Maximize Points for Valentine’s Goodies (Up to 30X)

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Love it or hate it, early February means it’s time to think about (or ignore) Valentine’s Day.  I fall somewhere in the middle as I neither get excited about the day, nor ignore it completely (heck, my kid has a V-Day school party so I gotta get into it a little).   If you like to order flowers online as part of your Valentine’s gift giving rituals, then here are some of the top offers that I am aware of:

United 30 miles per dollar + 150 miles – FTD

American Airlines 30 miles per dollar + 200 miles for Citi AAdvantage cardholders – FTD

Delta 30 miles per dollar – 1-800-Flowers

Delta 1,500 miles per order – FTD

US Airways 25 miles per dollar – 1-800-Flowers

US Airways 25 miles per dollar – FTD

Southwest 1,000 miles for orders $29.99+ – Teleflora

Ultimate Rewards 15 points per dollar – FTD

Remember that you typically don’t get points for the shipping portion of the order, and that can often be a rather large chunk of the overall purchase price.  However, getting a couple thousand points for something you were going to do anyway isn’t too shabby.  Personally, I like to pick up flowers locally at a florist or grocery store where the prices are lower, but if you are sending them to someone via the internet, then these are some of the best offers you will probably see during the year.  We may even see a few more offers pop up as we cross into February.

Let me know if you find some good deals that I missed!

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  1. DTO, sorry about that. Fixed now!
    FreeTravelGuys, agreed. That is on my list of things to mention soon. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. You need to be careful when shopping for flowers through a portal. I have found in the past the the price through the portal can be much higher than if you go direct to the website. I assume this is to cover the cost of the commission to the portal, which covers the cost of the mileage or points.

  3. An email I received says you’ll get 1250 SW points from Teleflora with promotion code EMAILWN3
    I like your blog… Just never had anything to contribute before.:)

  4. for AA – if use the above link you’d see “200 miles for Citi..”. if you go portal you dont see that. does that mean portal purchases don’t get the 200 miles?

    On the other hand, I wonder if portal bonus is based on total spend (i think in the past it was). If it is, a $25/15 shipping nets another 750/450 miles?

    can anyone confirm on portal bonus on total spend?

  5. I love Valentine’s Day because I do 2 separate tea parties after school for my 2 girls and their friends. I have been doing it every year since they were 5. They are now 14 and 10. They all look forward to it every year. It’s a chance for them to dress up, put makeup on and gossip! When they get to be a senior, my plan is to give each girl a tea pot and cups as their graduation gift. It gets easier every year as they know what to expect.
    Check Groupons for Valentine deals such as restaurants and gifts and go thru shopping portals – 15% Topcashback or 2 miles/pts through AA or UR. For restaurants, watch for dates as some may block Valentine’s Day.

  6. Right, s&h is probably not bonused. I also agree you should price compare via portals and via non-portal deals. Of course, the best deal will probably not be from any of these online merchants, but sometimes they are the most convenient. 😉

  7. How do you think these prices compare to a local florist’s? I am thinking about buying from a local florist and delivering them to her work myself. Shhh. Don’t tell anyone. Also, what do flower delivery people wear? I want it to be an authentic delivery experience.

    • MileValue, ha ha, you crack me up. I can spend about 1/2 by buying locally. Often there are super deals and even flower tents set up around Valentine’s Day, so the savings may be even greater that time of year (or about 80% off if you can get away with buying on 2/15!). Most of my deliveries have been by middle aged folks in slightly older vehicles. Very nice folks, and generally no particular uniform. 😉

      Oh, and as an extra data point, my husband brought home flowers today. Price tag read $7.99 (delivered). Not a large bouquet by any means, but ain’t gonna find that price online!

  8. Anyone know what the minimum spend on the Delta offer is? I think I read the fine print closely but could not find an answer?

    Great post.

  9. I got a notice from FTD today that they let you use your Shoprunner account for free shipping (which has worked with portals on Makes FTD pretty attractive if you have a free Shoprunner account – lots of free ways to get one.

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