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Earlier today I posted about how the miles and points world is always changing, and that if you want to keep up you need to keep evolving with it.  One of my tips to stay on top of some travel/points info, and to catch some limited time hot deals and mistake fares is to get on Twitter.  Twitter isn’t new by any stretch, but I know many folks that either tried it briefly and didn’t like it, or have never tried it at all.  I was not on Twitter until I started this blog, but am so glad I am on it now as really good info is often shared very quickly on Twitter.  I pretty much only use Twitter for travel info – not for following my personal friends.  I usually see deals and info popping up there before anywhere else.  It helps that I have a Twitter app on my iPhone that I check obsessively frequently.  As a blogger I shouldn’t admit this, but I don’t even read blogs via an RSS feed – I usually see the titles of posts on Twitter and decide what to read that way.  However, it is not just bloggers who post good stuff on Twitter, there are many other great companies and people to follow as well.

Since encouraging people to get on Twitter this morning, I have received several questions related to who to follow on Twitter to stay in the loop on travel related deals and info (without being annoyed with too many pictures of what someone is eating for lunch).  Instead of responding to each person individually, I thought a post on the topic might be helpful and timely for anyone looking to venture into the Twitterverse.  Here are some of the folks that I follow:

Airlines and Hotels:

More and more the quickest way to get help from an airline or hotel is to tweet their official presence on Twitter.  Some companies have a better Twitter presence with people more empowered to help than others.  Some really good ones include: @AmericanAir, @DeltaAssist, @spg, and @HyattConcierge.  They aren’t the only good hotel and airline social media teams, but they are some of the standouts who are on Twitter for most of the day, and are actually enabled to get involved and help with some issues.

I also like following individual hotels within the chains that I may visit as they often share fun info about their resorts, give sale info, and can help with setting up little details for your upcoming stays.

Miles and Points Bloggers:

If you like a blogger’s posts, then I recommend following them on Twitter.  Some are more active than others, but it can never hurt to see what they have to say.  Sometimes things are tweeted (or re-tweeted from others) that don’t make it into posts, or the info is tweeted before it is posted.  For example, almost any time I see a hot limited time deal on Twitter, I will re-tweet the info from someone else before I get a post up about it.  This way anyone that follows me has access to the information right away.  I could care less if I am directing them to another source, time is of the essence with some things and hitting “re-tweet” is always faster than writing a post.

There are also some bloggers who don’t post a whole bunch on their blog, but are really good to follow on Twitter.  This is not an exhaustive list, but some examples of points bloggers I follow are: @garyleff, @thepointsguy, @onemileatatime, @travelsort, @MilMileSecrets, @WanderingAramean, @DealsWeLike, @TheMrPickles, @TheHustleBlog, and more.  Of course I don’t follow myself, but I am on there as well @Mommy_Points (and darn the luck that someone got @MommyPoints before I did and they hardly ever use it!!)

Airfare Deals:

Two of my favorite companies to follow are: @airfarewatchdog and @theflightdeal – they tweet airfare deals all day long – love it!

Travel Industry News:

I like to know not just about hot deals, but also about big news in the travel industry.  For example, I learned about the FAA grounding of the 787’s yesterday on Twitter before major news outlets had the info out on their sites.  Some of the more general travel industry folks I follow on Twitter are: @globetrotscott, @USATodayTravel, @airlineroute, @AP_Travel, and @MiddleSeat.  There are tons more out there, but those are a few to get you started.

I see that Johnny Jet (@JohnnyJet) also has a pretty good list of who to follow on Twitter available on his site.

Who do you follow?

Truthfully I don’t think I am following enough folks on Twitter, so feel free to share some of your favorites in the comments section as well!

Also, if you are brand spanking new to Twitter and need help getting started, here are some basic steps and info and here are some FAQs directly from Twitter.


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  1. I have been trying to find a good *hot deal only alert* to follow. Something that I can tailor or filter the stuff I’m not interested in.

    For example, Dan’s deals was a good one for the killer deals, but he also tweets a lot of adverts that I don’t care about.

    The Flight deal could be great if I could figure out how to only see my cities (and not get notified of everything else)

    DeltaPoints and a few others just dont do alerts often enough, although I am signed up for them.

    Has anyone figured out a way to filter what message will be tweeted to you, maybe based on some keywords?

  2. @ Mommy Points – thanks for your detailed response!

    @ bluecat – I share your frustration. I tried to add Flight Deal’s new york post only to my Google reader feed, and it didn’t work. So now I just sift through junk and read selectively.

  3. Speaking of “lists” I suggest if you are a heavy twitter user, or maybe if you’re just a casual user, that you use the twitter function of creating a “travel” list to make following updates far easier and more focused. If you really want to get serious, make sub-lists (e.g. airlines, hotels, travel deals, etc.).

    Or, you can just let others do the work for you and follow their list! For example, here’s my master travel list: http://twitter.com/palmerlaw/boarding-area. You may follow it and/or review it for folks to add to your own twitter or list.

    Keep learning! Safe travels!

  4. Another great post that addresses something I have had on my mind, that is, to start following travel related tweets. Thanks!

  5. I used to following most of the “main” travel bloggers. But then they started tweeting what they were eating for breakfast on the airplane (I don’t like this on my phone). I stopped. But maybe I’ll give them another look.

    • Lively,That’s true that some folks tweet things like that as well (I am also guilty sometimes), but I just scroll quickly through things that don’t interest me.

  6. Travelsort made it and not me, I am so hurt! I need to ponder if this is a “Not So Best Of” material;-)

    You can choose to send specific followers’ tweets to your cell phone as text messages. I have several and I DO have unlimited texting plan on my phone!

    bluecat: I know what you are asking. Not so easy to do. The “list” Mark suggested is probably the best way.

    My twitter handle is: @FlyerTalkerinA2

    TBB Editorial Board is reviewing MP omission, story at 11, lol.

    • George you crack me up! Your tweets were 70% anti-blogger pre-TBB, so that didn’t quite fit one of the categories. Toned down some w the new outlet though. 😉

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