Double Check Your Icelandair/Alaska Hawaii Reservations

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This might fall under just another round of stupidness/bad luck on my part, or it might be a larger issue.  I have no clue, but wanted to mention it just in case as, at worst, it is a just good general reminder to double check your reservations.  A few months ago I got in on the Icelandair/Alaska Airline deal where you could buy Icelandair points very cheaply, and then use them to redeem on their partner Alaska Airlines for round trip tickets to Hawaii in first class from certain cities for about $330 each.  It was too enticing for me to resist, so I purchased the points and then immediately used them to book tickets for my daughter and I to Hawaii.  The deal died after a week or so, and in fact Icelandair still has not resumed allowing partner redemptions with Alaska Airlines.

A little bit later (days maybe?) I received a confirmation email from Icelandair confirming my reservation, seat assignments, and providing my confirmation number.  I was also able to view the reservation on Alaska Airline’s website, and I thought I was good to go.  In December (a few months later) I got another similar email from Alaska Airlines sending the confirmation numbers, seat assignments, etc.  I wasn’t quite sure why I got that second email (and should have been more curious I guess), but I think in the back of my head that meant I was now ticketed….even though upon further inspection there was no ticket number.

Fast forward another month to this morning and I get another email from Icelandair that states the following:

Please advise if you still intend to use this flight to Kauai

(Then it lists all my flight information)

Tickets have not been issued and your creditcard has not been charged .

Kindly respond to this email .

Kær kveðja/Best regards

I went back and did a little research and they are correct that I still have no ticket numbers.  Just confirmation numbers.  However, I have to wonder why they would ask 5-6 months after the reservation was made if I still intend to use this flight?  Why did they not finish the process in the first place?  I certainly didn’t tell them to not finish the process.  I provided the credit card, Saga number, and all other relevant info when I called it to make the booking in the first place.  I guess kudos to them for following up (and shame on me for not noticing), but this whole transaction struck me as odd.

I have responded to the email saying I do still plan on traveling and am awaiting a response.  I am hoping/assuming that the resolution will be the process is finished quickly and I am ticketed for the reservation I have had for months.

The lesson here is make sure you not only have a confirmation number, but a ticket number.  This seems to be more problematic on these partner bookings, but it can happen on any ticket.  At least I still have months to get this straightened out, but hopefully it won’t take anywhere near that long.

What has your experience been on these Icelandair partner bookings?

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  1. Yikes! I’m leaving this weekend on this deal… I’ll take another look see to make sure everything is in order. Thanks for the heads up! =^..^=

  2. i got in on the deal and got a ticket on AS to fairbanks in hopes of seeing the northern lights*.

    i was able to add the flight to my account and choose elite seats (via AA plat). you got me checking through all my emails to see if i ever got a ticket number from them, and i did — it’s only visible via the link (click your name to expand that section) that i got in the Icelandair confirmation. i didn’t see a ticket number on (though i don’t know if that normally shows it) or in the confirmation email itself.

    i hope everything works out!

    *leaving on thursday actually, but i’ve decided not to go because i’m too busy with work and it’s just plain too cold for me; alas no options for changing dates or redeposit, says Icelandair.

  3. Whiskarina, let me know and enjoy your trip!!
    Jon, that really stinks you aren’t going to make your trip. I also want to see the Northern lights soon. My info shows on but don’t see the ticket number there either. Glad to know this may not be a widespread issue though!

  4. mommypoints –

    Jon’s example is EXACTLY why Icelandair isn’t issuing tickets. It was so cheap that people made speculative bookings and just eat them if they can’t/don’t want to go.

  5. I traveled on this reservation y’day 🙂

    Within a few days after icelandair gave me the confirmation – Which also had the alaska air confirmaiton code…I went to my mileage plan account and added this to my trips…and selected seats etc – without an actual ticket being issued Alaska Air wouldn’t have let me select seats etc 🙂 – so… that way I made sure…
    and everything went smooth yesterday (except online check-in – the flight number at the time of reservation was different from what it was yesterday – at least thats what alaska air rep told me – and as it’s an award ticket they won’t let me check-in online for this particular leg of the travel)

  6. @Jon,
    I contacted icelandair about 15 days ago about changing dates of my travel (which eventually I didn’t change) – and they were very co-operative..and told me the tickets availability, etc..and gave me a few options if I want to change (of course it comes with all the change fee, telephone booking fee etc)

  7. Alex, maybe so! Seems some got tickets issued and some didn’t.
    Srini, interesting….the Alaska website has no issues seeing my reservation. The plot thickens. Hope you had a great trip!

  8. I am good to go for my Alaskan/Iceland Air in first class to Hawaii in June. I called Alaskan after I received the Iceland Air confirmation email to be sure I was ticketed and I was.

  9. Hmm.. I never recd. any of these emails. My credit card was charged when i made the reservations (although i don’t recall receiving the e-ticket). So upon reading mommy points blog, I called up Iceland Air, and was told that my reservation was ticketed and everything was good. Regarding the seats, just so you guys are aware, apparently these are slightly wider seats and recline a little bit, so nothing like international trips. Food wise, there is a standard choice (supposed to reflect local fare, implying that it might be primarily fish), for those with fish allergies, vegetarian, you may have to bring your own or buy on the flight. We are going to Kauai in July. Looking forward to it!!

  10. I took my IcelandAir/Alaska Air over the holidays with no problems with the ticket. After I got the confirmation email, I used to get the Alaska confirmation number, I added it to my profile and chose my seats. I then checked-in with a ticket agent (both inbound and outbound).

    Only problem I encountered is the taxes IcelandAir charged me for the tickets.

  11. @Srini
    Yes, though I flew to Vancouver and airport taxes there are high (which I already knew). I was supposed to be charged ~$55 but instead was charged close to $120. I’ve emailed them multiple times and haven’t gotten a response.

  12. @Adam,
    I spoke to the Alaska Airlines and they told me that for the same award ticket – they would have charged me only $10 …bu Island Air charged me around $70-$80 for that and on top of that for the telephone booking they charged me $25 per person …not per itinerary 🙁

  13. @Adam,
    I also sent emails to Iceland air customer care – they responded saying that those are the taxes they were charged and they just passed it on to me…but Alaska air denies any of that….in the end I didn’t know what else I could do and gave up!

  14. One leg of my journey was Coach class…so “NO”free checked-bags…
    But the other leg is I’m guessing I’ll have free checked-bags there

  15. Everyone should be aware that having a fc ticket (paid or award) on Alaska get allows access to the AS Boardrooms in LAX, SFO, PDX, SEA and ANC.

  16. Thanks for the reminder – not that my paranoia needs fueling. Just checked and all is in order for my March Hawaii trip. I can understand your worries even though my flights/seats seem to be in order. I was charged crazy fees/taxes and had to email and call to get them resolved. All systems go now for $330 first class to OGG!

  17. Months back, I got ticketed, but only after I made a few phone calls after the initial booking. I have e-ticket documents (in PDF format) with ticket numbers on them.

    Things were so screwy with the process that I still have lingering doubts that my tickets are good. I probably won’t be convinced all is well until we check-in.

    I’ll be hanging out in Seattle and the Cascadia region for a week or so if my tickets end up not being good. (Hey, life is an adventure.)

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