February Ultimate Rewards Portal Payouts

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Here are the February updates to the Ultimate Rewards shopping portal bonuses.  In case you aren’t overly familiar with how the Chase Ultimate Rewards shopping portal works, then head to this post for detailed instructions.

The payouts can vary based on the type of Ultimate Rewards card you log-in with (Chase Freedom Visa Card, Chase Sapphire Preferred Card, Ink Plus Business Card, etc), but this month doesn’t see many substantial differences between the different cards, so I will just list the payouts all together.  There was very little change this month, but here are some example payouts at some popular retailers:


I’m not sure anything noteworthy really improved other than Sears going back to 5x (it was 6x in early January then fell to 3x later in the month).

Stayed the Same:

HR Block at Home 15x

Office Max 5x

J. Crew 5x

Magazines.com 30x

Target 2x

Pottery Barn Kids 3x

The North Face 8x

Restaurant.com 15x

Home Depot 3x

Apple 1x

Kohls 10x

Staples 2x

Lowes 5x

Macy’s 5x

Gap 3x

StarbucksStore.com 5x


Neiman Marcus 4x (from 6x)

Anthropologie 6x (from 7x)

Bloomingdales 4x (from 6x)

Drugrstore.com 7x (from 8x)

Walgreens 3x (from 6x)

Remember to compare these rates to other portals to make sure you are getting the best payout possible.  You can use a site like evreward.com to quickly compare different portal payout rates for a given retailer.  However, especially for a large purchase, I would manually compare the portals myself to make sure I am getting 100% accurate info on the payouts and any possible bonuses.

As always, an easy way to view all the changes for the Ultimate Reward payouts for the month is to head to Hiker T’s site.  He also now lists the payouts for the United MileagePlus Shopping site which is great as it actually offers many more retailers than the Ultimate Rewards portal does.  Did I leave out any good payouts you spotted?  I’m hoping we see some major portal bonuses again at some point, but at least we aren’t seeing payouts fall too much…they just certainly aren’t increasing either.


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    • Gomike, I write this exact type of post every month and have for a very long time. Sometimes it goes out before FM, sometimes it goes out after. Just depends how early I get up on the 1st or how late I stay up on the 31st. Not a copy, just interested in similar things I guess. 😉

  1. Newbie here.

    I have a Chase Freedom and Chase Sapphire card. Will I get bonus points if I buy a Macy’s GC by going through the Ultimate Rewards Mall?

  2. Abhinav, some merchants do award points when you buy gift cards through the portal. Some award points when you use them. Some award points for both…this is what is termed the “double dip” as you earn points twice. However, this is an ever-changing “art” and I don’t personally have any info on Macy’s. Maybe someone else does or it never hurts to try it yourself if you were going to make that purchase anyway!

  3. So any which way, I will end up getting the bonus points, even if the double-dip doesn’t happen? I can live with that!

    Thanks a lot!

    • Abhinav, most likely, yes. It is possible a merchant doesn’t award points on any transaction for a gift card or paid for with a gift card, but I have yet to have that issue. You usually at least get the points on the transaction paid for with a gift card. Some folks like to pay for a small portion of the order with a credit card instead of a gift card as that can sometimes influence the system to award points on the full amount if it otherwise wouldn’t. Basically it is both a science and an art…especially since it is always changing.

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