(Offer Now Dead) Should You Jump in On the Amazing Current Amex Offers?

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Update: The offer appears to now have be dead.  Not a surprise at all as this was way too good to last.  Congrats if you got in!  First great deal of 2013.  😉

I posted last night about the amazing American Express offers that are available right now from creditcards.com.  Read this post for full details on how to access the offers.

Here are the main offers I saw:

American Express Platinum Card

100,000 Membership Reward points after spending $3,000 in three months

$200 annual credit for airline incidentals (read this post for tips on how to maximize this benefit)

Lounge access with AA, Delta, and US Airways (need same day ticket on all except US Airways)

Global Entry refund (worth $100)

$450 annual fee

American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card

50,000 Membership Reward points after spending $1,000 in three months

15,000 bonus Membership Reward points if you spend $30,000 in a calendar year

$175 annual fee waived the first year

The regular offer for both of these cards is often around the 25,000 point level, so these are huge increases.  Membership Reward points can be very valuable, especially when you take advantage of transfer bonuses like the current 30% transfer bonus to British Airways.  Last year we saw transfer bonuses to British Airways as high as 50%, so 100,000 points would then be 150,000 points in that case.

Something still feels weird about these quasi-targeted offers being so widely available (if feels very un-Amex).  I have no reason to think they won’t be honored, but I can’t imagine they will be around for long….though it would be great if they were.  Just to be clear, they are not my affiliate links.  I haven’t pulled the trigger yet myself, but like a true points addict I can’t get the offers out of my head, so I figure some of the rest of you are probably in the same situation.  The big question is, should you jump in on these amazing current offers?  Let’s go through a quick test to find out.

Are they amazing offers?

Yes, I haven’t really seen any better offers for these cards in the last 18 months.

Are they limited time?

They aren’t labeled as such, but I can’t imagine this opportunity sticks around for the long haul.

Are Membership Reward points helpful for your travel goals?

Only you can decide that, but they do have tons of uses, so they may very well be.

Is this a good time for an application or a churn?

Again, only you know where you stand with credit card applications, spending requirements, etc.  If it has been at least three months since your last applications then you are probably good on the inquiry front.  Even if it hasn’t been three months since your last application you may very well be okay, especially if you only apply for a couple of cards at a time.

Should I go for both the Platinum and Premier Gold Rewards card at the same time?

I know some others are doing that, but I personally would not.  Here are the terms from the Platinum card “Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have had this product within the last 12 months or any Consumer ZYNC®, Green or Gold Card account within the last 90 days.”  So, you may get approval for both cards, but that does not guarantee you will actually get the sign-up bonus points for both cards.  Of course, you may luck out and get the points, but I personally am not an “envelope pusher”.

Which one is the better offer?

They are both exceptional offers – in fact there are some other good Amex offers available as well.  Considering the $200 airline fee credit you can get twice in the first year you have the Platinum card, the 100,000 points, and the lounge access, the Platinum card is the better overall value even with the $450 annual fee.  However, not everyone has interest or ability to spend $450 on a credit card, so in that case the 50,000 points without the annual fee the first year from the Gold Rewards card is a great deal.  The Premier Gold Rewards card also comes with a better structure for earning points with 3x on airfare and 2x on gas and groceries.

I’m very tempted by both offers, but honestly am not thrilled about getting another card quite yet.  I also don’t want to do anything to potentially bring on an Amex Financial Review, but these offers are stellar enough that I am strongly considering getting one of them.  I don’t currently have any Amex personal card that earns Membership Reward points (I do have a business card), so we will see what happens.  The longer the offer is alive the greater the chance I will pull the trigger.  Again, hat tip to Travel Summary for this discovery!

Are you still debating or did you pull the trigger?

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  1. I jumped on it right away, and so did my wife. Both got approved. This is the most amazing offer I have ever seen, and I was only one week away from my next churn, but who cares, I couldn’t pass up on that. Another thing to note is that when I got the SPG Business Amex in my last churn I didn’t get a credit pull, since I already had 3 other Amex cards, so I assume if you have any then won’t check your credit and will only check to make sure you’re current on your other accounts.

  2. I had a business platinum but I took my chances & applied & got approved for the personal platinum – I hope I get the bonus even though I had platinum already but it was a business one.

    My question is can I get the $200 travel credit for both cards & can I enroll in a different airline for each card giving me $200 in credits on $200 for each airline?

    Or is it a “platinum” general offer not specific to each platinum card?

  3. 100,000 membership rewards points are worth at least $1,000 if you buy gift cards or possibly way more if you convert to BA Avios at a 30-50% bonus. Use these for short haul tickets on AA for drastically reduced rates from AA, 9,000 or 15,000 points for a short haull coach award ticket. Remember you can get as much as 2 $200 reimbursements for travel inceidentals on one airline the first year. It’s pretty much a no brainer for most people. And basically free lounge access everywhere except UAL. You don’t even need a boarding pass at US Air lounges.

    I got this card earlier in the year and still have over 90,000 points left (the spend was $10,000 at the time) and have gotten over $700 in value on AA award tickets alone, plus $200 in travel incidentals and lounge access so far.

    My best guess is that I will receive over $5000 in benefits the first year not includng the value of the free lounge access.

    There are also dozens of other benefits, too numerous to list, which may have some real $ value to some people. The membership guide listing the benefits is about 70 pages long.

  4. I am so tempted to get the platinum. I just applied for the personal SPG card the other day because I was planning for our trip to Macchu Picchu this April. I wondered if it would hurt my credit score if I applied for the personal platinum so soon, but 100,000 points are hard to pass by…

  5. I pulled the trigger last night on Platinum as soon as I saw Lucky’s post.

    I never had a Membership Rewards card. 100K to start was too tempting to pass. My goal is to use it for First Class on Singapore Airlines.

  6. Mommypoints, I am surprised you did not pull the trigger yet. I am not fully aware of your recent apps with Amex, but I read your ‘planned churn’ post regarding HHonors.

    Wouldn’t Platinum be awesome for you? It will 200K HHonors points (MR->VA->HH) aplenty for Conrad Maldives.

  7. $450 seems like a lot for the incremental 50,000 points. Perhaps everyone travels more than me, but I wouldn’t get much value out of the $200 airline reinbursement (it is worth $50 or so for baggage fees based on my travels). Also the global entry is not worth anything to me. As a result, I opted for the Gold card. My logic may be off, but I couldn’t justify the steep cost of the platinum card.

  8. I pulled the trigger on a plat for me, and a gold for my fiance. Wondering if we can transfer the points b/w our accounts. Also wondering if someone could explain airport lounge access to me. Specifically, how does the priority pass work? Do I need to be flying on a particular airline in order to use that airline’s lounge?

  9. @jimjam: Once you’ve signed up for your Priority Pass you’ll be mailed a card. The website or app will let you find lounges that take it in the cities you’re in. You just show the card to the lounge attendant and she’ll give you a receipt to sign and you’re in.

  10. it was tempting.. signed up for 75K buz offer in Nov, so didn’t want to do it. Also the way i got 75K Buz gold was a target offer, my friends business got the offer in mail, he didn’t want to apply, so I asked him to give it to me, I used the code on the letter and changed the buz name to my buz name and applied.. it did get approved and they offered me 75K with $5K spending in 5 month. He gets lots of these may be i can provide it for the users here.

  11. ” I also don’t want to do anything to potentially bring on an Amex Financial Review”
    If the information on your app is correct then it’s no big deal.They asked to see my income taxes and I showed them.Really don’t over react it’s not that bad.

  12. I cancelled my Amex Delta card back in October/November and was approved last night for the 100k offer. Will I still be eligible for the bonus given the 90-day stipulation? It’s not a Green, Zync or Gold card — or would it be considered a Gold product???

  13. got approved online for my wife and i! 2013!!

    any ideas besides amazon and serve for miniumum spend?
    i am outside of usa so cannot use v#@#@@a reloads.
    also do not have i phone so other ideas please?

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