoints price for UAL miles has increased since I joined the program many, many years ago.

  8. Ive had a mypoints Acct for at least 10 years and have redeemed $100s and $100s in gift cards over the years. They aren’t going anywhere. Points aren’t quite as valuable as they used to be but I wouldn’t worry much about it. I wish I had gotten in on the deal but just didn’t have the chance.

  9. I’ve been accumulating since MyPoints started but struggle with what are best redemption options. Did united once cause needed the points for an award, but have plenty of those now.

    What are your thoughts for best redemptions?

  10. OK…this is embarrassing to admit. I bought a BUNCH of stuff through Open Sky when you posted this deal, but I don’t know if I did anything after that. Did we go through a mypoints portal—yikes—remind me. Is there a follow action that needs to be taken? Thanks Mommypoints!

  11. Ok–answered my own question. If there are any other dingy mommies like me out their check your mypoints account. We obviously did go through a portal. Thanks MP!! BTW—is there a way to check how much we actually spent through Open Sky?? I have 50k mypoints, but I thought I sepnt $500.

  12. C&C, I did Hyatt and Pottery Barn because I know I will use those quickly and easily. Compare rates and then pick the ones that you most likely would have shopped at/stayed at anyway.
    Kathy, check your email account for your OpenSky receipt and it should say what you spent. Glad you have some points though!

  13. This deal ended up working great.. despite a few nervous moments.

    My wife and I each did the deal. So between us, we spent $1000 and got got 150,000 points each. We redeemed enough points to get $1000 in BP gift cards (we usually use them for gas anyway). The remaining points were enough to get $1400 in various gift cards basically for free (Sears, LL Bean, Macys, Gap, CVS, Walmart, etc.).

    Maybe the best part, we’re finding that we’re actually using much of the stuff we got from OpenSky. We mostly got kitchen gear and found some things we really like.

  14. I was fortunate to be one of the ones that got the 300 points per dollar and redeemed for $1,200 worth of Macy’s giftcards then sold them. We ended up walking away with a little more than $500 profit after selling the giftcards! This little spending spree on OpenSky was the most exciting/stressful experience my wife has had (due to me looking over her shoulder telling her she needed to hurry so we didn’t miss out 😉 ).

  15. Mypoints has been out of stock of United Mileageplus Miles for a while now. I assumed it was because so many people got in on the 150x deal and exhausted their supply. Well, I just checked again just now and found out they’re back in stock, but the cost for 5000 miles has increased from 10,100 Mypoints to 11,100 Mypoints. Bummer. 🙁

  16. A couple of days ago, a $50 Amazon card on MyPoints was 3950 points. I just reached 3954, and when I checked today, the same $50 Amazon card is now 4,000 points. So I think they up the ante as soon as you’re ready to redeem. It can’t be a coincidence.

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