Using My Spirit Miles…For Someone Else

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A few months ago I stood in line with hundreds of other would-be-travelers to get certificates for 20,000 free Spirit miles in celebration of their new Houston routes.  Including my parents, my family scored 100,000 free miles that day just for waiting in a pretty short line.  It was great!  Spirit is a very no-frills airline, but I didn’t care.  Free travel is free travel, and I was happy to try Spirit out for myself.  My parents had already tried it out here and had no real complaints. 

I knew that Spirit miles expire after three months of no account activity, but I wasn’t quite sure how they manage that expiration.  I had logged into my account and didn’t see any evidence that they were about to expire even though I knew their time was probably short-lived since I got the miles back in October.  Sure enough, I got an alert from Award Wallet last week that they will expire on January 31st.  That meant I had to book a flight using them by that deadline.  The flight didn’t have to happen by then, but I had to commit to my travel plans.  After looking at all the trips we are lucky enough to have on the books for the rest of the year, it was clear that adding another one just was not in the cards.  Husband is maxed on vacations, our parents are maxed with keeping C while we go on some trips, and we are just maxed out in general on being away from home.  It is a great problem to have, but the reality was clearly that we were not going to be able to use the free miles.

I played around a little and saw that you can use the miles to book a flight for someone else.  Perfect!  While I am lucky enough to have an over-filled travel schedule, I know not all of my friends and family members are in the same situation.  I posted on my personal Facebook account that I had a few free Spirit flights if anyone wanted them.  I honestly didn’t know if I would get a response or not – sure enough within seconds/minutes I had a few different friends who were interested and within about 20 minutes one couple had lined up family members to keep their two young kids while they traveled, and they had found award availability to Vegas using my free miles.  They haven’t had a kid-free vacation in a long time, and I am so excited for them!  Much, much better than having the miles expire unused.

I know some of y’all also got free Spirit miles, so in case you aren’t going to be able to use them either, consider sharing them with someone else.  To use them for someone else all you really need to do is delete your Spirit number on this page and then enter the other person’s info.  Also make sure to warn the recipients about some of Spirit’s fees and how to avoid most of them (feel free to send them to my parent’s trip review linked above that covers most of that info).

I know some people will likely comment that they wouldn’t even want their enemies to fly Spirit, much less their friends.  That’s all well and good, but how insanely fortunate are many of us in the miles and points world that we are able to share trips like this with friends and family members.  At the end of the day it is just an airplane that gets you from Point A to Point B, and as long as it is safe, that is all that matters.  I seriously don’t think that my friends are going to care that Spirit charges them for a drink.  They are going to be thrilled to have a few kid-free days in Vegas where they can have some real drinks.

Never turn down some free travel – just be ready to share it with friends if you aren’t able to use it.  Have you ever been able to share some travel you weren’t going to be able to use with friends or family members?

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  1. Where did your friends decide to go? It would be nice to hear about their experience. I’m convinced that most of the anti-Spirit hype is overdone. A lot of the negative reviews I’ve read on yelp sound like infrequent travelers complaining about luggage fees. Your parents’ trip report was really useful given the lack of trustworthy info about Spirit (in my opinion).

    I have some spirit miles that I’m planning on using for a day trip to Florida. The only way I figured out to keep them from expiring is charging something to the BoA Spirit credit card regularly. I have my monthly netflix fee going to the card each month.

  2. Spirit is definitely a Love Hate relationship. Like Travel Bug, I have used my Spirit Credit Card for my coffee trips in the morning, mainly for the activity to make sure my miles don’t expire. BTW, I think B of A increased spending rewards to 2 miles per dollar spent. Not bad, when considering it’s only 2,500 miles for off-peak travel from Atlantic City (ACY) to Myrtle Beach or Fort Lauderdale. So, for a little over $1000 in spend, I can get an off peak trip. I used it recently to fly from ACY to Tampa to see the Eagles/Buccaneers football game. Flights were expensive that weekend and the Spirit flight home was oversold (no, I didn’t take the bump). All for 2,500 miles per seat. Yes, it has to be off-peak, and yes, you need the Spirit Credit Card, and yes, many of their employees were apparently trained by Ryan Air, but it’s nice to have a No-Frills option. They are coming to Philadelphia, and actually am looking to spend more on my Spirit CC, just so I have more options than the normal AA, Delta, USAir, United. Also, my wife’s AMEX Platinum card is tied in to $200/year in Spirit reimbursements to cover baggage fees, and drinks. It works well together.

  3. Travel Bug, they are heading to Vegas. From Houston the availability on Spirit to Vegas is decent, so availability sort of picked the destination for them. 😉 My dad also has the Spirit credit card and it is the best way to keep Spirit miles from expiring. It is also an insane deal to get some flights for just 2,500 points each way with that card! Spirit does have its downsides for sure (especially in the case of irregular operations), but you often can’t beat the price in dollars or points.
    Grant, agreed.
    SC Parent, fingers crossed they have a great time! Maybe if they hit it big in Vegas they can cover my flights next time. Ha ha!
    Larry, agree it isn’t bad at all. It is actually an amazing deal that doesn’t get the coverage it deserves. I actually plan to write more about it soon (and may be laughed out of the blog-o-sphere as a result), but pairing it with the Amex Plat was a great strategy.

      • Patty, just enter someone else’s name in the customer information window after you select the desired flights while logged into your account.

          • Patty, hmmmm, it helps me change the name without an issue. On the very first screen after selecting the flights is where I change it.

          • Yeah. It told me to login and since I have a free spirit account it entered all my info for me. I can probably just start to book a flight without logging in but then how do I redeem the miles? This is french to me lol

          • It let’s me take out the free spirit number…. but if I’m not logged in how would I redeem the points? I don’t know…. I’m just trying to save my mom $300

          • 1. Log in.
            2. Search for flights on points.
            3. Select the flights you want.
            4. On the customer information page immediately after selecting flights delete your name and put in your mother’s name. You will still be logged in and this should work. I just tested it. If all else fails, call them.

    • I have had no luck using my miles and i am never able to get them for the 2500 round trip from detroit to myrtle beach that they claim it is. I always end up seeing that it costs more points then i have and always at least an extra 75$ ‘fee’. 🙁 any tips on how to avoid that?

  4. Glad to hear I wasn’t the only one who had trouble using those free miles! 🙂

    I scoured their calendar for weeks trying to find a suitable flight. I found mostly flights (from IAH) ‘cost’ too much in miles (I only had the 20k), or if they were close in bookings, the ‘fees’ can add up to nearly the same as a paid ticket. 🙁 I initially got excited for one trip, until I realized that with the fees, my 20k miles was saving me a whopping $14 over a paid ticket. Wah wah waaa..

    I got frustrated and let it go for a while, then checked back early this month.. miraculously I found flights to Chicago for exactly 20k and a princely $20 in fees (assuming I don’t go for any extras). 🙂 So, early next month I’ll be doing a Chicago weekend.

    The only other option I had was to get their credit card (groan) as a way to extend the miles expiration date.. And as you mention that also drastically reduces the mile cost (10k flights go down to 2.5k!). The thing is, if you were a single, ‘efficient’ flyer (i.e. Spirit doesn’t bother you), and just want to FLY, their credit card is actually not a bad deal. If I was back in my college days, I would have loved such a card. You could fly off somewhere nearly every month, with minimal spend.

  5. Is spirit like other airlines that’ll have a marketplace where you can extend point lives by buying something through their portal (by getting 10 miles from a small purchase)? I did that a while back on us air to extend with no flights planned.

  6. That’s really awesome!!! Definitely amazing travel karma will go your way. If by October I still have unused United global premier complimentary upgrades, I normally give them away to friends who will be travelling far away in Nov/Dec.

  7. what if you don’t have enough miles to book a flight? I flew Spirit this past November for the first time and I have a little over 800 miles and have no plans to fly spirit anytime soon. Is there some way someone could make use of them even though it’ not enough for a ticket?

  8. The hidden problem with Spirit credit card is the $59 annual fee, which came as a surprise a year later. They got me that time, but we cancelled 11 months later. Now need to use our miles. I certainly will be checking out this post, as the Spirit homepage is elusive on miles for someone else.

  9. Spirit has changed their policy? It won’t let me erase my name and plug in someone elses name with my Spirit Miles #…any idea?

    • Pete, just tested it again. Still works, you just need to log-in and select the flight from the account with the Spirit miles. Then, when you get to the passenger screen change the name and the Spirit number to the traveler’s info. Their spirit number needs to be entered there, but the miles will come from the original account you searched under and are logged in under.

      • This doesn’t work anymore for some accts. ( like mine ). My account is a $9 fare member acct but I don’t know if that matters. There is a link titled “Why can’t you edit your name?” and when clicked you get this message:

        So you log out and then when booking if you check the box for “Purchase flight with FREE SPIRIT miles.” you have to then re-login and you are right back where you started.

        • JB, yes the $9 fare club membership is what is causing your problem, unfortunately. Still works for non-members.

  10. So, what’s the solution? I have the Spirit Airlines MasterCard and am a member of the $9 Fare Club. I have about 26,000 miles. I want to use them to buy my boyfriend a ticket from Detroit to KC in November. I found the flights and see they are 2,500 miles plus $13.10 each way, but once I select the flights and go to the Customer Information page, it will not allow me to change the name – it says I have to be the passenger. I tried entering his Spirit account number, but it changes nothing. I also wrote (4 times) and called (3 times) Spirit, but via email they just keep saying they are sorry and to call an agent to book it, BUT when I call the agent, I cannot reach a human being (I can’t even outsmart the system to get an operator by default). Anyone have any ideas at all?

    • I just (sort of) succeeded in buying a ticket for someone else with my miles.
      1. I called the customer support number (1-801-401-2222).
      2. I chose the option to make a reservation. I had to answer all the questions (from where to where, what day, etc., etc., etc.) orally. But the voice recognition could not understand a word I said. The voice quality on calls with Spirit is very bad on my phone. I just made random noises after a while rather than trying to answer. It asked each question twice. Then finally I got connected to an agent (after being on hold.)
      3. The agent gave me the flights I wanted (but see #4 below). It cost $15 extra to book it by phone, and you can’t do it online. This also means you can’t buy checked bags for $21; the agent can do it for $55, or you can do it later online for $35.
      4. Actually, the agent made a mistake and gave me a miserable 2-stop flight rather than the nonstop we had agreed on. She had not run through the details with me before we hung up or I would have noticed. So I had to call back after I got the confirmation email. The rules apparently are to not believe the customer. They will conduct a review and I need to call them back in a day.
      Good luck. Make sure you check the details with the agent before you hang up.

  11. Is there anyone willing to book an emergency flight for me using their spirit miles? I need to get to Detroit (trying to move and getting a house). I am even willing to buy them from you for purchasing the ticket for me. Please help. Trying to start a new life. Recently divorced.

  12. Please tell me how I can let my family members use my points I earn on flights they may take with any fees. I feel I should have the right to use my points for any family member. So if you can inform me the process to get this set up.

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