40% Off Hotels for USAA Members

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Update: Looks like the minimum to get the 40% off is now $750 pre-discount.

I’m not going to say much about this deal because A) it is self explanatory and B) it is just so amazing it is ridiculous.  It is 40% off hotel bookings for USAA members.  I was told about this deal yesterday, but asked not to share, so I kept my promise.  However, now it is on Frugal Travel Guy and SlickDeals, so have at it (and the helpful person who told me about it agrees).

One thing that has changed from last night is that the minimum booking amount is now $500 per booking to get 40% off.  Remember that booking via third party sites like this usually disqualifies you from earning points/elite stay credits with hotel chains.  That didn’t stop be from picking up a few bookings at non-chain hotels, and even one at a chain hotel because I liked the 40% savings!

1.  Head to http://www.explorecruisetravel.com/

2. Log-in with your USAA log-in info

3.  Enter the discount code “USAA1” on the check-out page about 1/2 way down the page.

All of the reservations I made were pre-paid, but fully refundable until just before the trip.  I think this is supposed to last until 1/19, but don’t count on it now that it is reaching more and more folks.  I love my USAA membership!  Let me know if you score some deals – happy hunting!

Update: Prices for hotels via this site seem to be on the rise (presumably as more folks are taking advantage), so be sure to price shop.

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  1. FYI – you can join USAA even you’re not in the military, and if you don’t have family in the military. USAA limits certain financial products to military members, but is open to all. I joined over the phone, was clear about my lack of military affiliation, and the CSR was happen to sign me up. (You can bypass that process and just sign up online). USAA has fabulous rates on Hertz car rentals as well.

  2. I don’t have a USAA membership. Are there certain requirements of the membership in order to be able to take advantage of deals like this? I was going to open a checking account with them but wasn’t sure if there were other requirements that had to be filled.

    • Linda, I have heard they have really opened up membership for non-military folks quite a bit for some of their services.

  3. you promised not to say anything about the promo but since others posted it, you broke your promise. Good reasoning.

    Teach your daughter “if others talk about it, it’s ok to break promises.”

    • Mike, trust me once deals like this are on SD and other similar blogs it is a different story. The person who shared it with me agrees.

  4. I can’t get it to work. I can search resorts but when I try to check out there is no where to enter the code. If I choose “hotels” and enter my criteria it goes to a new page and gives me an error message and I have to return to the previous page.

  5. Ok.. I got it to work by switching to a different browser… but here is what concerns me. I am entering a hotel in Hawaii. The price for 2 nights is coming up to over $700. When I enter the code it brings the price down to $435!! I would rather stay at this hotel for $435 vs burn my points at the hotel I have booked. What I did notice in the terms and conditions was that if I don’t cancel by May 26 I will be charged the $700 as a cancellation penalty…so something seems fishy. I would worry about this rate NOT being honored…. not sure what I want to do with this one!!!

    • Kelly, in my mind worst case the reservation gets cancelled and you are no worse off. However, this seems to be a legit discount and they even amended the deal since yesterday, so they are aware folks are booking. As always, only do what you are comfortable with.

    • Gene, no I would not count on these stays counting toward status. Always possible someone will get lucky, but don’t count on it. However, if you have a very expensive stay then the savings could be put into several mattress runs that would more than make-up for it. I understand what you are saying though, that is why I didn’t go too crazy with it.

  6. @mommy points. Since I have till May to cancel I decided to grab a few nights at Honua Kai in Maui! We have stayed there before and loved it. Basically $210 a night for a one bedroom including taxes. I had 4 nights booked at Grand Wailea (using Citibank certs and 142K points) but wouldn’t mind breaking the trip up and moving hotels after 2 nights. We love having a condo with a child so the move will be worth it. I figure I have till May 9th to cancel my Grand Wailea (30 day notice) so if people start having issues with this offer I should know by then…

  7. WOW. This is really good. I am a long time USAA member so did not need to register. It is showing a full prepayment but a refund if cancelled 48 hours or so before. I even got it to work on a favorite obscure, non-chain hotel.

  8. I was able to sign up with USAA 🙂 I am on the page trying to make reservations for 3 different hotels to accumulate the necessary $500 in order to use the code. Do I give my credit card information and continue to the next hotel reservation? Will it allow me to use the code on the final hotel and then take off the discount from all the reservations? I tried to call the c/s phone number on their site but it is not working. Thanks for your help.

    • CJ, USAA is a legit site, but again only do what you are comfortable with.
      Michael, I have read on SD rates seem to be on the rise as more folks are likely hitting this. Price shop for sure.

  9. Some of the deals are fantastic. Ritz-Carlton Kapalua in Maui gets discounted to $235/night during high season! I wish I liked Kapalua better but it’s too windy up there for me. I looked for the Hyatt Regency Maui but it’s not coming up for me. Grrr!

  10. I love USAA as a bank and customer service. I use them more than my local bank (BofA) lol 🙂 They are legit and a secure site.

  11. You know they’re feeding all the top bloggers inside info so you won’t let the general public know. It defeats the purpose of a travel blog. They’re trying to buy you off.

  12. Places that I’ve checked are priced higher than on hotel website…bummer. Hope others were able to get some good deals!

  13. there prices are including taxes FYI. Nice that a site for military families is having a sale during a government financial crisis. I guess all the civys get to capitalize of this one.

  14. I am trying to book 3 rooms at the same hotel for the same nights (family trip with sibs). The website allows me to put in 3 room, with 2 people in each room, but when I get to the payment page, it is only showing one room. I can’t find anywhere that there is a limit to the number of rooms I can reserve and pay for. Am I missing a term or condition?

  15. Some are a little higher…some are a lot higher. For example I found that the Grand Wailea was around $399 on Hilton website, but over $600 on this site BEFORE the discount. The hotel I ended up booking was about $30 more a night on this site vs the hotel’s site. But once I added the 40% discount it was a huge difference.

  16. It worked! I had to go all the way back to the first hotel page to change the number of rooms. Thanks for the heads up on this deal.

  17. It figures that soon as there is a targeted deal where I am the target for once, the deal gets smashed before I can act….

  18. Booked the Peninsula in Shanghai… $328 a nigh with the discount (including breakfast.. BAR is $466… My only question is whether or not to stay here.. I have a suite booked at the Park Hyatt for $402….


  19. Thanks Mommy Points! I booked a Hyatt property in New York City for Memorial Day weekend! I haven’t stayed at a lot of Hyatts so am looking forward to it. I LOVE USAA and appreciate you sharing the info!

  20. Time to update your post…literally right in the middle of booking my Disney vacation they changed the code from a minimum of $500 to a $750 minimum! I was looking at meeting the $500 and looked at a few properties. Decided on one and entered the code again and got a message “minimum $750” needed. Good thing I booked my Hawaii vacation yesterday because that only came to $723.

  21. OK..not only did they change the 750 criteria they also increased the rates! Last night and this morning the hotel I was looking at was $323 a night for a mountain view room. It was $379 for partial ocean. I booked the mountain view and got in under the $500 min. Today I found out from the hotel that the mountain view rooms are smaller than any of the other rooms. So I decided to upgrade my room to a partial ocean. Guess that won’t happen because they increased room rates $100 a night! Looks like they are doing some major damage control. Yesterday their prices matched up to the hotel’s website. Both had the room for same price. Today they are actually charging $100 more a night than the hotel is. I think they are trying to cover the 40% off because somehow they didn’t realize the impact this offer would have. I just hope they honor things. I called the hotel today and they said so far they have no record of my room reservation!

    • kelly, yeah the deals have been getting fewer and further between for about 48 hours now. Sorry you had that experience!

  22. Deal is officially dead (according to home page that says SOLD OUT and the fact that USAA1 code no longer works). I was just about to book a honeymoon stay in the Caribbean when the deal died. Oh well…guess I’ll have to keep my eye out for other deals!

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